Kitchens Comparison: IKEA vs. B&Q Kitchens

Kitchens Comparison: IKEA vs. B&Q Kitchens
Kitchens Comparison: IKEA vs. B&Q Kitchens

IKEA vs. B&Q Kitchens

There’s no greater struggle than redoing a kitchen. There are so many choices to be made: steel cupboards or wood, kitchen island or attached counter, and how big should it be? Among these comes the most important question: where should the kitchen be bought? Two great options for purchasing a new kitchen are IKEA and B&Q Kitchen. They both are affordable, of good quality, and convenient.

The most important comparison when choosing a kitchen is cost. A predetermined price will help homeowners narrow down their store selections. IKEA and B&Q Kitchen have some of the most affordable kitchens that are still sturdy.

Another thing to factor in when choosing a kitchen is other materials. IKEA is a great place to buy a kitchen because you can plenty of other furniture throughout the store. An IKEA kitchen can lead to a matching dining set. They have a huge selection of products to help in the decision process.

B&Q Kitchen has its own advantage. There store specializes in kitchens. Because of this, they have a better understanding of how to assemble a kitchen. They have more leniency in creating and suggesting a kitchen. They don’t have to worry about keeping up with any other furniture because kitchens are all that they do.

IKEA kitchens are of great quality and very sturdy. People who have them say they love them but did not love assembling them. IKEA kitchens are built to be set up against the wall. This is great for simple kitchen layouts, but not for the more obscure. IKEA leaves no room for pipes and wires that may need to be attached to the kitchenware. It is also said that their cabinets are a bit shallow. However, some builders have a professional background in fitting IKEA furniture, so this is a problem that can be worked around.

B&Q Kitchen tries to consult with the consumer every step of the way. To get an idea of what shoppers want, they offer a free planning appointment. They have kitchen products ranging from doors to tiles. They have many options for kitchens, and IKEA does not.

It would seem that B&Q Kitchen is the better option, but it’s not. IKEA has a much higher rating than B&Q. Even though they specialize in kitchens, they don’t have very loyal customers. Those who compared the two said IKEA is way better. Other than the concern of installation, most people said IKEA is very durable. They prefer it over B&Q Kitchen because it is reliable.

Both of these furniture stores have great products. They help you create the perfect kitchen at a low cost. But when choosing between the two, IKEA is the better option. Their prices and furniture quality cannot be beaten.

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