Kitchens Comparison: IKEA vs. DIY Kitchens

Kitchens Comparison: IKEA vs. DIY Kitchens
Kitchens Comparison: IKEA vs. DIY Kitchens

IKEA vs. DIY Kitchens

In the age of independence and stubbornness, more and more people are learning to get things done by themselves. There seems to a youtube tutorial for everything nowadays, and people are learning new skills every day. It’s even gotten to the point that companies profit off of this. Places like IKEA and DIY Kitchen make money on people opting out of their furniture being installed. They get a cheaper price, so they are more likely to spend a higher price on bigger units. That being said, kitchens are not always easy to install by oneself.

It’s important to look into all options when getting a kitchen. Who will install it? What layout is best for the kitchen? What is the budget? IKEA and DIY Kitchens are both known for having quality kitchens at a reasonable price.

IKEA is cheaper than DIY Kitchens. In fact, IKEA is cheaper than the average furniture store, and as such gets lots of customers. However, when it comes to kitchens, IKEA is not favorable. They do not have as wide of a selection, and installing the product can cause problems. IKEA kitchens are not good for abnormally sized kitchen spaces. It’s hard to put the kitchen in if there are wires or needs for gaps.

DIY Kitchens is the leading online kitchen supplier in the United Kingdom. They are a company that specializes in kitchens, so they have many options. Their cabinets come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Their kitchens’ cabinets are the standard depth, while IKEA’s are a bit deeper.

For those who want more cabinet space, IKEA is the better choice. However, DIY Kitchens fit better in kitchen spaces and are easier to move. Both stores offer installation, or not. The buyer can install it by oneself if they choose to, or they can hire a private installer.

If the store installs the kitchen, it takes about two weeks. This is for both stores, so it doesn’t help in deciding which store to choose. Two weeks is a fairly short time and could benefit the homeowner.

Of course, none of this is beneficial if there isn’t a store located near you. There are DIY Kitchens in the UK, but they’re not anywhere else. IKEA has stores in 26 different locations. For those in the UK, DIY Kitchens may be easier. In other countries, IKEA would be the best choice.

DIY Kitchens are great for those who need a customizable size. They leave room for pipes, and generally, have little problems installing them. However, IKEA is better for those on a budget. Their kitchens are not as durable as DIY Kitchens, but they’re still of great quality. IKEA kitchens are best for those on a budget who still want something sturdy. However, IKEA has many other products, so if it’s a matter of redoing the whole house, it may be best to get it all from IKEA.

Overall, both stores have plenty of pros and cons. They both have plenty of great reviews and would do a great job installing a kitchen.

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  1. Just bought a DIY Kitchens kitchen over IKEA. I found the design process much better and the support is very good as well. Fingers crossed it fits!!

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