IKEA Brusali Bed Frame Review

IKEA Brusali Bed Frame

IKEA’s Brusali bed frame is a huge upgrade from the Brimnes bed frame, even though they have a similar purpose. If you are looking for a classic piece of furniture with some character to it, that is highly functional at the same time, Brusali is the bed frame for you!

With four large drawers, this bed frame is a great space saver that offers lots of storage space for those who need it. The soft an curved edges on the design adds to its appearance, giving this frame a lot of value for the money it costs. In this review, we will go over the specifications of this bed frame from IKEA.

IKEA Brusali Bed Frame Review

IKEA Brusali Bed Frame
IKEA Brusali Bed Frame
IKEA Brusali Bed Frame


The Brusali bed frame was designed to save space while doing its primary job, supporting the mattress and the user’s weight. The materials this bed frame consists off include foil, particleboard, fiberboard and ABS fabric while the support beam is made of galvanized steel, making for a great and solid structure.

This bed frame has adjustable sides, allowing you to choose a mattress of any thickness you want without having to worry whether it would fit the frame nicely.

What goes well with it

Along the Bursali bed frame, IKEA recommends the matching Brusali nightstand to complete the set in your bedroom. As far as mattresses go, the most recommended one is the Haugsvar spring mattress. However, if you prefer foam mattresses or some other model of spring mattresses, you don’t have to worry because this bed frame is designed to support them all.

The Skorva midbeam is included in the price of the bed frame itself, but you will have to pick it up from a different shelf in the IKEA store. However, if you are shopping online, the midbeam will be included in the package without you having to look for it and purchase it separately.

The bed base recommended by IKEA is the Luroy slatted bed base. Purchasing another bed base, cheaper or differently styled, may affect the performance of other products in general. Following IKEA’s recommendations is the most effective way to get the best out of their products.

Their cheapest recommendation for the Brusali bed frame are the Kuggis boxes with lids, that increase the storage space in general.

Other details and customers’ opinions

The thing about the Brusali bed frame is that it is not rated on IKEA’s site. At least not yet. There are no customers’ reviews that will confirm or deny the quality of the product which makes it difficult to decide whether it is worth the purchase or not.

Therefore, this bed frame might be a risky purchase but according to the information provided by IKEA, it seems to be a very good and convenient product.

As far as prices go, the Brusali bed frame is slightly more expensive than the Brimnes bed frame, which is also designed to add more storage space to smaller bedrooms. That clearly tells us the quality of the Brusali bed frame is also higher than with the other model. However, what makes them different, besides the quality and the look, is that the Brusali bed frame is not available in king size.

The only available sizes for this bed frame is queen and full size. The only things you have to purchase additionally are the mattresses and the slatted bed base (Luroy). Another thing that makes it stand above the Brimnes bed frame is that its drawers have no handles, making it impossible for you to hurt yourself on them.

The product requires assembly upon delivery and, since the boxes it is packed in are pretty heavy, opting for IKEA’s shipping service would be a good idea. The product comes with a 25 year warranty that covers all manufacturing defaults. Any damage done by the consumer will not be covered by the warranty.

As far as keeping the bed frame clean goes, the process is quite simple. A damp cloth and some mild, cleaning solution will do the job. Dry the frame afterwards with a dry cloth and there you have it! Keeping the frame clean will increase its lifespan and keep it looking fresh and new.

Pros of IKEA Brusali bed frame

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    4 large drawers
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    Good value for the money
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    Adjustable sides
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    Space saver
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    Stylish piece of furniture

Is IKEA Brusali Bed Frame Good?

All together, as far as we can tell from IKEA’s information, the Brusali bed frame seems like a good choice for people who need more storage space in their bedroom or apartment in general. The product seems to be of higher quality than the Brimnes bed frame with the same purpose. It is up to you to decide whether or not this frame is suitable for your needs.

IKEA Brusali Bed Frame
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All together, as far as we can tell from IKEA’s information, the Brusali bed frame seems like a good choice for people who need more storage space in their bedroom or apartment in general.

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