Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. Wilko

Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. Wilko
Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. Wilko

IKEA vs. Wilko

Everyone has a preference for where they shop. People have favorite clothing shops, supermarkets, and even have their favorite restaurants. This should be no different for furniture stores. It’s nice to have a preference and makes shopping for homeware so much easier.

Some furniture store options are Wilko and IKEA. Both stores have a nice variety of products and are highly recommended. They also have plenty of experience because they are both over 50 years old.

Wilko was founded in the 1930s in Worksop, England. Since then, the store has expanded across 430 stores. They have locations all over the United Kingdom. They haven’t made it out of Europe yet, but who is to say that won’t happen.

IKEA was founded in 1943 in Sweden. The store has 433 stores all over the world. People in 52 different countries can enjoy the luxury that IKEA has to offer.

The locations of the stores help compare them. For shoppers in the United Kingdom, Wilkos is definitely more accessible. They have nearly the same number of stores in four countries as IKEA does in 52. Because of this, it’s easier to travel to Wilko and carry home furniture. Shoppers can take multiple trips because they don’t have to drive far.

IKEA, however, is open to a wider range of people. IKEA is a household name whereas Wilko is not. By having more locations, homeowners hear about them more often. They may not think to consider other options.

In terms of affordability, both stores are cheap, but IKEA is cheaper. They have plenty of high-quality pieces at low-quality prices. However, Wilko is nearly as cheap. They have mixed reviews about the quality, but nothing too demeaning. They both provide great, affordable products for the customers.

IKEA has items ranging from bed frames to bookcases. Any piece of furniture one could want can be found in IKEA. It’s definitely the place to go for a bulk order of furniture. Wilko is not. Wilko does not have as large of a variety. They certainly still have lots of products, but don’t have the options that IKEA has.

That being said, Wilko has its own strength. They have a huge garden section, as well as garden furniture. Plant lovers can head to Wilko to get a new succulent, as well as some patio furniture. This is a huge pro in Wilko’s favor.

Because of their huge garden, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Wilko is a very green store. They have many products that help reduce the world’s carbon footprint. IKEA is sustainable, too. They recycle all their products and are even making a line of furniture out of plastic from the ocean.

Both stores treat their customers, too. IKEA has a cafe that sells cheap food, like hot dogs and meatballs. Wilko has a pick and mix snack that is basically a mixture of candy. How yummy!

IKEA and Wilko both cater to the customers’ needs, are sustainable, and are great stores overall. They’re hard to compare because they’re both so wonderful.

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