13 Best IKEA BILLY Bookcase Review 2021

Best IKEA BILLY Bookcase

Best IKEA BILLY Bookcase

Bookshelves are the most captivating part of your living room furniture. These pieces of in-home furniture can make or break the overall look of your living room. Considering this, why not choosing the best bookshelves?

IKEA has a lot to offer when it comes to stylish and majestic bookshelves. BILLY bookcase is one of the most popular collections of IKEA’s bookshelves that has been appreciated and loved among the customers. They are low on budget but high on making your living room dreamy!

The best thing is you have several options to choose from IKEA BILLY bookcases.

13 Best IKEA BILLY Bookcase Review

1) BILLY Bookcase 31 1/2 x 11 x 79 1/2”

BILLY Bookcase 31 1 2 x 11 x 79 1 2”

It is one simple yet mesmerizing IKEA bookcase that has adjustable shelves. You can arrange the racks right according to your needs. This bookcase offers greater storage issues as it has limited space and the storage foundation for a larger pile of books right according to your needs.

It’s all up to you, either you limit the number of books to increase it, your BILLY bookcase is all set to hold as many books as you want!) Your bookcase is directly anchored to the wall. You can choose different wall materials needed for different fasteners types, specifically suitable for the walls in your home.

There are a total of 5 shelves; one stationary shelf and four adjustable shelves. You can build up and increase the storage by simply adding up more shelves vertically to the wall. They are available in distant designs and colors.

2) BILLY Bookcase 31 1/2 x 11 x 41 3/4”

BILLY Bookcase 31 1 2 x 11 x 41 3 4”

Just like the previous bookcase, this one IKEA BILLY bookcase is equipped with adjustable shelves. You can arrange them; it all depends upon your needs whether you like it small or extended. This bookcase has a simple storage unit which is pretty much enough for a limited.

You can even widen your occupied storage by racking up extra shelves. Doing so would make an isolated foundation for a larger storage solution if you ever want a change.

When it comes to furnishing your living room, your bookcase must be fitted securely to the wall with the help of the enclosed wall anchoring device. Your package for the BILLY bookcase has the fasteners, you can use them suitably for the walls in your home. It has two shelves. You can either let it wide open or equip it with the packed doors. Both will give your living room a trendy look.

3) BILLY Bookcase with Glass Doors

BILLY Bookcase with Glass Doors

If you are looking for a stylish glass-made bookcase that holds great power to make your living room brighter and elegant, then BILLY bookcase glass-doors is the best option for you. This bookcase has a glass-door cabinet which is responsible to keep your stored items inside the case pretty much visible and free from dust particles.

Moreover, it adds up the charm to your living room. Glass doored bookcase bears a simple unit that is quite compatible with your bookshelves items. You have an option to widen it up. Adjust the 5 included shelves as per your needs.

Cleaning the doors is easy as well. Fasteners can be used as per the design and color of your bookcase. We bet that this look would never get old or dull anytime sooner.

4) BILLY Bookcase 15 3/4 x 11 x 79 1/2”

BILLY Bookcase 15 3 4 x 11 x 79 1 2”

You have a congested living room, but you are willing to fill it with a suitable sized bookcase, correct? Well, IKEA BILLY bookcases have something for you in the store. This narrow-shelved and elongated bookcase would help you occupy the small wall spaces extremely effectively by accommodating smaller items in an optimized or minimum space.

This bookcase has adjustable shelves that can be arranged right according to your needs. It has a simple yet delicate storage unit which is enough for the overall foundation of book space. You can adjust it as per your needs.

A wall anchoring device is used to fix up your furniture with the wall. You will pick a suitable fastener as well. The top to bottom manufacturing is done with extreme care. Overall, this piece of furniture brightens your living room perfectly!

5) BILLY Bookcase 63 x 11 x 79 1/2”

BILLY Bookcase 63 x 11 x 79 1 2”

You have a lot of books to settle in your furniture but couldn’t find any suitable bookshelf, well, this one bookcase might be the best solution for your living room. It has wider, bigger, and damped shelves for your items to settle in.

This product comes in black and brown. With adjustable shelves, you are easily allowed to arrange your bookcase right according to your needs. You can stuff your shelf with as many books as you want as the lower surface of the shelves is made of natural wood veneer.

Although, you would need to fix the required fastener that is suitable for your home’s walls. With an anchoring device, you can fix it. It is one of those bookcases that IKEA offers to give organized look to your settled items.

6) BILLY Bookcase 15 3/4 x 11 x 41 3/4”

BILLY Bookcase 15 3 4 x 11 x 41 3 4”

This one bookcase has its charm and mastery when it comes to settling up the larger books and items. How? It is a compact bookcase that consists of three fixed shelves providing adequate space for the larger items. Be the items small or big, you can equip your dorms and living rooms with this great piece of furniture by IKEA.

It is designed with adjustable shelves that you can arrange as per your needs. The surface is quite robust as it is created with natural wood veneer. One simple and fixed unit is quite enough for placing as many books and other items as you want.

To be precise, this bookcase has 2 shelves included. You can use this furniture with doors of different colors and designs. Cleaning it wouldn’t require much labor as well.

7) BILLY Bookcase 63 x 11 3/4 x 79 1/2”

BILLY Bookcase 63 x 11 3 4 x 79 1 2”

IKEA BILLY bookcases have an entire collection of well-suited bookcases for your dorms, living rooms, libraries, and whatnot. This one product is for those people who are kind of tired from the formal bookcases since this bookcase has stylish glass doors by which your delicate items can be visible to the visitors.

