7 Fixes For IKEA Galant A-leg Not Locking

IKEA Galant A-leg not Locking
IKEA Galant A-leg not Locking

IKEA’S GALANT professional storage includes drawer units with drop file storage, file cabinets, shelf units & a variety of combinations that comes in different colors and handle designs to make cabinets and desks look even more beautiful. 

This Galant storage comes with two different leg types, A-type and T-type.

Both are essentially the same considering the cost, quality, and weight they can bear (around 132lbs); hence, it probably comes down to the aesthetics when deciding which one to choose. 

IKEA Galant A-legs are mostly preferred over the T legs due to the vision it gives to the Galant storage in an office or any other place.

 It is a common piece of furniture in many homes. They’re sturdy and can last for years with proper care.

All Galant A-legs are height adjustable. The locking mechanism in the A-leg should be a rubber “stopper” attached to the top of the lower tube.

It should expand when turned within the leg and grip the interior wall of the upper tube; there’s a narrower lower tube and a thicker upper tube. 

The lower tube works like a screw in that you unscrew the bottom one from the top. 

The total height adjustment possible for these legs appears to be about 12″ according to the maximum and minimum heights on the website for each leg.

If the height adjustment mechanism of four A-legs fails in quick succession, the table may just drop down to the height of the outer/upper tube.

On the other hand, if only one or a few strategic legs failed, you could have a nice slide for everything on top of the table.

Although the locking mechanism can become worn over time, making it difficult to lock the A-leg into place, some fixes are recommended by experts that can help keep your A-leg Galant desk standing stable. 

If you have an IKEA Galant A-leg that isn’t locking, you can try a few things to fix the issue. 

But before that, you must know the major reasons why this issue occurs, so you can identify where you should put your focus to fix your Galant A-leg, not locking.

Two Major Reasons For Your Galant A Leg Not Locking Are 

  • The A-leg is loose
  • The locking mechanism is damaged

IKEA Galant A-leg Not Locking

Here’s how you can fix these issues in a few simple steps, but before that, make sure when you are attempting to fix your Galant A-leg locking that there is nothing on the table for the purpose of safety

For this, you would have to remove the leg from the table or storage desk and access it if any or its edges are broken or ripped off. 

Unfortunately, if any of these faults are present, it’s unlikely that you will be able to lock you’re Galant A-leg.

However, if it’s the perfect shape, follow the given steps to fix your issue. 

Insert Leg into The Frame First, make sure that the A-leg is completely inserted into the frame. 

There is a plastic piece in grey, white or black color at the top of the bottom leg, which is adjustable. 

Twist this plastic piece just enough so that when you insert the bottom part of the leg back in the top portion, it should just fit in.

Not too loose, not too tight. You can remove the bottom part and try the same process until you’re A-leg fits perfectly in.

 If it’s not fully inserted, then it won’t be able to lock into place.

The correct insertion includes inserting the A-leg until you hear a ‘click’ noise and then screwing in the two screws at the top of the A-leg (one on each side). 

Once you have done this, Galant A-leg must be sufficiently locked in place, and you can now use your table without fearing it collapsing. 

  1. Check The Locking Mechanism 

The locking mechanism is next to check if the leg is properly inserted. 

Over time, this can become worn out and no longer function properly. You’ll need to remove the A-leg from the frame to check this.

lock mechanism

To remove the A-leg, unscrew the two screws at the top of the leg (one on each side).

A Phillips head screwdriver works best for unscrewing

When you remove the screw, you can easily pull the A-leg out of the frame. If your leg doesn’t have any screws, twisting the lower piece anticlockwise will loosen it. 

Inspect the locking mechanism by looking for any damage or wear.

If you see any, then you’ll need to replace the A-leg. IKEA sells replacement A-legs, or you can find them online from a third-party retailer.

If it’s not too long since you purchased the A-leg that you notice it has worn out, check the warranty card.

Because honestly, there’s nothing more exciting than reclaiming it free of cost in the warranty period. 

  1. Rotate the Leg Clockwise

If the locking mechanism looks to be in good condition and inserting the leg in the frame correctly doesn’t solve your issue, then the next thing you can try is rotating the A-leg clockwise.

You’ll need to remove the A-leg from the frame (see above for instructions).

right fit

Once it’s removed, spin the bottom part of the leg while grasping the upper wider part. 

Rotate the bottom piece of the A-leg clockwise until you hear a ‘click’ noise. This should lock the A-leg into place.

If it doesn’t, this indicates the leg has lost the normal locking mechanism, and there’s nothing else except replacing the A-leg that will help you through this.  

  1. Look for Obstructions 

This is one of the most important things you can do to fix your IKEA’s Galant A-leg that is not locking.

If you have just bought the A-leg or unpacked it after shifting it from home to the office, there are chances that you have left it in a piece of adhesive tape or bubble wrap in between its two portions or on the frame.

These residues will prevent the leg from locking.  


Sometimes, things can also become lodged in the A-leg, which prevents it from locking into place. 

To check for this, you’ll need to remove the A-leg from the frame (see above for instructions).

Once it’s removed, inspect the A-leg for any obstructions. 

Remove the unnecessary plastic, paper, or tape if you find any, clean the top with a damp cloth, dry it and try to insert the A-leg back into the frame.

Follow the aforementioned steps to lock the A-leg in place. 

  1. Check All Legs 

If you have more than one A-leg on your furniture, you’ll need to check all of them to see if they are the issue.

 A lost locking mechanism in any of the legs would either cause sloping of the desk or storage or, if overburdened; it can cause your furniture to collapse too. 


You need to check each leg to be on the safe side and not get into a mess of broken GALANT storage just because of an A-leg that you left unchecked. 

To do this, follow the instructions above for each A-leg of your furniture.

  1. Tighten the Screws

If the A-leg is loose, the first thing you’ll want to do is check all of the connections. Tighten all the screws and ensure that there isn’t any damage to the threads

Over time and with frequent usage, the screws can also get loose. For better results in such cases, try adding a washer to each screw.


6.Check for Damage 

If A-leg is still not locking, then there may be some damage to the A-leg that is preventing it from closing. 

Damage could be significant or a very minute one, but what so ever the size of it, you’d be sad to hear you can’t lock your leg with it.

 In this case, you’ll need to replace the A-leg. IKEA sells replacement A-legs, or you can find them online from a third-party retailer too.

To prevent this issue:

  • Check the A-legs periodically to make sure they’re still locking.
  • Avoid over-tighten the screws when attaching the A-leg to the frame.

Concluding Thoughts:

While it may be frustrating to have an IKEA Galant A-leg that won’t lock, there are some things you can try to fix the issue.

First, make sure that the leg is properly inserted into the frame, and the screws are adequately tightened.

You can also use washers with your screws; this will provide sufficient stability to screw threads that had been lost due to frequent moving of the furniture with A-legs. 

If fixing the A-leg in the frame and tightening the screws even with the washers doesn’t help you, and you are not able to lock it into place, then you can inspect a few other things.

Check the leg for any obstructions and clear the neck. Inspect the locking mechanism to see if it’s worn out or damaged. In such a case, you’ll have to get a replacement for IKEA for the A-leg.  

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