Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. JYSK

Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. JYSK
Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. JYSK


Oh Scandinavia, how beautiful and serene. These countries are known for their deep fjords, tall residents, rich Viking heritage… and furniture stores?

The most well-known Scandinavian furniture store is IKEA. It was founded in 1943 in Almhult, Sweden. The store has become a popular franchise that operates stores in over 25 countries. While it may be the first Scandinavian furniture store shoppers think of, it’s not the only one.

Another Scandinavian furniture store franchise is JYSK. This store was opened over 30 years after IKEA in 1979. It too is from Scandinavia, but not from Sweden. JYSK originated in Aarhus, Denmark. It operates stores across 27 countries.

It’s easy to point out the similarities between IKEA and JYSK. They both use initials for their names, they’re both Scandanavian, and they both have cheap products.

IKEA is still considered to be the better of the two, but JYSK is eager to keep up with the competition. This year, they’re opening 20 new stores in Ireland. The two stores also have similar prices, and surprisingly JYSK is cheaper. This is not to say, however, that it is better.

One reviewer of JYSK said it is “the poor man’s IKEA.” Their products are cheap for the sake of being cheap. The quality is not as durable as desired.

IKEA designs and manufactures all their own furniture. They work to keep the cost down and make a quality design. JYSK doesn’t. They buy whatever furniture they can get in their store. Many of these products are direct rip-offs of IKEA’s. Their Danny bookcase is nearly the same as IKEA’s Billy bookcase. It even has a boy’s name. The biggest catch? It’s 15% cheaper than the Billy bookcase.

What JYSK lacks in dignity, however, is made up for in their loyalty. Because of their low prices, JYSK has quite the fan base. Every day more and more customers are learning about JYSK. Shoppers are taking the opportunity to find new discount furniture instead of dumpy pieces from a local thrift shop. This means JYSK can open new stores, offer new jobs, and learn how to expand their business. For a company so similar to IKEA, they seem to have no issues getting customers. It’s said that even the Queen of Denmark is a regular at JYSK.

Despite this, the majority of the reviews for JYSK say their products are “fragile,” and “weak.” However, some say that while they don’t like all their products, they have some that they love. It seems that JYSK is a hit or a miss. What they are severely lacking, though, is a cafe. Unlike IKEA, they do not try to great an experience at their store. It is simply that: a store.

IKEA is the better choice of the two. Their products are more reliable, better designed, and will last long in the home. JYSK will have to stand the test of time and see if they can improve to reach IKEA’s level. Who knows if they will. If they want to, they may need to follow IKEA’s lead and rip off something worthwhile: those delectable Swedish meatballs. With those, they might really stand a chance.

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