This bookcase is best for imposing good impressions for its breathtaking look. It has adjustable shelves that can be easily arranged as per your requirements. The extra addition is the moveable or adjustable hinges, that allow you to adjust your glass doors both horizontally and vertically.

With the equipped glass-door cabinets, your favorite shelf items are kept safe from dust. The panel/glass doors offer total dust-free storage. Now you can showcase and hide your items fully according to your mood.

8) BILLY Bookcase 94 1/2 x 11 x 41 3/4”

BILLY Bookcase 94 1 2 x 11 x 41 3 4”

If your dorm or living room looks good with the small yet compact bookcase, then IKEA has the exact right bookcase for you. The mentioned bookcase is well-equipped with adequate storage and has a lot of space to offer a large number of items. You are free to place larger books and guides inside your bookcase without having to worry about the size.

The entire body of this furniture is created with fiber wood that gives greater efficiency and looks to your furniture. This bookcase is rightly crafted with adjustable that gives you great comfort in having the choice to settle it right according to your wants.

The whole surface is furnished with natural wood veneer. Your bookcase can be perfectly fitted into the wall via a wall anchoring device. It is high time you get your hands on this stylish piece of furniture.

9) BILLY Bookcase 31 1/2 x 11 x 93 1/4”

BILLY Bookcase 31 1 2 x 11 x 93 1 4”

This bookcase is just one of the many IKEA proven furniture pieces that have solved extensive solutions for your giant collection of books as well as your items. With the prescribed bookcase, you have a height extension unit, which lets you make the most out of the wall area. You can extend your bookcase as much as you want. You can adjust the moveable shelves.

The entire embodiment of this bookcase is crafted with fiber wood. All the surfaces are made from natural wood veneer. Just like other bookcases, you are free to use wall fasteners according to the type of your home walls.

Overall, the entire look of this bookcase is very dreamy and highly efficient at the same time. Get it anchored on your wall with a suitable anchoring device. Furnish your dorm with this amazing piece of furniture right away!

10) BILLY Bookcase with Panel & Glass Doors

BILLY Bookcase with Panel & Glass Doors

This bookcase is one of IKEA’s most decent-looking well-crafted pieces. It has got adjustable hinges that let you adjust the door horizontally and vertically; in whatever way you like them to go. With the well-adjustable shelves, they would be arranged accordingly and you are good to go.

The special feature that this bookcase has, is proper entanglement of panel/glass doors that offer dust-free storage. Moreover, you can hide or display the items according to your wants. The whole body is designed with pure fibrous wood.

Wait, wait! Here’s one thing you would need to take care of the glass surface. Make sure to handle it with utmost care as any damage or scratch can cause your surface glass to suddenly crack or even break-in. Equip your living room with this bookcase - with one fixed shelf and four adjustable shelves.

11) BILLY Bookcase 15 3/4 x 11 x 93 1/4”

BILLY Bookcase 15 3 4 x 11 x 93 1 4”

Eventually, elongated and heightened furniture makes your living room, library, and dorm extra charming and captivating. Why? The actual charm lies in their catchy look. Tall things always interest people! It is a high time you impress your audience with the prescribed IKEA BILLY bookcase product.

With this bookcase, you have a height extension unit, that usually makes the most of your wall area. The included adjustable shelves are equipped well with your bookcase so that you have a choice to arrange it as per your needs.

If you don’t want your furniture to take up the space of the entire living room, sign up for this product! You have the entire body of your bookcase well-crafted with pure fibrous wood. Charm up your dorm with this bookcase.

12) BILLY Bookcase 78 3/4 x 11 x 93 1/4”

BILLY Bookcase 78 3 4 x 11 x 93 1 4”

I bet that no bookcase has the number of features to hold when we compare them with the prescribed one. It has several shelves which make this bookcase the most versatile one. Worried about the partition of your books’ categories, well, it is high time that you choose this one bookcase.

With a well-elongated body and wider structure, you can make room for every other item along with your books on its shelves. IKEA has solved your major issues by manufacturing this one furniture. This bookcase has a height extension unit as well as adjustable shelves.

Moreover, the entire body is well crafted with recycling material and maximum suitable manufacturing material. Style up your living room with an IKEA BILLY bookcase right away!

13) BILLY Bookcase 84 5/8/53 1/8 x 11 x 93 1/4”

BILLY Bookcase 84 5 8 53 1 8 x 11 x 93 1 4”

If you have a well-stashed space for a wider and much bigger bookcase, then there isn’t a much better option for you than, this one bookcase. Want to make use of your living room's maximum surface area? Equip its corners with proper shelving by IKEA BILLY bookcase which is best suited.

This giant bookcase possesses a height extension unit which lets you have the best of the wall extending facilities. It is time to furnish your living room with the best bookcase you want! You are free to adjust your bookcase shelves as per your wants.

Anchor up your wall with the help of an anchoring device. IKEA has always the best solutions to your furnishing concerns. Avail of this super funky bookcase with the best storage, suitable for the larger books and numerous items.

Choosing The Best IKEA BILLY Bookcases

The aforementioned IKEA BILLY bookcases are the best 13 ones. You can have a lot more other options as well. We would recommend you to choose the one that perfectly matches the painting and other furniture of your living room/anywhere you are settling the shelve.

We bet that each IKEA BILLY bookcase you pick would be high in quality, beautiful and stylish, and harmonizing with other furniture sets. They look delicate but have the power to hold as many books as you want.

Moreover, you are free to pick from their extensive range of sizes. These long-lasting IKEA BILLY bookcases would take decades to go old as their prints are ever-green.

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