IKEA TULLSTA Armchair Review


IKEA TULLSTA Armchair Review

IKEA TULLSTA Armchair Review

Every individual has their unique preferences for their armchair. The best type of arms chairs are very relaxing, durable, reliable, and built with the most comfortable material. Many people want to buy an armchair for the sake of décor. When we are discussing décor, many consumers select arms chairs that offer a variety of external options. Durability is also an issue that most customers make sure to pay particular regard too. An essential part of your buying decision is to make sure that your armchair is very robust. While many good chairs costs from 500-660$ there are plenty of economical options available too. Below we have introduced you to an armchair priced well below its counterparts but provides more value.

IKEA TULLSTA Armchair Review


IKEA TULLSTA armchair is the chair that’s common in your respective neighborhood. You have probably seen it at your local café. This TULLSTA accessory isn’t extreme in any way but very humbly suits your living room. The armchair also comes at a very reasonable price. IKEA TULLSTA armchair is one of the most economical pieces of furniture you can find. If you are a student who wants to buy this chair for studying purposes or a working professional who wants to fill that space in your living room, then this is the best option available to you. IKEA TULLSTA armchair comes with a slipcover. So you can change its look according to your taste and give it a more personal touch.

IKEA TULLSTA Armchair Highlights

The product will come with a range of covers that can help you in changing your products' overall look from time to time. In today’s world, sticking with the same old bore furniture can pose problems but thanks to the coordinated set, you can change the look of your IKEA TULLSTA armchair year after year. The armchair comes with very convenient slim lines and can be very easily placed in your living spaces.

The overall material of the armchair is straightforward to clean and maintain, you can use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt or stains from the chair. The covers too that are available with IKEA TULLSTA armchair can be cleaned and removed easily by anyone. Consumers can also try to wash these covers in machines so that no dirt or stain remains on the surfaces or within the cushions.

Several questions regarding the IKEA TULLSTA armchair are answered in this post. These questions can also be used as a support for various consumers. The covers of this armchair are one of the most significant selling points. The like-fastness quality that has been assigned to this armchair is at level 5. All materials that have been assigned a level of 5 can easily counter color fading through regular usage and washing. Usually, materials and items are assigned a level from a scale to 1-8. Standard of level 4 has been set for home users, for suitable furniture for shop, anything that is above the lightfastness level of level 4 is highly appreciated.

The unique covers of this chair have been tested multiple times. The covers of this chair can survive up to 25,000 cycles. Usually, in an average life span of furniture covers, they are washed and can bear nearly 15000 wash cycles. Covers ranging to this limit is considered pretty reasonable while TULLSTA covers pushes this boundary by 10,000 cycles. Further, more previous owners have all ranked it pretty high and given it a five-star review in specific aspects such as durability reliability comfort style and value for money.

Let us examine the material that has been used to make this chair. The TULLSTA’s overall frame is very robust, and it is personally made by IKEA. The sitting pads that are given with this chair are made from foam and fiber. The overall material that is used in the chair improves its quality and look that is suitable for daily casual usage and creating an appeal in the space. The frame of the chair is made from a variety of wood.

Solid wood, practical board, fiberboard, and recycled cardboard are used in the manufacturing of this IKEA TULLSTA armchair. The cushion that has been used in this chair are made from polyester. Back cushions are also made from the same material that the seat cushions are made up of. Polyimide is used in the holdings of this chair. Special consideration has been given to the legs of this chair to assure durability and stability.

This chair ranks high in all components that are needed to be considered while making the purchase. Special instructions regarding the cleanliness of the cover of this chair will also be given when you purchase the product. You can easily clean the product with the help of a vacuum cleaner, wet / alcohol wipes, or a clean cloth. IKEA TULLSTA armchair has developed a significant customer base due to its quality and price.

Pros of IKEA TULLSTA Armchair

  • Economical Price
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable to Some Extent


  • May Keep Your Back A Little Stiff Sometime
  • Options of Colors Are Limited


We believe with the information that we have presented to you in this article, has equipped you with well enough information to buy your Ideal chair. Presenting you with the most value in the least amount of money and giving luxury and modern touch to your living space. Making sure to mix style with utility. In addition to all of these facts and features, most of the past owners of this particular armchair have only good things to say about this. If you are in the market to buy a new armchair for your house apartment or for the room, you can blindly go with this armchair.

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