11 Best IKEA POÄNG Chair Review 2022


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IKEA never ceases to amaze when it comes to making the furniture that pops out. There are tons of exciting series that you can get by IKEA to add a look of modernization, and minimalistic appearance to your home or office without having to compromise on luxury or durability.

IKEA POÄNG chair series is one such series that you can have for any purpose that you might need for. These chairs go well with your modern infrastructure and interior designs. There are tons of options in the series, so you can have a look at the features and specifications of some top chairs from the IKEA POÄNG series below.

11 Best IKEA POÄNG Chair Review

1) POÄNG Armchair, Knisa Light Beige

POÄNG Armchair, Knisa Light Beige

This is an exceptional armchair that you can get for your living room, study, or by the lounge. This chair adds comfort to your sitting posture as you get the right resilience, thanks to the layer-glued bent birch frame.

Adequate height of the back provides good support for your neck. You can get a wide variety of seat cushions that go well with this chair so you can easily change the way your chair looks and use it for multiple purposes. You can sit on this chair for long hours with the right posture so you won't be hurting your back.

The beige color of this chair makes it go perfectly with any sort of interior let it be light or dark so you don't have to worry about that at any point. You also get a 10-year limited warranty on this chair, so you can be assured of having it around for a long time.

2) POÄNG Rocking Chair, Glose Dark Brown

POÄNG Rocking Chair, Glose Dark Brown

This armchair is a marvel of craftsmanship and design by Noboru Nakamura. With an extremely light and minimalistic frame design, you get to enjoy a perfect combination of elegance, luxury, and comfort. You can sit comfortably and relaxed for long hours on this chair without having to face any issues.

The best part is this rocking chair is also suitable for children to sit on. The glose dark brown color on this chair makes it resistant to any sort of visible stains, and you can clean it easily with a wet wipe taking the burden of maintenance off your mind.  This chair can be used for your living room, bedroom, or even for the lounge to have a nice sitting with friends and family.

3) POÄNG Chair Cushion, Hillared Beige

POÄNG Chair Cushion, Hillared Beige

POÄNG series also features lots of cushion options for you. You get all those color options along with material, cover, and size options to not only get the best cushion for comfort but also to fit the interior of your home or office. This chair cushion in the beige finish is perfect for you to have with any chair as it is aesthetically designed to match the light and dark both types of interiors.

The cover is woven from cotton and polyester with viscose and linen. The cover is soft and comfortable so you can have the best experience putting it on any sort of POÄNG chair that you might have and get the best experience out of it. Not only that, but you are also going to have easy maintenance on this one as it can be easily cleaned using a vacuum.

4) POÄNG Armchair, Glose Dark Brown

POÄNG Armchair, Glose Dark Brown

This one here is another phenomenal color and texture that you can get by IKEA. With IKEA you are never out of color combinations, and choices that you can get. Adding the same finish, comfort, and sturdiness of IKEA POÄNG.

The design has been in for 40 years and still going strong due to the feasibility, durability, and comfort level. You can get lots of washable cover choices as well with this chair that will go well with your overall interior aesthetics.

The chair doesn't only add to the looks of your interior but layer-glued birch also provides you with the right posture comfort so you don't get tired while sitting on the chair for long hours. This would be the perfect piece of furniture to have for any white, beige or even dark interior choices.

5) POÄNG Chair Cushion, Glose Dark Brown

POÄNG Chair Cushion, Glose Dark Brown

You might have to think about matching with other brands but the same cannot be said for IKEA. There are lots of choices on each product for you so you can shop without any worries of having a matching pair for your interior.

Similarly, you get an added layer of protection and comfort level with this cushion that can go with any chair of the POÄNG series. From fabric choice to stitching and finishing, everything is up to the mark and you are going to fall in love with it. You can clean it up with a damp cloth easily, making the maintenance on this one trouble-free for you.

Not only that, but you are also in for added comfort that is going to last for years due to the Polyester Wadding and Polyurethane foam used in this cushion. You also get 100% cotton lining to ensure a durable and long-lasting neatness.

