8 Solutions For IKEA UTRUSTA Cabinet Lights Not Turn Off

IKEA UTRUSTA Cabinet Lights Not Turn Off
IKEA UTRUSTA Cabinet Lights Not Turn Off

IKEA UTRUSTA cabinet lights are great for accent lighting in your kitchen. They are easy to install and can highlight your countertops or backsplashes.

These cabinet lights come in a variety of sizes and styles so that you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

However, users sometimes need help with a few issues, including the cabinet lights not turning off. If you’re suffering from something similar, you’ve found the right article. 

Solutions For IKEA UTRUSTA Cabinet Lights Not Turn Off

How common is this issue?

The issue of IKEA UTRUSTA Cabinet Lights not turning off is common. Many users have reported this problem since the product was first released in 2008.

In fact, according to recent estimates, up to 10 percent of customers who own these lights experience this issue. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can help you get your lights to turn off.

What are the potential causes?

There are a few potential causes of this issue. The main cause is an incompatibility between the UTRUSTA Cabinet Lights and your home’s electrical system.


This problem can occur if the lights are installed in an area that needs more power to keep them running continuously.

Another potential cause is a faulty power cord or transformer that needs to be replaced.

Some users have experienced this issue due to a loose connection between the lights and the electrical system.

Here are a few other common reasons why the lights won’t turn off : 

  1. Check if the batteries are inserted correctly and have power
  2. The switch is turned off
  3. Something is blocking the light from turning off, such as a piece of tape or cellophane
  4. There may be a problem with the electrical wiring
  5. The light bulb may be burned out

What are the possible solutions?

The most common solution for this problem is to make sure your home has enough power for the lights.

If the power is insufficient, you can add additional outlets to ensure that your UTRUSTA Cabinet Lights have enough electricity to function properly.



Another solution would be to check the power cord and transformer for any signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary.

You should also ensure that all connections between the lights and the electrical system are tight and secure. Let’s have a detailed overview of the troubleshooting guide. 

  1. Press Reset Button on the Remote

Begin troubleshooting with the simplest solution. Reset the remote control by pressing the small reset button on its rear side using a paperclip or toothpick.

This will reset both the remote and the cabinet light and allow them to communicate properly.

Many users need to be aware of the presence of this reset button on the remote, and it can be a lifesaver in case the cabinet lights don’t turn off.

  1. Check Batteries

 The IKEA UTRUSTA cabinet lights must turn on because the batteries are depleted. To fix this, replace the batteries. Make sure to use the recommended type of batteries as indicated in the user manual.

The batteries tend to last several months and even up to a year. It is also important to ensure the batteries’ polarity is correct, which can be easily checked by referring to the user manual.

check batteries

  1. Make Sure the Switch is On

The switch must be turned on so the cabinet lights work accordingly. To switch on the switches, there should be a click sound to indicate that it is turned on.

If the switch is turned on, turn it off and back on again to see if that works. At times the switchboard gets damaged, which needs to be changed.

  1. Check for Blockages

A piece of tape or cellophane may block the light from turning off. You’ll have to remove the foreign body interfering inside the circuit to get the lights turned off.

  1. Remove Obstructions

Another reason the IKEA UTRUSTA cabinet lights may need to be turned off is that something is blocking the Sensor.

To fix this, remove any obstructions that may be blocking the Sensor.

  1. Check the Sensor

The cabinet lights will not turn off if the Sensor is dirty or damaged. To fix this, clean or replace the Sensor. To identify a faulty sensor, the light will flicker on and off.

  1. Check Electrical Wiring

wire problem

The electrical wiring may sometimes be loose, which needs to be checked and tightened. Use a circuit tester to check for any loose connections.

If the wiring is damaged, then it will need to be replaced.

  1. Replace the Bulb

If the light bulb is burned out, then the IKEA UTRUSTA cabinet lights will not be able to turn on. To fix this, replace the light bulb with a new one.

To find the right option to replace the burned-out bulb check the IKEA UTRUSTA website.

Equipment Required

  1. Screwdrivers
  2. New IKEA UTRUSTA lights (optional)


  1. 1. Unscrew the existing IKEA UTRUSTA cabinet light to access the wiring and the power switch. Carefully take out all components without damaging them or the housing of the cabinet light.
  2. Inspect the wiring and power switch for any signs of damage or malfunction. If any parts appear to be broken, they are recommended to be replaced with new ones. For example, if the power switch appears to be stuck in one position, then replacing it might help resolve the issue.
  3. Reconnect the wiring and power switch, ensuring that all connections are securely in place.
  4. Screw the cabinet light back into place.
  5. Test to make sure the lights turn on and off properly.
  6. If there is still an issue with the lights not turning off, you may need to replace them entirely with new IKEA UTRUSTA lights.
  7. Once the new lights are installed, check to ensure they turn on and off properly.

Additional Tips:

  • Be sure to disconnect the power before working with electrical components.
  • Always wear protective gear such as gloves and safety goggles when working with electrical equipment.
  • If you need help with proceeding, it is best to consult a qualified electrician.
  • Make sure all parts and wiring are securely placed before plugging the power back in.
  • Regularly inspect your cabinet lights for any signs of damage or malfunction and promptly replace damaged parts.
  • If you are not comfortable working with electricity, it is best to consult a qualified electrician for assistance.

What to be mindful of when getting a replacement?

When getting a replacement for an IKEA UTRUSTA cabinet light that does not turn off, it is important to ensure the replacement parts are compatible and exactly match the original.


This includes ensuring the electrical connections and voltage are the same so there is no risk of damaging the cabinet or other components in the area.

 Be sure to choose a replacement of equal or higher quality than the original so that it will last as long, if not longer.

How to prevent this issue?

The best way to prevent IKEA UTRUSTA cabinet lights from not turning off is to ensure that they are properly installed and wired.

Installing the lights according to the manufacturer’s instructions will ensure that there are no wiring issues or other potential problems that could cause the lights not to turn off.

It is important to check the connections in the wiring periodically to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and that all electrical components are connected properly.

If a connection is loose, then it can cause the lights not to turn off.

When to get in touch with an electrician?

Suppose the UTRUSTA cabinet lights are not turning off, even after replacing batteries and ensuring that the doors are completely closed.

service support

In that case, something else may be wrong. If you have already tried replacing the batteries and ensuring the door is fully shut, it’s time to get in touch with an electrician.

An electrician can check to see if there is a wiring issue or another problem with the lights.We recommend getting in touch with a certified electrician to work with electrical wiring.

They can inspect the cabinet lights and troubleshoot any issues preventing them from turning off.


There can be many reasons why the IKEA UTRUSTA cabinet lights must be turned on. The most common reason is that the batteries are depleted and must be replaced.

Another reason can be that the switch is turned off if something is blocking the light from turning off, such as a piece of tape or cellophane.

There could be a slight problem with the electrical wiring, or the light bulb could be burned out.

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