9 Ways To Fix IKEA Hemnes Desk Bottom Drawer Not Working

ikea hemnes desk bottom drawer not working
ikea hemnes desk bottom drawer not working

IKEA is known for its reasonably priced furniture; it is the go-to store for revamping your studio, home office, or study area.

IKEA has a variety of desks, pull-in cabinets used in the kitchen, and a range of dressers, wardrobes, and shelves to build any style, design, and storage facility you may require for your workstation.

This results in a desk for your home office or study area that fits your home interior.

IKEA is one of the best and most reliable stores regarding modern, simple, easy-to-install, affordable furniture, décor, and home interior. 

IKEA desks are indeed cost–effective and easy to install, but some lack of functionality in the drawers can cause discomfort. 

Ikea Hemnes desk is one of the best available options to add to your workplace. It comes with two drawers and a cabinet. 

The bottom drawer provides sufficient space to organize your office files and folders.

If you may have chosen an IKEA Hemnes desk because of its storage capacity, but you are now facing an issue with the functionality of its drawer, then this blog is the right place for you. 

There are a few reasons why the IKEA Hemnes desk bottom drawer might need to be fixed. Troubleshooting the issue can help determine the cause of the problem.

There are a few reasons why your IKEA Hemnes desk bottom drawer might need to be fixed.

Mentioned below are a few troubleshooting tips to help you solve the problem:

IKEA Hemnes Desk Bottom Drawer Is Not Working Fix:

  1. Properly Align Drawers

If the drawers are not properly aligned, they will not close correctly. Make sure to check that the drawers are lined up evenly before trying to complete them.

The drawer should be appropriately aligned with the frame. If not, adjust it to level with the rest of the drawer. 

Both sides should be equal to one another. 

If you cannot decide whether the drawer is positioned correctly or not, you can check using the water bubble. Spirit or laser level is designed to indicate if the surface is leveled horizontally or vertically. 

However, if, even after aligning the bottom drawer properly, the drawer doesn’t slide in its frame smoothly, then there must be another issue causing the problem. 

Move to the next step if your IKEA Hemnes Bottom drawer is correctly aligned and doesn’t work appropriately and smoothly.

  1. Remove Obstructions


Sometimes things can get caught in the drawer and prevent it from closing correctly.

The drawers would either get stuck multiple times while you try to run them to close or open them, or it may not work at all, and it may seem like all your essential files and folders are stuck forever.

Don’t panic if this happens to be the case that your Hemnes desk bottom drawer is not working. 

Be sure to check for any obstructions before trying to close the drawer. Make sure that the drawer is not obstructed by anything. 

It could be anything from paper to paper clips or plastic cloth. If you observe there are items in the way, remove them so that the drawer can open and close freely. 

Whatever you are removing that’s stuck between the drawer and the desk frame, does it carefully to prevent any damage to the drawer or desk frame.

If you use excessive force, you’ll eventually cause irreversible damage. In such circumstances, you’d have to get the entire Hemnes desk repaired.

  1. Replace Broken Parts

If the drawer is still not working correctly, it might be due to a broken part. Inspect the drawer and frame for any damage.

If there is damage, replace the broken parts with new ones, or if the damage is repairable, you may want to look for a carpenter, or you can fix it yourself if it’s small and doable.

warning sign

Consider changing your broken part if your table drawer is old  

Use these troubleshooting tips to fix your IKEA Hemnes desk bottom drawer issue.

With a little effort, you should be able to get your drawer working properly again. If the drawer is still not working, it might be due to a broken part. Replacing the damaged part should fix the problem.

  1. Inspect any Damage

There is a high chance your drawer’s wood is old or you have accidentally damaged it while using it.

These drawers are lightweight, which is why your drawer is more likely to get damaged due to the weight of the things you have put in it. If there is damage that is repairable, to save some money, you can repair the damage.

 You can replace them with new ones if you are short on time or if the damage is irreparable. 

Use these troubleshooting tips to fix your IKEA Hemnes desk bottom drawer issue. Inspect the drawer for any damage. Consider availing your warranty card in case of any cracks in the wood

  1. Lubricate Drawers

If the drawer is still not opening smoothly and getting stuck on its way to opening and closing, try lubricating the drawer slides with a silicone-based lubricant. 

Over time with usage, the friction between the drawers and frame channels increases, making it difficult for you to pull them out or push them back in. 

Decreasing the friction will allow the drawers to slide smoothly.

Lubricating the Hemnes drawer channels with silicone-based lubricant will help the drawer to move more smoothly while simultaneously decreasing the friction between the drawer and the desk frame, making it easier to put or pull your files in and out respectively.

Try lubricating the drawer slides with a small amount of WD-40 or a similar product. This can help to loosen any dirt or grime that might be causing the drawer to stick.

  1. Tighten And Secure The Screws

 Sometimes when you are assembling your drawers, you may have missed any screws or might not have tightened them enough, due to which your drawer is not working, or you face an issue sliding them smoothly.

This issue is common and is very easy to fix. 

First, look for any loose screws in your drawers; if you find any, reach the back of your drawer and tighten them with the help of an electric drill if you have one; otherwise, a screwdriver will get the job done too.

You may also want to look for any missed screws in your drawers and replace them for the smooth functioning of your drawers. 

  1. Change Broken Slides

If you have a kid at home or your drawers are in constant use, you may face this issue of broken slides.

The IKEA Hemnes Desk is an amazing desk with a great life, but sometimes the constant and harsh use of the desk can damage its drawers.

Especially its drawers, as they are made of stainless steel bars and have a rolling ball in their slide to have them move freely and smoothly.

If your drawer is not coming out and is stuck, look at either the runners or the slides damaged in both cases; it’s pretty simple to fix.

Measure the size of your drawer and replace the broken runners. If the slides are damaged, you can change them, or you can fix the slides’ locks at the end of the runner.

If your rolling ball is missing, you would have to change the complete set of runners and its slides to have a functioning drawer.

  1. Replace Faulty Drawers

Each drawer has a set of runners and slides along with a metal ball, which is why your drawers slide in and out quickly. When those rollers are misplaced, your drawer does not work.

You may need to replace the drawer slides if the drawers are damaged. You can purchase new ones from IKEA or a hardware store. Be sure to measure the drawer so you get the correct size. 

If your IKEA Hemnes desk bottom drawer is still not working correctly, you may need to replace the drawer slides.


You can purchase new ones from IKEA or a hardware store. Be sure to measure the drawer so you get the correct size.

Follow these tips, and your IKEA Hemnes desk bottom drawer should work quickly!

  1. Contact Customer Care

If none of the mentioned earlier guides solves the problem, you can always contact IKEA customer care for assistance. They will help you troubleshoot the issue and find a better solution or write an email at [email protected].

The Bottom Line

Drawers are essential to any desk; they give you easy access to all your belongings. However, they can be annoying if they are not working.

Above mentioned are all the possible reasons why your drawers are not working and what can be done to fix them.

If you still face an issue, it is recommended to get help from professionals, or you can visit the IKEA store. 

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