6) POÄNG Armchair, Hillared Anthracite

POÄNG Armchair, Hillared Anthracite

This one yet another Armchair design from the POÄNG series. The design is in the market for over 40 years and still going strong, so that should be enough to give you a better idea about the comfort and durability level of this design.

The color combination on this one makes it perfect for everyday use so you can put it around any corner of your house where you want to spend some time in peace, comfortably. This unique color combination gives you a feel of richness and luxury so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Coupled with the ergonomic design of the IKEA POÄNG armchair, this is the perfect piece of furniture you can get for your home or office and be worry-free for a decade with its 10-year limited warranty.

7) POÄNG Rocking Chair, Knisa Light Beige

POÄNG Rocking Chair, Knisa Light Beige

Rocking chairs are the best way to have a comfortable nap, a good time reading a book, or just sitting on them, taking the tiredness of the day off your shoulders. This rocking chair by the IKEA POÄNG series is made of birch veneer and a phenomenal design that focuses on comfort, durability, and aesthetics.

This chair right here is the best thing you can get to a place in front of your TV, in the corner of your room, or by the bookshelf to have the best of your time at all these places. The light beige texture and polish on this chair make it look great with your interior.

If you have a wooden flooring and minimalistic interior and you have a thing for modern interior design, this rocking chair would add the perfect balance of design and comfort that you might be looking for.

8) POÄNG Rocking Chair, Glose Off-White

POÄNG Rocking Chair, Glose Off-White

This is another polish that you can get depending on the color scheme of your interior or your choice. If you have kids around your house, then this darker shade would be perfect for you to have as the stains are less visible on it.

Not that you cannot easily wipe them off with a damp cloth but you won't have to worry about that for days if you have this chair around the house. The best thing is that you get lots of color choices with the cushions with this rocking chair as well so you can satisfy your aesthetical senses and get the best of design, comfort and match it with the interior that you have worked so hard on. This should be the first choice for you if you don’t settle on anything less than the best.

9) POÄNG Armchair, Glose Off-White

POÄNG Armchair, Glose Off-White

Now, if you have the rocking chair in Robust Glose Off-White and want something that goes with it perfectly, this chair is the right answer for you. You can have a matching chair that you can sit comfortably with the right posture and without putting any strain on your back and not have mismatched chairs around the house.

You also get some cool cushion choices on this one as well so you can get the matching ones for both chairs. With added comfort and aesthetics, you can enjoy this chair for years without having to worry about maintenance or getting it replaced.

10) POÄNG Rocking Chair, Lysed Bright Green

POÄNG Rocking Chair, Lysed Bright Green

This one here is another rocking chair texture and polish that you can get according to your design requirements. The bright green color on this one is simply impeccable in terms of design and it would suit the artistic senses of yours. If you like bright colors around your house or office then this would be the perfect choice for you to have a comfortable sitting and the right design.

The cushion choice is totally yours, so you can also change the color if you feel like it. You get multiple washable color options on the cushions as well to match the interior you want this chair for.

11) POÄNG Children’s Armchair

POÄNG Children’s Armchair

Now you can get your child the armchair they have always wanted. If your kid likes to mimic what you do, and you have seen them trying to climb your armchair, you can get them this chair to add the right confidence for them.

The chair is perfect for kids to sit in comfortably and read their favorite comic books or watch cartoons on TV. With this chair, you get the perfect height that is safe for your kids so they won’t fall off the chair.

Moreover, there are no sharp edges and all the materials used have a soft texture to them to keep your children safe. With this chair, you can even make your children sit with you side-by-side and indulge in some activity together or just relax.

Choosing The Best IKEA POÄNG Chairs

These are some of the best chairs you can get from IKEA. IKEA POÄNG series design is standing strong for 40 years as these chairs are not only unmatched in terms of durability, sturdiness, and comfort but they also add the right looks to your house or office interior.

You get to choose from all these different sizes and types of chairs from the series, so you can get the best of the POÄNG series according to your needs.

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