IKEA UTÅKER Bed Frame Review


IKEA UTÅKER Bed Frame Review

IKEA UTÅKER Bed Frame Review

IKEA is the pioneer of modern furnishing as it is creating some super cool beds that do not only look great but also have great utility. These beds from IKEA are something that everyone would love to have in their modern homes as they are creating a minimalistic bed that ensures comfort for everyone and are durable as well. One such bed that you can get your hands on is:

IKEA UTÅKER Bed Frame Review


This IKEA UTÅKER bed frame is a multipurpose piece of furniture that you can have for your home. These are two beds that can be stacked on top of the other to become a single bed, a sofa if you want to sit on it, or you can get a separate bed for sleepovers or if you want to have a comfortable sleep on a twin bed. The best part is that these beds allow you to enjoy the space during your day, and at night you can create a full-size bed.

 You can stack these beds and sleep on them whenever you feel like it. A bed that is a full-size bed but only takes the space of a single bed. What else could you ask for? This is a perfect choice for students or all those who don't have much space in their rooms living in studios. 


IKEA UTÅKER bed frame is packing some serious desirable features that everyone would love to have at their home. Some of the most notable features of this bed frame are but not limited to:


IKEA is known to bring the most comfortable and durable furniture for you at the most affordable prices. The materials used for this IKEA UTÅKER bed frame are untreated pine with natural variations that would make your sleep super-comfortable every night. Solid pine also ensures the durability and your bed will look as good as new even after years of usage. It got layer glued slats with beech veneer and birch veneer that are renowned to give you a cozy feeling as they learn to adjust according to your body weight and add to the suppleness of your mattress.


The phenomenal design on this IKEA UTÅKER bed frame makes it the first choice for any bedroom that does not have a lot of space around. You can convert the bed to a sofa or a single bed during the day and enjoy all the space for yoga, or playing video games during the day. Designed by Henrik Preutz, this bed design is not only practical enough but also aesthetically great to match with any interior of your household. Especially if you got wooden flooring, the natural wood style on this bed will make it pop out for you.

Build Quality

A bed that is built to stack over the other bed is not something you see every day and being concerned about the build quality is a natural thing. However, this is precisely designed for the purpose and they know what they are doing. You can experience the best build quality in any stacker bed you might have ever seen on this one.


Untreated wood is polished good enough to resist any scratches or dust sticking up on it. So, it makes it perfect for anyone who likes to have a touch of wood with their furniture. From the upper bed to the bed below, each part is taken care of to the least bit and finishing is commendable on this product.


While you cannot expect much in the package with a price tag like this one that you can see on the product page. There is enough provided to help you get a comfortable sleep and not break your bank over necessities. You get the bed frame, slats, and all the links and screws required to attach to it. The packing on each bed is done to ensure a safe transit so you can have the luxurious feeling of receiving a brand-new product without any damage.

Pros of IKEA UTÅKER bed frame

This bed brings you some serious pros that are too good to leave out. Some of them are:


What is good than having a single bed, of course, a twin bed and even better you can have the comfort of the sofa as well. This provides you top-level comfort. No matter if you are using it as a single bed, a double bed or a sofa. You can expect the same level of comfort from this bed frame.


This bed frame is designed for convenience primarily. IKEA understands that there is not much space in modern apartments and they have designed this IKEA UTÅKER bed frame to deal with that. The bed frame is lightweight so you can lift it easily to place it over the other bed to have all the extra space you want. You can enjoy a comfortable sleep even if you have some guests sleeping over with this bed easily.


Affordability is great on this IKEA UTÅKER bed frame. You are getting a three in one product that will last you for years. This bed will save you on installation costs, as you can assemble it on your own easily. It will save you in the space so you can have a sofa or bed whenever you want it. It will save you on the maintenance costs as all you have to do is clean it off with a damp cloth and it will be as good as new. The bed will also save you on replacement costs as you won't need to worry about that for years.


IKEA UTÅKER bed frame is aesthetically designed to blend in with any sort of interior. The untreated pine used for this bed frame makes it a perfect choice for any modern home interior. It is going to look great sitting in your bedroom even as a sofa, or a full-sized bed.

CONs of IKEA UTÅKER bed frame

The only con you are going to face if you purchase this bed frame is:


You will need to find the mattress that fits both of these beds perfectly when joined together or stacked. This might increase the costs slightly for you as you will need to purchase both mattresses separately.   

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