Are IKEA Pillows and Covers Good?

are ikea pillows and covers good
are ikea pillows and covers good

Pillows can make or break a good night’s sleep. An uncomfortable pillow can keep the sleeper awake, and one made with the wrong materials could be a threat to a sleeper’s health.

Do IKEA’s pillows and covers fit the needs of those who long for a good night?

“Soft pillows, firm pillows, little ball of down” is a quote on the IKEA website. They go into detail about their pillows on the site and have four categories. 

Pillow Inserts 

Traditional pillows, available through the company, are made with down and duck feathers.

Many people still enjoy using this type of pillow as they are soft, fluffy, and cozy while also providing your head, neck, or back, wherever they are placed, adequate support to maintain the position without increasing the stresses on the joints. 

Some people are allergic to down, but that doesn’t mean they have to shop elsewhere. Memory foam and polyester-filled pillows are also available. These tend to be more hypoallergenic.

Ikea’s throw pillows are the easiest and most affordable addition to refresh the style and vibe of our home. One swap of these pillows and their covers gives your bed or sofa a new, refreshed look.  

The pillows, as mentioned above, come in various fillings, among which the most popular is resilient polyester filing which makes the pillows comfortable, cozy, lightweight, and easily washable.

Are IKEA Pillows and Covers Good?

Indoor And Outdoor Pillows 

Not only that, Ikea offers pillows and pillow covers for your indoor beds and also for your outdoor activities.

So now you can rest on one of Ikea’s outdoor pillows and star gazing or even sleep under some shade to the soothing sound of rain.

So wherever you decide to put these pillows on your indoor sofas and beds or your patio or outdoor space, they will provide solace in and out of your home. 

A hello to Ikea pillows is a hello to comfort. 

Ikea Offers Different Shapes And Sizes 

The different sizes and shapes of these Ikea pillows give one a wide range of options. 

Whether a square, rectangle, cylindrical or round, Ikea pillows provide support to your body without compromising the shape. 

Whatever pillow you choose to put behind your head or back, on your bed or sofa, the soft, cozy pillows will bounce back to their shape, whatever pressure is applied over them.

Traditional pillows are usually the same shape, although they may vary in thickness.

IKEA has kept that in mind in their selection, and they have paid attention to the fact that people sleep in many positions requiring different support levels.

Hence, it offers various sizes that you can choose from depending on your comfort and needs.

What Is a Good Pillow For You?

Ergonomics is a term that is relatively new to the pillow industry. However, older people have discovered that it is important to have quality and quantity of sleep.

This also benefits younger folks because it helps prevent some of the joint damage that improper cushioning can cause.

A perfect pillow for an individual entirely depends on their needs and their position. Using them as a back support while reading their favorite book or under their head, good night’s sleep. 

So it’s virtually entirely your position that depends on the support you require from a pillow. 

That means that if a person sleeps on their side, there are pillows that will cushion the knees. Those who sleep on their backs can have the comfort they need, and stomach sleepers can get a good night’s sleep.

The key component of your posture and general health is your spinal alignment. While a person sleeps, the pillow support keeps his head, neck, and upper back in proper alignment.

A good pillow support significantly reduces the pressure on the neck and prevents the occurrence of neck pain and neck muscle spams. 

The quality of your sleep majorly depends on the type, size, and quality of the pillow you use to sleep creates a sleeping environment for you that is ideal, maintains good posture, and gives you a good quality sleep.

That will eventually affect your immune system, improves your mood, and significantly reduces stress on the body.

Customer Reviews Regarding Ikea Pillows


Considering all the commitments Ikea makes for the quality, durability, and how good their pillows are, one would jump in the bed to order a few for themselves.

But indeed, the customer reviews authentically define the quality of the products because who in real life would better know the standard than those who have used it? 

Several reviews of the Ikea pillows can be found on the official Ikea website and on Amazon.

Most users sounded happy with the quality, considering the low price of Ikea pillows and inserts. People reviewed, stating they are a cheap way of adding style and comfort to your home. 

The down-insert pillows are also superb, as you can mold them in any shape and size you want. 

Contrary to this, people also reviewed them as not the best quality pillows they have ever purchased but justified the quality with the cost as low as 2$.

Some also complained the pillows go flat and lose the fluff if regularly used.

To address this issue, it is recommended always to use a pillow insert bigger than its cover and keep them in areas where they are not overused. 

If properly maintained and cared for, Ikea’s reasonably affordable, rather cheap pillows are the best way to add comfort and style to your home. 

Ikea Covers

The same attention to detail should be made to bed coverings. The word “covers” can mean several things. Bedspreads, blankets, coverlets, comforters, and throws are all covers.

In some areas, even a top sheet is considered a cover. IKEA sells all of them.

The choice of bedding is dependent on climate and season. A down comforter is great in the winter when it gets cold but not so much in warmer climates or summer.

That isn’t a problem at IKEA; get one for each season.

Sustainable farming is important to the company and shows in its choice of materials to make these products. Some of the newer products are made with something called lyocell, which is made out of wood.

The company has a set of policies called IWAY, and the wood used to make lyocell is from sustainable forests.

The same holds for the cotton used to make their products. They commit the farmers in that the crop should be grown with less water, fertilizer, and pesticide than is normal.

In return, the company ensures the farmers are paid more for their crops.

While any cover could help keep someone warm, having covers that make that person feel good about the environment, is comfortable, and don’t cause an allergy is important.

IKEA makes good covers, whether a quilt in a traditional pattern or an elaborate bedspread.

Pillow And Duvet Covers

Like the pillows, the covers, be that the pillow covers or the duvet covers come in various sizes and designs to match the style and design of your house.

Ikea offers a wide range of options for its pillow covers, so you can choose between the flowers, stripes, or plenty of fresh solid color pillow covers to breathe new life into your space. 

Similar to Ikea pillow sizes, all the pillow covers are available in different sizes, so you can pick according to your pillow insert to make your pillow fluffier, cozy, and in shape, it is recommended to use a pillow insert bigger than the size of the pillow so your pillows don’t run flat and reshape over time. 

On the other hand, Ikea duvet covers are one of the most reasonably priced products at Ikea

These cotton duvet cover sets add an air of freshness and harmonious colors to your bedroom.

The high-quality fabric allows you to have a comfortable sleep and wake up fresh and tension free. 

There are as cozy as they seem on the official website with their concealed press studs that not only keep the duvet in its place but also increase comfort by not getting in the way and bothering you.

Ikea duvet covers are made of around 125 thread count, indicating the number of threads per square inch of the cloth, indicating how well and densely woven the covers is to provide comfort and protection from cold weather. 

You can find these pillow covers to be as cheap as 4-5$ and duvet covers to be as low on cost as 14$.

Ikea provides you with various sizes, colors, types, and material options to shop the pillows and covers at very affordable prices.

Customer Reviews

Luckily the covers are rated even better than the pillows. 

Customers revised them to be the best quality in terms of fabric quality, softness, and comfort level these provide at such low cost.

People have been using them for more than 2 years and are happily investing in more due to their quality and price.

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