IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame Review

IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame

IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame Review

When in search of a bed frame or any piece of furniture, looking into what IKEA has to offer is always a good choice. IKEA Fyresdal bed frame is a very convenient solution if you are in need of a bedding setup for guests.

With its small yet functional structure, you can fit it in smaller rooms and maximize the use of floor space while still having enough bed space for your guest. Without further ado, in this review, we will present you the good and the not so good sides of this IKEA’s product, in hopes to help you make up your mind with the purchase.

IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame Review

IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame
IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame
IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame


IKEA Fyresdal bed frame is a daybed frame that is designed to create more bedding space in a functional manner. The only two materials this bed frame consists of are steel and pigmented powder coating. This daybed frame must be combined with two twin mattresses in order to function properly.

The two mattresses go on top if each other when you need to use the bed as a single bed, while when you are in need of a double bed, all you have to do is simply lift and pull out the extra bed base and place the second mattress on it. That way, the mattresses are next to each other, creating your double bed in just a few seconds.

What goes well with it

IKEA has recommended several coordinating products that suit the Fyresdal bed frame in different ways. Some of the products are optional while others are necessary to complete the bed or protect your furniture. Either way, IKEA encourages you to look into them.

The first item they recommended is the Fixa stick-on floor protectors, which come in a set of 20 pieces per package at the price of 1.99$. With these floor protectors, you don’t have to worry about scratching the surface or damaging it while moving the bed or pulling out the extra base.

Since you will need two mattresses to complete this bed setup, they should be of the same thickness which suits this frame. For that matter, IKEA recommends the Meistervik foam mattress in twin size.

If you were hoping to get extra storage space with your bed frame purchase, IKEA has covered that as well. With Romskog storage boxes at 50$ a piece, you can store plenty of items while keeping your space stylish and clean.

On the more optional note, you choose to purchase the matching Fyresdal nightstand which goes for 44.99$. Since it is from the same furnishings line as the bed frame, it will fit the aesthetic of it and bring harmony and style to your space. A good thing is that the slatted bed base is included in the price, unlike with many IKEA’s bed frames.

Other details and customers’ opinions

The Fyresdal bed frame is a great bedding solution for a guest room or a teen’s room with less space. Its solid steel structure makes it sturdy and durable, meaning your frame will last long and do its job properly. It can be used as a single or a double bed, depending on how you need it to be.

Such convenience and versatility make this bed frame perfect for overnight guests or kid’s sleepovers. Whenever you don’t need the double bed, you can make it into a single bed again and save some floor space in the room.

This bedding setup can be transformed in a comfortable sofa by adding soft pillows and fluffy covers, that will make it your perfect book reading retreat. The plain style of this frame is easy to match with your personal styling choices, in terms of different colors and fabrics. Thanks to the powder coating that covers the steel, the frame is very easy to maintain. You can clean it thoroughly using a clean cloth and some mild detergent.

The frame comes in three packages and requires assembly. Thanks to the packaging, you can easily transport it yourself and save the shipping money for other purchases. As usual, IKEA offers a 25 year warranty on this product. The warranty covers all manufacturing defaults and none of the damage done by the user.

Pros of IKEA Fyresdal bed frame

  • Convenient and functional
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be used as a single or a double bed
  • Space saver

CONs of IKEA Fyresdal bed frame

  • Double mattress purchase required

Is IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame Good?

It is a good quality product that is convenient and versatile. It is just what you need for a guest room or a small kid’s room, and it comes at an affordable price.

IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame
  • Our Rating


IKEA Fyresdal Bed Frame is a good quality product that is convenient and versatile. It is just what you need for a guest room or a small kid’s room, and it comes at an affordable price.

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  1. I want to use the Fyresdal frame as a sofa so would stay as a twin size. What is the weight if 2 or 3 people sit on it?

  2. We had this bed in my teen daughter’s room. We liked it a lot. It is very sturdy. We bought foam mattresses online that work great. We just upgraded her to a loft bed to help sleep/study separation. Now we found that you can’t get this bed out of the room without taking it apart into LOTS of pieces. Kind of a negative. We are keeping it in storage though because it is too handy.

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