IKEA NORDLI Bed Frame Review


IKEA NORDLI Bedframe Review

IKEA NORDLI Bedframe Review

The IKEA NORDLI bed frame is designed to accommodate the standard queen size mattress. It is spacious and can be comfortably used by two adults. The bed frame has diverse features that have been added to meet the user’s need for comfort and utility.

The comfort derived from the queen size mattress used for this bed frame is one of the features it has that can increase the bed frame’s value in the market. Buyers will be happy to know that a couple can sleep comfortably on this bed frame without desiring more space. In addition to its other features, comfort while sleeping is one of the most significant factors buyers consider when shopping for bed frames.

IKEA NORDLI Bed Frame Review


Considering the measurements of this bed frame, the mattress size that will be a perfect fit is as follows; a mattress with measurements between 59’’ - 63’’ width, and 79 ½ ‘’ in length.

The IKEA NORDLI bed frame comes in the anthracite colour (which is a deep beautiful shade of grey); it is a colour that easily blends into the colour theme of a room. Without the hindrance of colour options when choosing bed frames, this product will be a good option for people who need to avoid buying a bed frame that is in contrast with their already selected bed room colour themes. The anthracite shade used in the design of this bed frame is also easily matched with different types and colours of beddings. The multiple options of beddings that can be used in this regard make the IKEA NORDLI bed frame an easy choice for buyers.

The IKEA NORDLI bed frame also features six large sized drawers. These drawers have been positioned beneath the bed frame in a simple and neat design that blends with the general appearance of the bed frame. The designers of this bed frame have included the six large sized drawers to serve as extra storage spaces in the bedroom. This bed frame design allows the owner to manage the available space in a bedroom without difficulty. The six drawers have been carefully constructed with solid fibre boards which are known for their aesthetic value and durability. The finishing inside and on the front of each drawer has been done with printed acrylic paint that blends with the other parts of the bed frame.

Over time, users of this bed frame can continue to have functional drawers that open and close without making squeaky noises. The functionality that enables smooth, noiseless operation is achieved with the addition of a set of dampers in the drawer’s functional mechanism. The dampers make it possible for the drawers to be opened and closed softly without causing noise or disturbance to the people still sleeping on the bed. This function will be quite useful when the IKEA NORDLI bed frame is set up in children’s bedrooms.

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Beneath the IKEA NORDLI bed frame is the slatted base. For many reasons, many beds need well-formed slatted bases because of their versatile use. In the case of this product, the slatted base is made from solid pine. The choice of solid pine is to promote the functions of the slatted base such as an absorbing the weight of the people who will sleep on the mattress. Slats are good with different types of foams; this gives the owner of this bed frame a wide range of options when they need to buy the right mattress for their IKEA NORDLI bed frame.

The slatted base, which can also be adjusted to fit the type of mattress used, is also essential for the purpose of weight distribution when the owners sleep on the bed. The importance of weight distribution helps to prevent excessive pressure on one part of the bed frame. Slats are therefore necessary to prevent quick wear and tear of the bed.

The use of a slatted base for the IKEA NORDLI bedframe eliminates the need for a mid-beam beneath the bed frame. The slats support the entire bed frame and the large sized drawers.

The bed frame has many functional parts that have been combined to form the entire structure. For example, there are parts of the bed frame made from particle board, ABS plastic, and other parts have been designed with materials such as fibre board. The finishing used for the bed frame is done with Acrylic paint to give it a smooth and neat look.

The rails of this bed frame are made from solid birch. The inclusion of solid birch in this design is also important to support the entire structure of the bed frame. The rails are tough and durable. The users of this bed frame can rely on these solid rails to last for many years and provide the value that is needed from a strong and durable bed frame.

As an added protection, this bed frame can be fitted with FIXA stick on products. These are durable materials strategically placed beneath the lower surface of the bed frame to prevent wear and tear during use. The stick on protectors can last for many years, thus reducing the need to change them frequently after application on the lower sides of the bed frame.

The IKEA NORDLI bed frame is easy to set up. The product manual acts as a guide when setting up the bed frame. It can be downloaded online following the guidelines on the Ikea website. However, owners can request expert assistance to quickly set up the bed frame in few minutes.

The instructions for care and maintenance are simple and can be done routinely or when needed. Spills, stains or other kinds of dirt can be simply removed with the use of a wet cloth. Dry cloths can also be used when necessary to remove stains quickly. Also, owners of this bed frame should choose a mild cleaning liquid when the need to clean the bed frame with such products arises.

The IKEA NORDLI bed frame is a good option for people who need a comfortable bed and the advantage of adequate storage space. It has a flexible design and can be used by adults and teenagers.

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The IKEA NORDLI bed frame is a good option for people who need a comfortable bed and the advantage of adequate storage space. It has a flexible design and can be used by adults and teenagers.

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  1. Excellent bed frame when its new, Only lasted a year before the slats started breaking. No replacement slats are available. No help from Ikea. Will never buy again from them. Flushed 500 down the toilet. Found a video online showing how to bulk up the support so it doesn’t break. Looks like (4) 2×4’s and an afternoon. A little to late. I suggest not buying it.

  2. beautiful frame but slats broke in less than 4 years. since it is custom size couldn’t find a slat that can replace. no option to purchase the slat alone. the frame cant be used without the slat, so now we are looking to make a slat ourselves. perhaps, we should learn making a frame too, that way we wont spend $700+ that just evaporates in 4 years.

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