Is The IKEA Poäng Chair Good For Your Back?

Is The IKEA Poäng Chair Good For Your Back?
Is The IKEA Poäng Chair Good For Your Back?

Is The IKEA Poäng Chair Good For Your Back?

IKEA is known for its unusual furniture, but the Poäng chair is more than that. It is set to a standard that is actually helpful for those with back problems. Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair set the standard for the most comfortable sitting position in 1925.

The idea behind Breuer’s chair design is to have the sitting person’s backside slightly lower than the knees, allowing a bit of a slide into the back of the chair. This gives the back the right amount of support. The head cushion also helps.

This chair is not just for those with back problems. A lot of nursing mothers are picking up on how well these chairs work for breastfeeding their children. When children are fussy, some women have even been able to sleep in the chair, holding their infants. For this purpose, the matching footrest is a must.

There is often a question about whether or not IKEA furniture is sturdy enough for larger people. The answer is yes, at least for this chair. It is rated up to three hundred seventy-five pounds. One reviewer, who weighed in at three hundred twenty-five pounds, said he felt very comfortable in it.

As with any product there are a few reviewers that had problems. While the chair does come with a ten-year warranty, it is necessary to keep a copy of the receipt. A bank statement will not do for warranty purposes. This is actually true for almost every product purchased at any business.

Another complaint about the fabric covered Poäng chairs is for pet owners. It is very hard to get pet fur out of the material. It is possible, the two who commented about this issue both found ways; one used something similar to a windshield wiper followed by a lint roller. The other used a high powered vacuum.

Several reviewers with back problems posted their experience with this chair. It is interesting to note that one of them was instructed to get the chair by her physical therapist. This suggests that there is a great deal more to it, and that it is, indeed good for the back.

When it comes to putting it together, the usual comments were made. IKEA is in many countries and it would be expensive to translate instructions in every language needed. They solved the problem by using pictures instead of words. That can be confusing, but thankfully youtube and their eight hundred number help.

One reviewer posted that he had feline help when putting together the chair. That posed a bit of a problem, as his “helpers” thought the screws were kitty toys. Those with pets may want to put together the chair behind closed doors to prevent this problem.

All told, this IKEA chair is a good product. It is helpful for the back, sturdy and fairly easy to put together. It looks nice and will make a good addition to any home, apartment or even an RV.


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