IKEA Table Legs: How To Adjust Them

IKEA Table Legs: How To Adjust Them
IKEA Table Legs: How To Adjust Them

How to Adjust IKEA Table Legs

IKEA is known for its do it yourself furniture. What first time buyers may not know is that the company doesn’t use words to explain how to do things. While that is good for the planet, no need to print directions in the official language of every country they are in, it does make putting things together harder.

It can also make adjusting the legs of their desks and tables more difficult. Sometimes it is a one-person job, sometimes it is a two-person job. It depends on the type of leg and whether or not the leg is being installed for the first time or being readjusted.

The good news is that there are websites and videos on how to do this. YouTube has several, and there are written instructions with pictures. The first step is to figure out which type of table leg it is. That way it is easier to know how many people are needed for the adjustment.

The T type legs are the ones that require two people. They also require an Allen wrench for the job rather than a standard screwdriver. While one person is holding the opposite end of the table, go under it and find the screw.

Loosen the screw, located in the middle of the leg, by turning it counterclockwise one full turn. That should be enough to loosen it up. If the leg needs to be higher, push up on the upper portion. If it needs to be lower, have the helper push down until it is at the right height. After it is at the right height, tighten the screw so it will stay that way. Repeat for the other legs.

When all four legs are done, it’s time to get out the level. Either a laser level or bubble level will work. This way it’s easier to see if any further adjustments need to be made. If they do, repeat as needed until the surface is level.

There is a caveat to these instructions. If you are putting the table together for the first time, it will most likely be upside down. In that case, turning it counterclockwise is counterproductive. Turn it clockwise to tighten it or the legs will slip down when it is turned upside right.

There are some pitfalls that can come with putting together these legs for the first time. It is possible to over twist the screws. If that happens, the locking mechanism will slip off. To reattach it, collapse the leg completely and then twist until it reconnects. After that, be careful not to over twist.

Whether or not help is needed for turning it over the first time after putting it together will depend more on weight and size rather than someone holding something. A dining room table will need at least two people. A small coffee table may be something one person can do.

IKEA has a helpline for anyone who has further difficulties or if parts are missing/broken.

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