IKEA DIY: Cat Furniture and Tower

IKEA DIY: Cat Furniture and Tower
IKEA DIY: Cat Furniture and Tower

DIY Cat Furniture and Tower by IKEA Products

Cats are a joy to have around, but they also have needs that humans have to tend to. Unless the inhumane practice of declawing has been done, they need something to use to sharpen their claws. Without cat trees that may be furniture, walls or other things that people may not want to be scratched.

Most cats also like to be up high, in order to look around better. Cat trees and towers are useful for this purpose and IKEA carries them. Being a do it yourself store, the customer has to put them together. It’s kind of fun to figure out which tree is best for space… and the cat.

Some cats like to hide inside of things. All of these are natural, instinctive activities for them. They are hunting animals but they are also prey. Cat houses are designed so the cat can hide safely, rather than crawl under furniture or into cabinets.

Cats love to play and will spend hours doing so. They get something many cat lovers call “the zoomies” and run through the house or apartment at top speed. Tunnels are available at IKEA for them to zoom through, jump on and otherwise play with. It can be very interesting in homes where there is more than one cat.

While cats prefer to train their humans that they should sleep on the human bed, cat beds are useful to have. In fact, some cats like to have a cat bed on the human bed. These beds can be heated for older cats, although that is usually done with a hot water bottle. IKEA sells warm cat beds.

It is becoming more common to see people out with their pets. There is also the fact that feline companions need to visit the vet in order to stay healthy. Anyone that has driven a cat anywhere knows that leaving them loose in the car is not a good idea.

Not only do they sing the song of their people, but they can also get under the brake pedal, potentially causing a crash. For those occasions, a pet carrier comes in handy. IKEA carries several, depending on the style and size of the cat.

Feeding cats is another area IKEA has thought of. Unless mopping is a favorite pastime, having something on the floor or other surface is going to be a good idea. The company sells trays for this purpose. They also sell food and water bowls for them.

The last thing that cat owners need that IKEA carries is for the aftermath of eating… the litter box. No, they don’t sell them, but it is easy to make one from other products. Someone posted a hack using IKEA snack boxes to make them. The company does sell scoops for the boxes.

There are a lot of hacks for cats that can be found online. A solution to both the up high cat and the need for a scratching post is to tack some IKEA carpet to the wall. The cats can climb it to their heart’s content.


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