The IKEA SONGESAND bed frame comes in colors such as white and brown. It is ideal for all types of homes because of the simple and versatile design features the bed frame exhibits. The IKEA SONGESAND bed frame has been made in measurements to accommodate the double mattresses, Queen Size, and King size mattresses. The existence of options makes it easier for buyers to choose the right bed for different spaces.


The IKEA SONGESAND bed frame has a classic look that can fit into the modern design of your bedroom or hostel. The design has been carefully structured to have features that can remain attractive for many years without looking outdated. Asides from the soft and gentle appearance of the white model for this product, buyers will also be happy with the sturdy design of the SONGESAND bed frame.

It has been made from fiber board, particle board, and ABS plastic. These materials have been engineered to make up the bed frame, which includes the joints, headboard, the legs, and the frame. The choice of ABS plastic is because of its versatile features and strength which accommodates the mattresses and weight of the users. ABS plastic can be found in parts of the bed frame such as the legs, top rail, and the sides of the frame.

The particle board was essentially used in making the filling at the bed end. Particle board is known to be lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain, which means the maintenance of this bed frame is going to be easy and sustainable.

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In addition to the bed frame, a mid-beam has been added to provide additional support while the product is in use. Considering that different types of mattresses can be used with this product, the mid beam has been fortified to support the weight of all users regardless of the type of mattress that will be placed on the bed frame. The fortified mid beam is made from galvanized steel. The choice of a center support beam is necessary to give all users a better experience with the product.

The option of using different types of mattresses with this bed frame will encourage more buyers who have special preferences regarding mattresses. With the IKEA SONGESAND bed frame, mattresses of different thicknesses can be used for as long as the owner is comfortable because the sides can be adjusted to accommodate the mattress the owner has purchased for use with this bed frame. Depending on factors such as budget or medical needs, users of this product may need to use mattresses of different thicknesses; the design used for this bed frame makes it possible to achieve this goal without the bedframe looking absurd after placing the mattress on it.

For all users who need to manage their space, the SONGESAND bed frame design features provide enough room below the bed frame. This space can be used in many ways to the advantage of the user. It is possible to use the space beneath as a temporary or permanent storage space for furniture and other storage in the room. In bedrooms where the owners need to avoid clutter, the storage space beneath this bed frame will be sufficient to keep all types of things.

The bed frame stands at the height of 41 cm, taking the measurement from the footboard. This gives all users the opportunity to have more options when choosing their mattresses. Give or take, when the mattress has been placed on the bed frame, the total height added should not be more than 52 cm. At this height, it is easy for both the young and older adults to use the bed easily. Considerations such as rising from the bed, especially in the case of older adults, will not be a problem because of the height from the ground.

The headboard measures 95 cm, other parts of the bed frame such as the height under the furniture measure 20 cm, while the length is 208cm, and the SONGESAND bed frame has a width of 165 cm. These measurements have been applied in line with creating a bed frame that can be used by everyone without experiencing limitations such as the available space in the room and size of mattresses the owner wishes to place on the bed.

Assembly of this bed frame is easy. After purchase, the owner is provided with the instructions for assembly which have been included in the packaging. This information can also be accessed online from the IKEA website or other helpful links online. Buyers who will not be open to attempting the assembly can also use the local task services. The simple design of this bed frame is an assurance that assembly can be completed in a few minutes.

The product package includes only the SONGESAND bed frame. However, getting matching linen, beddings and the right mattress for use with this product should not be difficult.

The recommended care and maintenance tips for this bed frame are simple. These maintenance processes are also quite sustainable, so it will not be difficult for the user to perform cleaning as often as necessary. Cleaning the bedframe when needed will also increase the number of years it can be used.

Some simple tips for cleaning this bedframe are; the use of a damp cloth to wipe parts of the bed frame such as the headboard, footboard and the bedsides. When needed, dry cloth can also be used to quickly wipe stains off the bedframe as soon as they are noticed. Routinely, a mild cleaning product can be used to wipe the parts of the bed frame made from ABS plastic to give it a shine.

Overall, the bed frame has a good design and can match the needs of a wide audience. The profile edges on this IKEA SONGESAND bed frame also make them suitable for use in homes where little children or older adults live. The profiled edges reduce the chance of injury and also add to the attractive appearance of the bed frame. The easy installation, and versatile features count as a plus for this product, however, some people may not be comfortable with the availability of only two colors (white and brown) for this bed frame.


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The easy installation, and versatile features count as a plus for this product, however, some people may not be comfortable with the availability of only two colors (white and brown) for this bed frame.

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