4 Quick Fix For IKEA Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Cover is Not Opening

 IKEA Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Cover is Not Opening
IKEA Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Cover is Not Opening

A dishwasher is so much more than an energy-efficient machine. It’s virtually a practical personal help, a trusted time saver, and a definitive sanitizer. 

It wouldn’t complain of being loaded with the glasses and plates of your merry get-together. 

It allows you to enjoy your parties without worrying about the dishes piling up in your kitchen. 

All your dishes can go in the dishwasher, and your kitchen wouldn’t even look like it hosted a huge gathering. 

Dishwasher Problems 

However, with all the benefits it extends, it presents some issues too. It may include the dishwasher not dispensing enough water, its drain clogged up, or the dishwasher soap dispenser not opening up.

These problems will keep you from using your dishwasher as it wouldn’t clean and sanitize your dishes, the sole function it is used for.

Suppose out of all these issues. You are stuck with your dishwasher dispenser not opening and finding your dishes still greasy and unwashed at the end of the cycle.

In that case, you should continue reading as in this blog post; we will acquaint you with all the quick fixes for your Ikea Dishwasher soap dispenser, not opening. 

Ikea Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Not Opening Causes 

The IKEA dishwasher soap dispenser cover is not opening. If this happens, you can do a few things to fix the problem. 

But first, let’s go over a few common reasons for this issue.

One common reason why the IKEA dishwasher soap dispenser cover might not be opening is that something is blocking the cover from opening.

Sometimes it is something as insignificant as a piece of food or grease that has built up over time and prevents the cover from opening. 

Sometimes it may happen if you have overloaded the dishwasher and some big plate or a cup keeps it from opening. 

Another possibility is that the cover is damaged and needs a replacement. The soap dispenser is made such that you insert the washing tablet in it and close it until you hear a clicking sound.

After you have started the wash cycle, the soap dispenser will automatically open to release the soap and wash the dishes. 

If the dispenser is malfunctioning, it will either not open adequately to release the soap tablet or not open. 

Whatever the reason, let’s go over a few easy steps to fix this issue in no time.

Quick Fixes For IKEA Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Not Opening 

Look for Obstructions

If the IKEA dishwasher soap dispenser cover is not opening, it is likely because something is blocking the cover from opening.


It could be as insignificant as a small food piece stuck in the dispenser lid and preventing it from opening, or you have overloaded the dispenser with many dishes. 

The Ikea dishwasher’s different models come with different soap dispenser designs.

The soap dispenser, usually on the dishwasher door, would either slide upwards for opening or the front lid would flip open downward to dispense the soap at the bottom of the dishwasher. 

If your model is the one that opens the soap dispenser, sliding it upwards and then overdoing the dishes would necessarily cause your soap dispenser to not open. 

However, if the soap dispenser of your dishwasher flips opens downwards to dispense the soap, big plates or glasses coming in its way would prevent the soap dispenser from opening entirely. 

As a result, the soap would not be dispensed, and all the water used in the wash cycle would be wasted, leaving you with dirty dishes. 

Solution 1 Remove The Obstructions

To fix this, initially try to remove any debris or obstruction that may prevent the cover from opening.

If you find nothing is stuck in the dispenser that is blocking the cover, then it may be that the dishes prevent the cover on its way to opening. 


Ideally, the plates at the bottom rack should be placed such that the smaller quarter plate follows a larger rice plate; however, if you see the dispenser doesn’t open, then arrange all the quarter plates in the front row and larger bowls and rice plates in the back row. 

This has worked well for us, at least, and we hope this solves your problem, too, so you don’t have to do the dishes yourself. We know It’s the most sickening thing in the kitchen. 

Solution 2 Try Opening the Cover Manually

If the cover is still not opening, even after removing any obstructions, you may need to try opening the cover manually. To do this, carefully insert a flat-head screwdriver or a similar tool into the opening of the cover.

Once you have inserted the tool, gently pry the cover open. Be careful not to force the lid open, as this may damage the dishwasher.

Once you manually open the soap dispenser, it will hopefully automatically open during the wash cycle.

Solution 3 Check Dispenser Latch

If the cover still does not open, even after you have tried opening it manually, there may be a problem with the dispenser latch. To check the latch, first, make sure that it is in the correct position.


Consider placing the latch in the “open” position; when you want to add detergent to the dishwasher and replace the dispenser latch. If the latch is in the “closed” position, then this may be preventing the cover from opening.

If the latch is in the correct position and the cover still will not open, it is safe to assume something is wrong with it. To fix this, consider replacing the dispenser latch.

This is regarded as a relatively easy repair that you can do yourself. Even though it seems pretty simple, this hack can help solve the issue in no time. 

Solution 4 Check if the Dispenser Lever Broken

If the IKEA dishwasher soap dispenser cover is still not opening, it may be because the dispenser lever is broken. The dispenser lever allows the lid to open when you push the button.

If the lever is broken, the cover will not be able to open, even when you press down on it.

First, remove the soap dispenser cover to check if the lever is broken. After removing the dispenser lid, you can see the dispenser lever inside the dispenser.

If the lever is broken, then you will need to replace it. This is considered an easy repair that you can do yourself.

Solution 5 Replace the Soap Dispenser Cover

If you still can’t open the IKEA dishwasher soap dispenser cover, it is possible that the cover itself is damaged and needs a replacement. Luckily, IKEA sells replacement soap dispenser covers that are relatively easy to install.

To replace the cover, first, remove the old, damaged cover by following the instructions in the manual.

Next, consider lining up the new cover with the opening in the dishwasher and snap it into place. Once the new cover is in place, test it to ensure it works properly.

IKEA Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Cover Won’t Open – Summary

If the IKEA dishwasher soap dispenser cover is not opening, you can try a few things to fix the problem:

  1. Look for any obstructions preventing the cover from opening.
  2. Try opening the cover manually. If the lid still does not open, check the dispenser latch to ensure it is in the correct position.
  3. If the latch is in the right place and the cover still will not open, you may need to replace the latch.
  4. If you cannot open the cover, there’s one way out, and you’ll have to consider replacing the soap dispenser cover. 

Alternative Solution: 

If nothing works for you and it is not convenient for you to get the replacement soon, you can try an alternate solution to use the dishwasher’s soap tablet to wash your oily, dirty dishes in the dishwasher. 


You can simply toss the soap tablet at the bottom of the dishwasher instead of in the soap dispenser and close the dishwasher door. 

 Start the dishwasher cycle; your dishes will be washed, cleaned, sanitized, and dried just fine. 

This is the best way out if you cannot detect why your dishwasher soap dispenser is not opening. You can also use this convenient method if you don’t want to replace the damaged soap dispenser anytime soon.


The Ikea dishwashers are one of the best appliances at home, especially if you have a big family and like hosting huge family gatherings. 

It saves plenty of your time and gives you sparkly clean and dried dishes at the end of the wash cycle. 

However, with all its benefits, it may cause you some problems too. 

If, for some reason, your soap dispenser does not open, then follow the above-mentioned quick steps to fix your Ikea dishwasher soap dispenser cover not opening. An easy alternate way is to toss the washing tablet in the dishwasher and run your cycle. 

We hope you can fix your problem with little effort! 

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