7 Best IKEA HEMNES Drawer Review 2022


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IKEA is a pioneer for every household and office furniture needs. Doesn't matter what size, interior design, and the colors you have for your home or office, you can always find something from IKEA that will not only look great but will last you for years.

IKEA HEMNES drawer is one such series that is offering drawer cabinets for your home or office needs. There are multiple sizes, colors, and drawer options that you can get from this series. They don't only look good on the outside but serve the purpose as well for storage space and help you organize your stuff in a great manner.

7 Best IKEA HEMNES Drawer Review

1) HEMNES 8-Drawer Dresser

HEMNES 8-Drawer Dresser

This drawer dresser is something that you can put behind your office desk, beneath your dressing mirror in your bedroom, or simply at any other place that you need to organize the storage for. 8 drawers on this chest provide you with lots of storage space that would fit any application that you might have in your mind. You can store your towels, electronics, and everything that you might need.

The color and texture on this one provide you with a great wooden feel that pops-out the authentic touch of wood and with IKEA, you can rest assured that the finish and texture on this chest are not going away anytime soon. You can have this around for years and clean it with a damp cloth to make it look the same.

2) HEMNES 2-Drawer Chest

HEMNES 2-Drawer Chest

If you are looking to have a minimalistic side table for your bed that you can keep your necessities at the top, you definitely need to consider this awesome drawer chest for you.

It can serve as a good side table for any size of bed you might have and fit with your bedroom design flawlessly, as well as have some storage space as well and match your modernistic home interior. The drawer set has two drawers with traditional round knobs in the middle of them in black that would make your bedroom look neat, sophisticated, and clean.

While white might not look like an optimal color option for you, you can get it clean easily with a damp cloth without making a mess out of it. IKEA has some standards that they follow given the durability and optimal finish and they are all well met with this drawer.

3) HEMNES 6-Drawer Chest

HEMNES 6-Drawer Chest

While you can get a wide range of options at IKEA, their wide variety would leave you in wonders sometimes. This one is a drawer chest that would fit your hallway, dining room, or any other place that you might want to add some storage space and not cover much of the area.

The tall chest contains 6 spacious drawers that are enough to store your curtains, cutlery, or even excessive towels if you want to.

With a contemporary gray wood finish on this one, you will never have to worry about stains being visible if there are kids around the house. The drawer goes flawlessly with any sort of wooden flooring that you might have in your house as well.

4) HEMNES 3-Drawer Chest, White

HEMNES 3-Drawer Chest, White

If bright white is too much for you to handle, this white stained might be the perfect color of furniture for you to have around. The best part is that it fits with any type of interior design you might have, let it be dark or bright, so you don't have to worry about matching the aesthetics ever on your interior design. You can place this drawer inside your bathroom, your living room, or even bedroom to get some additional storage space.

The chest has a minimalistic design with great utility offered by three wide drawers on it. You can also add partitions to these drawers to organize the storage space more efficiently. Two round black knobs on each drawer add to the aesthetics and you will simply love having this around.

5) HEMNES 5-Drawer Chest

HEMNES 5-Drawer Chest

Well, not every household got enough space for those wide drawer chests to keep around. If you are facing the same issue and want something compact that would not take much of the space in your room or hallway, this high chest is the perfect choice for you to have. The drawer chest is tall with 5 spacious drawers on it giving you ample storage for any sort of things that you might want to keep in it.

The only catch with this drawer chest is that you will need to attach it to the wall to avoid tip-overs due to its tall design. You can have it match your dark-colored wooden floor or other woodwork around your house and avoid the hassle of stains for a long time as well.

6) HEMNES Glass Door Cabinet with 3 Drawers

HEMNES Glass Door Cabinet with 3 Drawers

This one is another contemporary piece of furniture that you can choose from the IKEA HEMNES collection. That would mean you can get the perfect cabinet to match your bedroom furniture and interior or contrast with it. The glass door cabinet with drawers is huge with lots of storage space on it for you to store anything that you might want to.

This glass door cabinet with drawers will go perfectly with any other options that you might have from the HEMNES series, so you can put this unit at any of your hallway, bedside, and dressing.

7) HEMNES 3-Drawer Chest, Black-Brown

HEMNES 3-Drawer Chest, Black-Brown

This one is another piece of art from IKEA that you can get your hands on. If your bed is a bit taller and you don't want to have that two-drawer table for your bedside then this would be the perfect option for you to consider.

With an additional drawer, you get to have extra storage, so you can keep your chargers, earphones, and whatnot inside your bed table. Not only that but the black-brown finish on this drawer chest would be perfect to go with your bed, no matter what color or design you might have.

Even if you are a person who likes their breakfast in bed, the drawer chest can serve as your coffee table and you can use it without worrying about any stains on it. This might just the thing you need to place by your bedside and enjoy a comfortable and good-looking experience with furnishing.

Choosing The Best IKEA HEMNES Drawers

You cannot always get what you want, but the same doesn't apply to IKEA. Their collection for every type of furniture is so broad that you can have something planned for your home or office, and they have just the design for you to go and buy.

The same goes for this cool HEMNES collection of drawer chests by IKEA. There are far too many options to suit any needs you might have. You can get a table with drawers for the side of your bed, a drawer chest for your hallway, to put it in a corner of your living room, or even your dresser chest with lots of storage space on it. You can choose the perfect item from you from the list of the above options.

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