IKEA Under Cabinet Lighting Review

IKEA Under Cabinet Lighting

IKEA Under Cabinet Lighting Review

IKEA Under Cabinet Lighting Review

IKEA provides you with one of the biggest ranges of home décor products and accessories. The company has gained vast popularity over the years thanks to its variety of products of home décor, product quality, and great customer support. There is no exception when it comes to IKEA under cabinet lighting. IKEA has multiple fairly good options that one might put into consideration when looking for new under cabinet lighting.

It could be difficult to decide what you want when IKEA offers you a variety of different products to choose from. One of the multiple options that it provides that you might consider is the IKEA VAXMYRA under cabinet lighting.

IKEA Under Cabinet Lighting Review

IKEA Under Cabinet Lighting
IKEA Under Cabinet Lighting
IKEA Under Cabinet Lighting

One of the best-selling and popular in-demand products that the company has to offer in under cabinet lighting is the VAXMYRA. As its popularity suggests, it likely is one of the under cabinet lighting that you might already be considering to purchase. You should take some time to learn a little bit more about the different pros and cons of this product before purchasing it.

We took our time and tested VAXMYRA to prepare an in-detail review for you. This review features everything you need to know about this product and whether or not you should be purchasing this product or not. Dive into the detailed analysis of IKEA under cabinet lighting and decide for yourself if it is good enough for you or not.

  • Aesthetic 

The IKEA under cabinet lighting has a simple yet elegant design which makes it stand out from the multiple other options IKEA has to offer. It lightens up and creates a cozy mood lighting. It is ideal for the inside of your cabinets, bookcases, and under a shelf.

  • Versatility

It includes double-sided tape and a cover plate which enables you to place this spotlight under a glass shelf. It can be mounted on a wooden shelf or can also be fixed to other shelf materials like glass and metal.

  • Power Consumption

The IKEA under cabinet lighting is a winner when it comes to power efficiency. The under cabinet lighting consumes about 85 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and lasts about 20 times longer. The approximate life of this under cabinet lighting is claimed to be 25,000 hours.

  • Cleaning

It is highly recommended by the manufacturers to wipe it clean with a damp cloth and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. It is not a high maintenance product.

  • Durability 

One of the best things about the products bought from IKEA is their durability. Years-long trust of customers has been built for this very reason. The IKEA under cabinet lighting is no different. It is a highly durable product which as explained above has an approximate life span of 25,000 hours. You buy this and you are good to go for quite a few years.

  • Value for money

A good price is one of the main factors in buying any product. A very good product can look like an average one if the price is too hefty. On the contrary, a fairly mediocre product can look like a very decent product if the price is good. So, the cost of the product and your budget matters a lot in deciding whether a certain product should be bought or not. IKEA under cabinet lighting offers 2 packs for $9.99 which is as good as it gets. So, we suggest that under cabinet lighting is a value for money product and you should buy it while you can before it completely sells out because anything this good for $9.99 cannot stay in the market for long.

  • User Review

Before we give our final verdict about the IKEA under cabinet lighting, let us share what the users have to say about this particular product. Most of the users rated it a full 5 stars with an average rating of 4 stars which brings us to the conclusion that the IKEA under cabinet lighting has a good user review.


IKEA under cabinet lighting is perfect to be used in cabinets, bookcases, and under shelves. It comes at a very decent price which you would not feel a burden on your wallet. It is power efficient and long-lasting. We’d advise you to consider other similar products too but at this price, IKEA under cabinet lighting is a pretty good buy.

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