8 Known Solutions For IKEA Dishwasher Won’t Drain

 IKEA Dishwasher Won't Drain
IKEA Dishwasher Won’t Drain

The IKEA dishwasher drain pump is responsible for removing any water accumulated in the dishwasher tub. If your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem yourself.

Common reasons why this issue occurs include:

  • The dishwasher isn’t at the level. If your dishwasher isn’t at level, the water won’t be able to drain properly and get collected at the bottom of your dishwasher.
  •  Something is blocking the dishwasher drain hose.
  • The dishwasher drain pump is damaged or defective.

Here’s how you can fix these issues in a few easy steps.

How to Fix IKEA Dishwasher Won’t Drain?

  1. Check the Drain Pump

The first thing to do if your IKEA dishwasher won’t drain water is to check the drain pump.

The drain pump works to drain water from the dishwasher. If the drain pump is not working properly to move out the used water, the dishwasher will not be able to drain water.

dishwasher drain

You can check the status of the drain pump by opening up the dishwasher and looking for a small hole near the bottom of the dishwasher. The drain pump is working if you see water coming out of this hole.

If you do not see any water coming out of the hole, the drain pump is not working, and you will need to replace it.

For replacing your drain pump, look for your appliance’s model number so you have the correct size drain pump to replace it with.

You can find the model number on the sticker on your dishwasher or at the bottom. The model number on your dishwasher is a combination of special characters such as ( /) or (-) and letters. 

To get to the drain pump, which is at the base of the dishwasher, turn the dishwasher on its back; you may need a little help here as the dishwasher is heavy.

  1. Replace a Damaged Impeller

Another reason your IKEA dishwasher might not be draining water because the impeller is damaged. The impeller helps to move water through the dishwasher. 

If the impeller is damaged, the dishwasher will be unable to drain water and make loud noises. These loud noises are an indicator of your dishwasher’s impeller being damaged.

It is an easy do-it-yourself repairing task, changing the impeller. You can check the condition of the impeller by removing the drain pump and looking at the impeller. If the impeller is damaged, then you will need to replace it.

To replace the damaged impeller, remove the dish racks from the dishwasher and loosen the bolts in your dishwasher’s lower spray arm. 

You can now reach the impeller, remove the old damaged impeller and replace it with a new one. Once you remove the old one, you’ll find some water residing there.

Before placing the new one, dry the water with a dry sponge or towel.

  1. Clear a Clogged Drain Line

If the drain line is clogged, the dishwasher cannot drain water. You can check the condition of the drain line by removing the drain pump and looking at the drain line.

Calling a professional such as a plumber can be pricey. Clearing your clogged drain is easy, and you may want to consider doing it yourself. 

You can use some of the ways mentioned below to clear your clogged drain line.

  • The most commonly used method is to pour hot boiling water into your clogged drain. This is used when your drain is mildly clogged. Pouring boiling water will help break the dirt and gunk until it passes through the drain.
  • If you see any debris or obstruction in the drain line, you will need to clear it. Consider using a plunger to remove a clogged drain line. If none of the methods mentioned above are working, try snaking the drain. Snakes are thin narrow flexible lines. Push the snake in the drain a few inches deep and pull it out. Do it a couple of times till the time you are able to pass your snake through the entire drain.

Be very careful when applying all these methods to your IKEA dishwasher’s drain so you don’t damage any of its machinery and sensitive parts.  

  1. Clean the Filter

If the dishwasher is not draining water, it might be because the filter is dirty. The filter helps to remove food and debris from the dishwasher. In case of a dirty filter, it will not be able to do its job properly.


Clean the filter by removing it and scrubbing it with a brush. Be cautious; clean it with a soft bristle brush.

Do not use excessive force or any harsh chemicals when cleaning the filter, as it may damage the filter’s net. 

Consider dipping your filter in warm water with dish soap for a couple of minutes before scrubbing any dirt or grease off your filter

You can easily access the filter of your dishwasher. It is located at the bottom of your lower dish rack. Remove them to reach the bottom of your appliance. The filter is placed in the corner at the bottom of the tub.

It is advised to run the hottest and one of the longest cycle options available in your dishwasher without any dishes or soap in it.

This will help clean any old food particles remaining in the dishwasher and will also make it smell fresh.

Running your dishwasher empty should be done once every three to six months to ensure a clean and long-lasting filter.

  1. Check the Drain Hose

Another thing to check if your IKEA dishwasher won’t drain water is the drain hose. The drain hose helps to carry water from the dishwasher to the drain.


If the drain hose is clogged, then the dishwasher won’t drain. To check the drain hose:

  1. Remove it from the dishwasher and ensure that there are no blockages.
  2. In case of a blockage, clear it and then reattach the hose. If the hose is not blocked, there may be a problem with the connection between the hose and the dishwasher.
  3. Check this connection and make sure it is secure.
  1. Check the Air Gap

If your IKEA dishwasher has an air gap, you will also need to check this. The air gap is a small device that helps to prevent water from backing up into the dishwasher.

If you find that their gap is clogged, the dishwasher won’t drain properly. To check the air gap, remove it from the dishwasher and check for any blockages. If you find a blockage, clear it and reattach the air gap.


  1. Detox – Vinegar and Baking Soda

If your dishwasher still won’t drain, it is time to detox it. Grease and grime can build up over time in your dishwasher and cause it not to drain properly.

To detox your dishwasher, add 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda to the bottom of the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher on the longest cycle and let it do its job.

This is an easy yet effective method to clean your dishwasher’s drain and get it back to working properly. 

  1. Replace the Dishwasher

If your dishwasher is still not draining water after trying all the possible solutions, it might be time to replace it. Dishwashers have a lifespan of about ten years.

If your dishwasher is more than ten years old, it might be time to replace it.

Every dishwasher comes with a warranty if your dishwasher is not ten years old and is still not working properly despite cleaning well.


Contact IKEA customer service to get a free repair service on the warranty card or a replacement option. 


Before you get your hands on the drain pump of your dishwasher, make sure to check for the appliance’s connection. Safety comes first; turn your appliance off before reaching the pump.

Make sure to turn off the water supply of your IKEA dishwasher as well. This will prevent your dishwasher from getting any further damage in the process of repairing its drain. 

Final Thoughts: 

Dishwashers are the most commonly used appliances in large households.

They are convenient, easy to use, and save you a lot of time on dishes, but if your dishwasher stops working, it can be difficult repairing it and is a time-consuming activity because of its large size and immobility. 

Majorly, when consumers face the issue of the drain not working, it is suggested to first check for its filter.

It is most likely; the filter is dirty and clogged. Cleaning it may solve your issue, but if it doesn’t, look for other solutions discussed above. After using all the hacks, if your IKEA dishwashers drain is still not draining the water.

You can buy a new dishwasher from IKEA or another retailer, you can call Ikea customer support service, or you can lodge a complaint at their online customer care portal.

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