6 Best IKEA Kitchen Island Review 2022

Best IKEA Kitchen Island

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Best IKEA Kitchen Island

If you have decided that it is time to take your kitchen to the next level, you are in the right place. Ikea is world-beaters when it comes to affordably furnish your home. Their expertise ranges from just about everything under a roof – from fridges to rugs, sofas to tables, and so on.

This article talks about the new kitchen island collection from Ikea. For the beginners, kitchen islands are cabinets that are meant to add aesthetic to your kitchen. A kitchen island stands freely (much like an island) and can also have stools drawers with it. Let us now get into the IKEA kitchen island compilation below.

6 Best IKEA Kitchen Island Review

1) VADHOLMA Kitchen Island 49 5/8x31

VADHOLMA Kitchen Island 49 5 8x31

The VADHOLMA is a kitchen island from IKEA of the black/oak color scheme. This simplistic beauty can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and can be used to enhance your time either cooking or enjoying with the family. Its thick oak veneer countertop can be used for storage as it is so durable. The VADHOLMA can also be enjoyed as a tea/coffee spot for the family in the evenings.

The VADHOLMA is very easy to install and maintain. The countertop is pre-serviced and hard wax oil has been used on it. This adds durability, along with the 25-year warranty that Ikea offer. Ikea also recommends retightening the screws every few months to maintain stability.

2) VADHOLMA Kitchen Island with Rack 49 5/8x31

VADHOLMA Kitchen Island with Rack 49 5 8x31

The VADHOLMA is a kitchen island that adds functionality and aesthetics to the kitchen. However, imagine a VADHOLMA with even more convenience. Ikea has added a rack to the VADHOLMA, that can be used for more purposes than one. The VADHOLMA keeps its black/oak color scheme.

The rack comes with hooks for hanging whatever you need, and the VADHOLMA looks more complete with this brilliant addition. However, the VADHOLMA can still be bought without the rack. Ikea has treated the countertop wood with layers that make it very durable. Humidity is not going to be a problem, which means that the wood will remain sturdy and in-shape for long periods. It also comes with a 25-year IKEA warranty.

3) VADHOLMA Kitchen Island 31 1/8x24

VADHOLMA Kitchen Island 31 1 8x24

For all the goodness the VADHOLMA brings, it also comes in different sizes. This edition of the VADHOLMA also comes with a pull-out drawer that can be used for storing multiple things. It also closes without making much noise, which is another added feature. The added utility is taken to the next level as the drawer can fit anything ranging from cutlery to a laptop.

The VADHOLMA is a one-stop-shop for anyone facing troubles with storage. Imagine adding something to your kitchen that not only helps with utility and storage space but also compliments the overall look. Stools can be added to the VADHOLMA and it can be made into a meeting place for the family to sit and talk about things. The VADHOLMA comes with IKEA’s 25-year warranty.

4) TORNVIKEN Kitchen Island 49 5/8x30 3/8"

TORNVIKEN Kitchen Island 49 5 8x30 3 8

The TORNVIKEN is another lovely kitchen island that can be used for extra space. With a gray/oak color scheme, this rustic beauty comes with a countertop made from thick oak veneer, which is extremely durable in the long run. It can also be treated with sand if required. The smooth wood darkens over time and acquires an even beautiful golden-brown look. The TORNVIKEN is also very easy to install and maintain.

It comes with shelves that can be used to store items on. Moreover, stools can be placed with it to make sure everyone is present. The whole family can cook together as nobody misses out with the TORNVIKEN. The full-plank aesthetic compliments the kitchen and the TORNVIKEN also comes with a 25-year IKEA warranty.

5) TORNVIKEN Kitchen Island, Off-White 28 3/8x20 1/2"

TORNVIKEN Kitchen Island, Off-White 28 3 8x20 1 2

This off-white/oak edition of the TORNVIKEN is a little smaller. However, it does add to the functionality of the kitchen. The backside of the TORNVIKEN is adapted to use with a cord, making the TORNVIKEN a place where you can rest your microwave oven. Other appliances can be placed there too; it all depends on your imaginative mind!

The TORNVIKEN’s thick oak veneer countertop is optimized for storage space. It is very durable and reliable. The drawer can be pulled out till the end, making it easy to store things in an organized manner and access them when needed. The wood is of premium quality as well; it will not bend or lose its shape. This TORNVIKEN comes with a 25-year IKEA warranty too.

6) TORNVIKEN Kitchen Island, Gray 28 3/8x20 1/2"

TORNVIKEN Kitchen Island, Gray 28 3 8x20 1 2

This edition of the TORNVIKEN has been treated to a gray/oak color scheme. Adding to the convenience and utility of the kitchen, the TORNVIKEN is versatile and has enough space to store a microwave oven on. The backside can be useful as it has space for the cord. The shelves can store utensils and any other similarly sized objects that you want.

The thick oak veneer countertop of the TORNVIKEN is extremely smooth and reliable. It has been designed to optimize kitchen space and usability. The TORNVIKEN also features a drawer that can be used to store materials. It also pulls out, allowing for ease of access. This premium kitchen island brings nothing but convenience and comes with a 25-year IKEA warranty.

Choosing The Best IKEA Kitchen Islands

If you are low on space in the kitchen, look no further. Ikea has the best solutions for everything household related. These kitchen islands are made with a lot of thought and consideration. They have drawers and shelves along with a countertop that can be used to place many items. They can also be modified with stools and racks, only to add to the functionality.

Moreover, an IKEA Kitchen Island adds to the aesthetic of the kitchen as well – their unique color combinations and looks either blend in with the kitchen or compliment it. If you have stumbled upon this list, you have nothing to wait for. Get your hands on one of these beautiful kitchen islands now. Happy shopping!

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