Stores Comparison: IKEA vs. Dunelm (With Table)

ikea vs dunelm
ikea vs dunelm

Furniture shopping is everyone’s least favorite errand. It’s exhausting, boring, and frustrating. It’s hard to relax and find what’s best for the home when everything in the store is overwhelming.

What’s worse is that there are hundreds of stores to choose from. It’s impossible to buy a new table without selecting a store. Two popular options are IKEA and Dunelm.

IKEA is a Swedish furniture company known for its affordable prices and modern designs. IKEA is a worldwide furniture store known for its cheap products and Swedish meatballs. They have 433 stores across 52 countries.

Dunelm is a furniture store based out of IKEA. There are about 170 stores across the United Kingdom. They have plenty of products ranging from tables to garden furniture.

They often have limited stock and frequently rotate products, so shoppers should go early to get the best deals. However, they require assembly at home, and their products may not always be high quality.

On the other hand, Dunelm is a British home furnishings retailer with a wide range of products. They offer furniture assembly services, and their products are known to be durable.

However, they’re slightly more expensive than IKEA and often have traditional designs.

IKEA vs Dunelm

  IKEA Dunelm
Reach Vast reach spread across 433 stores In 52 countries Only 170 stores spread across UK
Price Cheaper Relatively Expensive
In-store Cafe Available Available
Customer-Service Satisfactory Customer Service Good Customer Service
Online Delivery Good Service Good Service
Assembling Requires self-assembling Pre-assembled furniture


One reason IKEA excels above its competitors is its commitment to sustainability. They have set a goal to produce as much renewable energy as they consume and have already surpassed that goal, making twice as much renewable energy as they consume.

In addition, IKEA has committed to removing all single-use plastic products from their shelves and replacing them with sustainable alternatives.

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IKEA also sets itself apart with its innovative and efficient design strategies. Their famous flat-pack furniture allows for easier transportation, reducing carbon emissions from transport.

They prioritize function and simplicity in their designs, creating versatile and long-lasting products.

On top of their sustainable and efficient practices, IKEA offers affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

Their unique business model, which includes self-service and minimal store staff, allows them to keep costs low for both the company and the consumer.

Overall, IKEA’s commitment to sustainability, innovative designs, and affordability make them a top choice among furniture retailers.

However, with every good product come a few disadvantages. One common complaint about IKEA furniture is that it can be difficult to assemble.

Additionally, customers may have trouble finding replacement parts or returning defective products due to their limited in-store staff.

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Despite these challenges, IKEA remains a popular and successful retailer. It is spread worldwide with over 420 stores in more than 50 countries, proving its appeal and superiority as a furniture retailer.

IKEA has expanded globally more than any other furniture retailer. With every country they enter, they have become a household name.

It’s not just their modern and affordable products that draw customers in but also their commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

They consistently strive to reduce their carbon footprint and offer versatile, long-lasting designs. These factors and their competitive prices make IKEA a top choice among furniture retailers.


The Dunelm store, similar to IKEA, is often a one-stop shop for all things homeware. It began as a market stall in 1979 and has expanded to over 150 stores nationwide, making it the largest homeware retailer in the UK.

Dunelm’s unique selling point is its made-to-measure curtains service, allowing customers to customize their window dressings to fit their specific needs.


They also offer a wide range of furniture, bedding, and kitchenware at affordable prices.

In addition to their physical stores, Dunelm offers an easy-to-navigate website with free delivery options for orders over £49.

Their click-and-collect service allows customers to order online and pick up in-store, providing convenience for busy shoppers.

Dunelm is committed to sustainability and has implemented several environmentally friendly practices, such as using recycled materials in its packaging, energy-efficient lighting in its stores, and participating in carbon offsetting initiatives.

They also have a partnership with a homeless charity offering employment opportunities and training to individuals facing homelessness.

Along with that, special efforts are made for the mental well-being of their employees with mindfulness workshops, flexible working, and employee assistance programs.

Similarities and Differences:

Dunelm offers a wide range of homeware options at affordable prices while also prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility.

Whether you’re planning to redecorate your entire home or just searching for those finishing touches, Dunelm is a great option.

With their convenient locations, affordable prices, and commitment to sustainability, it’s no wonder that Dunelm has become a go-to destination for all things homeware.

When it comes down to it, there’s no clear winner between IKEA and Dunelm. The final decision eventually relies on personal preference and what the shopper values in homeware shopping.

Whichever store you choose, both offer affordable options with great service. The decision is up to you.

Both stores have an extraordinary variety of pieces. They have different colors, sizes, and shapes of furniture. And they are affordable. IKEA and Dunelm have both expanded globally, with IKEA leading the way.

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But in terms of sustainability, both have equally made great strides to reduce their carbon footprint and offer recycled materials.

You can find many products at both stores for under $100. However, IKEA is still much cheaper. They design their products specifically for the price, so it’s hard to beat.

But, there are some drawbacks to shopping at IKEA. Assembling their furniture can be challenging, and finding replacement parts or returning defective products can also be difficult due to their limited in-store staff.

Dunelm does not have these issues as their products do not require assembly, and they have a more extensive in-store team to assist with any problems.

Overall, both IKEA and Dunelm offer a wide range of affordable homeware options.

However, for those looking for easily assembled products and convenience in customer service, Dunelm may be the better choice.

What makes IKEA stand out is their cafe, but not Dunelm. Dunelm sticks with the competition by having a restaurant of its own. They have sandwiches, teas, coffee, and milkshakes.

But of course, they don’t have the signature IKEA Swedish meatballs.

IKEA makes its products cheap because they have so few employees. They put up signs that describe the products, so they need fewer employees to answer questions.

This is nice for those who don’t like speaking to employees and have a few questions. For more specific questions, though, it’s nice to have an employee around.

People who review Dunelm commend them on their customer service. The staff is said to be really helpful and kind. They have great products, but their amazing team makes them special.

The employees will help shoppers get every item they need.

Dunelm also has great deals and discounts. They have frequent sales, especially during holidays like Black Friday or Labor Day. These sale days add on top of their already affordable prices.

In the end, both IKEA and Dunelm offer great options for homeware shopping.

The decision regarding where to shop ultimately comes down to what you value more: convenient assembly, tasty cafe options, or excellent customer service. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

IKEA is helpful in its own way. They connect to customers by making affordable quality products.


They create an experience in the store by making a comfortable path. They put their cafe in the center of the store so shoppers can take a break halfway through.

Both stores have easy-to-navigate websites. They keep up with their technology and social media. Ordering stuff online through both sites is simple, and the products can be delivered to the homeowner’s door.

Looking at reviews is one way to choose between IKEA and Dunelm. Ordinarily, IKEA has better reviews than other furniture stores. 

When it comes to Dunelm, things are different. Unlike many other stores, they have better reviews than IKEA. Many prefer Dunelm because their service is so efficient. They have a great return policy, and their products are durable.

Dunelm is great for those who need furniture in the United Kingdom. However, it’s not ideal for that outside of Europe. It’s a great store, but one that needs to expand worldwide.

IKEA is everywhere and super accessible. There are stores all over the world with more opening every day. Both stores are great and definitely worthy of checking out.

Overall, IKEA and Dunelm have their own unique strengths. It depends on the shopper’s preference for price, customer service, and atmosphere.

Both stores offer great options for furniture and homeware at affordable prices.

It’s best to check out both to see which store is the best fit for a specific shopping trip. After all, a little extra shopping never hurts anyone. 

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