IKEA DIY: Cat Furniture and Tower

ikea diy cat furniture and tower
ikea diy cat furniture and tower

Cats are beloved companions who bring joy and fun to people’s lives. In addition to their playful personalities, cats also need a comfortable home and stimulating toys to stay happy and healthy.

IKEA, the popular Swedish furniture store, offers many products to make a living with cats easier and more enjoyable for humans and felines.

IKEA’s product selection includes everything from beds and bedding to scratching posts and toys. IKEA offers a variety of cat beds in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

DIY Cat Furniture and Tower by IKEA Products

Many of these beds are made with comfortable fleece materials that cats love to sleep on. IKEA also carries several stylish pet bed designs that blend in with human décor.

Scratching posts are essential for cats, as scratching is a natural behavior that helps cats communicate and care for their claws.

IKEA also offers a selection of scratching posts in different sizes, shapes, and materials to fit your needs.

From simple sisal rope posts to multi-level scratching posts with attached toys, IKEA has something for every cat’s needs.

In addition to furniture and scratching posts, IKEA offers a range of toys and treats cats will love.

These toys are designed to keep cats entertained and active, from catnip mice to colorful balls. IKEA also carries a variety of treats that can be used to reward cats for their good behavior.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy hideaway or something fun to keep your cat entertained, IKEA has everything you need.

With its wide selection of furniture and toys, it’s no wonder IKEA is a popular shopping destination for cat lovers.

Cats are a joy to have around, but they also have needs humans have to tend to.

Unless the inhumane practice of declawing has been done, they need something to use to sharpen their claws without cat trees that may be furniture, walls, or other things that people may not want scratched.

Most cats also like to be up high to look around better. Being a do-it-yourself store, the customer has to put them together. 

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IKEA DIY cat accessories are perfect for providing your furry friends with a cozy space.

Not only do these stylish pieces look great, but they’re also incredibly easy to assemble, making them ideal for pet owners who have little experience with home improvement projects.

Whether looking for the perfect spot to rest after a long day of play or want something fun and unique to decorate your home, IKEA has you covered with their DIY cat accessories.

Several options are available when shopping for IKEA’s DIY cat furniture and accessories. For example, the KALLAX Modular shelves can create a comfortable cat bed that your kitty can enjoy for years.

The shelves come in different sizes and are easy to assemble, so you’ll have no trouble setting them up for your pet.

The KALLAX series also includes scratching posts, ramps, and play tunnels that allow cats to explore their environment entertainingly and safely.

KALLAX Shelf unit with 2 inserts, black-brown

When it comes to IKEA DIY cat furniture, the options are endless. You can choose from various fabrics and colors to match your home décor and create a unique look tailored specifically for your pet.

The LURVIG Cat Bed is one popular option, offering a soft and cozy spot for your kitty to sleep.

The KURA Reversible Bed is another great option that gives cats their private area to relax, with the added benefit of being able to flip it over into an enclosed hideaway.

One of the best parts about IKEA DIY cat accessories is that they’re incredibly affordable.

You can easily shop for pieces that fit your budget and still have plenty of money left to splurge on toys and treats for your furry friend.

IKEA also offers a variety of discounts throughout the year, so you’ll be able to save even more when shopping for items from their catalog.

A pet carrier is another important cat accessory, and IKEA offers several stylish options.

The STUVA Pet Carrier is perfect for taking your cat on car trips and other outings, offering plenty of room to move around and stay comfortable.

The LIMMALAND Cat Bed is also a great choice that allows cats to travel comfortably while providing an extra layer of security thanks to its folding design.

IKEA cat tower furniture is also great for giving your kitty its special space. 

The KALLAX Tower is perfect for cats who like to look out the window, giving them plenty of height and a comfortable place to rest their head.

IKEA also carries various scratching posts, so cats can play and sharpen their claws without damaging furniture or walls.

To assemble the tower, begin by following the instructions included in the package. Read each step carefully and use the provided tools as needed.

When finished, you’ll be able to admire your handy work knowing that your cat can now have a comfortable spot of its own.

IKEA DIY cat accessories are an excellent choice if you’re looking for the perfect way to make your home more pet-friendly.

From beds and carriers to scratching posts and tunnels, plenty of options will give cats everything they need to stay happy and healthy in your home.

A few necessities you can take advantage of include a cat tray, litter box, drinking fountain, food dish, and toys.

With all these pieces in place, you’ll be able to give your furry friends the perfect space they can enjoy for years to come.

Some cats like to hide inside things. All of these are natural, spontaneous activities for them. They are hunting animals, but they are also prey.

Cat houses are designed so the cat can hide safely rather than crawl under furniture or into cabinets.

Cats love to play and will spend hours doing so. They get what many cat lovers call “the zoomies” and quickly run through the house or apartment.

They can zoom through, jump on, and otherwise play with Tunnels at IKEA. It can be very interesting in homes with more than one cat.

While cats prefer to train their humans to sleep on the human bed, cat beds are useful. Some cats like to have a cat bed on the human bed.

These beds can be heated for older cats, usually with a hot water bottle. IKEA sells warm cat beds.

It is becoming more common to see people out with their pets. There is also the fact that feline companions need to visit the vet to stay healthy.

Anyone driving a cat anywhere knows that leaving them loose in the car is not a good idea.

Not only do they sing the song of their people, but they can also get under the brake pedal, potentially causing a crash.

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For those occasions, a pet carrier comes in handy. IKEA carries several, depending on the style and size of the cat.

Feeding cats is another area IKEA has thought of. Unless mopping is a favorite pastime, having something on the floor or other surfaces is a good idea.

The company sells trays for this purpose. They also sell food and water bowls for them.

The last thing that cat owners need that IKEA carries is for the aftermath of eating… the litter box.

No, they don’t sell them, but making one from other products is easy. Someone posted a hack using IKEA snack boxes to make them. The company does sell scoops for the boxes.

There are a lot of hacks for cats that can be found online.

A solution to the up-high cat and the need for a scratching post is to tack some IKEA carpet to the wall. The cats can climb it to their heart’s content.

Concluding Thoughts:

IKEA cat furniture is a great way to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

From climbing towers and scratching posts to feeding accessories and pet carriers, plenty of options available will give cats everything they need.

You can also make some DIY solutions for special needs cats with a few easy hacks, such as creating wall-climbing stations or litter boxes from IKEA products.

With all these pieces in place, you’ll be able to give your cats the perfect space they can enjoy for years to come.

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