IKEA Hemnes Drawer: Removing and Putting Back Together

IKEA Hemnes Drawer: Disassemble and Reassemble
IKEA Hemnes Drawer: Disassemble and Reassemble

How To Remove and Put Back Together IKEA Hemnes Drawers

There are drawers in a lot of IKEA furniture. Whether it’s the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom or even the living room, drawers need to be put together. Sometimes they also need to come out, particularly if they need to be repaired.

This process is complicated by the fact that the drawers are screwed into the slide. Dismantling is necessary, but be careful or there will be more reconstruction at the end of the repair. You will need a screwdriver and a small dish to hold the screws.

Look at the drawer carefully and find the tiny screws that hold it to the glide mechanism. Remove the screws and place them in the dish so they can be used again. If there are screws holding it to the front, remove them as well. Fair warning, if there are cats or small children it would be best if they were not in the room.

Once that is done, take hold of the sides of the drawer with both hands. Care has to be taken when lifting the drawer out or the ball bearings will come flying out. That would cause a mad scramble to find them and further work putting them back in.

After the repair has been made or the unit has been moved, it is time to put it back together. After checking on cats and/or small children, take a good look at the drawer. If it was taken out for reasons other than repair, it may be time to do a little maintenance.

IKEA drawers have a tendency to sag over time. A good, strong glue, such as gorilla glue, will help to prevent sagging. This will require that the drawer be out until the glue dries, but a little work now will save more work in the future.

Now it is time to put the drawer back in. Take the drawer in both hands and gently place it on the glide mechanism. Take the screws and put them back in. Once the screws are in the job should be done.

Some Hemnes drawers do not have ball bearings, so that won’t be a problem for them. While it is a good idea to keep the instructions around, IKEA is known for having pictograms instead of words for its units. This prevents them from having to print in multiple languages.

Instead, if there are problems and the instructions aren’t helping, IKEA has an eight hundred number that will get a helpful customer service representative to explain things. Also, in the case of cats and/or small children, if the screws have gone missing, they can send replacements.

There are a lot of tips and hacks online for IKEA drawers and the furniture they are in. Some people don’t like white stain and want to change it. This does call for drawers to be removed. The wood underneath is lovely and can be stained a natural color.

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