IKEA TORSBY Table Review


IKEA TORSBY Table Review

IKEA TORSBY Table Review

A dining table is something that everyone wants at their home. It let you have your food with ease and luxury and adds comfort to your dining experience. But, the most common issue of having a dining table is finding a good dining table.

If you are also facing issues while buying a dining table, then it is sure that you haven't visited IKEA yet. IKEA is one of the best brands for manufacturing furniture. This article will review the IKEA TORSBY table that is one of the best dining tables that you may own.

IKEA TORSBY Table Review


1. Product Analysis

IKEA TORSBY table is specially designed for small families. It can accommodate four people with ease. The dining table is designed in Sweden and come up with a price tag of $219. Unlike other dining tables available in the market, IKEA has manufactured its TORSBY table while using pure steel.

While buying a dining table, the essential thing that you need to look at is that it should fit perfectly in your house. So, for this very reason, IKEA has designed their TORSBY table so that neither it is too small nor too large to look odd in your apartment.

Along with it, the best thing about this table is that it is resistant to heat, liquid, scratches, food stains, and even bumps. So, this the perfect table you should own if you have kids at home.

Moreover, if you do not like the table, IKEA allows you to replace the table within a specific time. This thing will enable you to buy the IKEA TORSBY table with ease and confidence.

2. Appearance of the Table

IKEA is one of those rare companies that keep bringing innovation and changes to make their products better and better. If we talk about this table's appearance, then it is one of the decently designed tables available in the market.

IKEA TORSBY table is manufactured while using pure steel. IKEA has used chrome plating for providing the table with high-quality finishing. The high-gloss top of the table reflects the light and gives a vibrant look to the table.

3. Design and Material

If you are going to get an IKEA product, then the first thing that you do not need to worry about is the material of that product. IKEA has never compromised on its products' material and always tries to pull out the best material for manufacturing its products. In the IKEA TORSBY table, you will find a complete steel structure that is firm enough to last long.

As far as the design is concerned, the IKEA TORSBY table is a very decently designed dining table that will add beauty to your dining hall. It is a rectangular shaped medium-sized table that finely crafted edges. It's designed in a way that will help you to bring more class and elegance to your home.

4. Frame of the Table

Due to its metallic structure, IKEA TORSBY is a very sturdy dining table. The under-frame of IKEA TORSBY is chrome plated. The top of the table is manufactured with particle board and plastic foil.

5. Maintenance

Maintaining a dining table is even more challenging than getting it. But, if you own IKEA TORSBY table, then IKEA itself has provided you to keep your dining table better. First thing first, you need to place a mat over the surface to increase your table's life. Along with it, you need to keep a check on the screws of your table because if they get loosen, then the table may become shaky.

6. Cleaning the Table

Cleanliness is some of the essential things that you need to maintain on your dining table. So, to clean your IKEA TORSBY dining table, you will need a damp cloth and a cleaner, or you can also clean your IKEA TORSBY table if it is not in bad condition. You are also allowed to use a dish detergent over the top of the table only if it is non-abrasive.

7. Environment Friendliness

The climate of this globe is changing rapidly. So, keeping this thing in mind, IKEA is manufacturing most of its furniture with renewable material. The same goes for the IKEA TORSBY table. It is made up of renewable material and can be used for electricity recovery.

8. Packaging

IKEA TORSBY table comes up in two packages. The first one is for the top of the table, and the second one is for the underframe of the IKEA TORSBY dining table. The first package's width is about 35 ½ inches the height of this package is 1 foot, its length is around 56 ¾ inches, and the weight of this package is 39 lb 1 oz.

The underframe package has a width of 6 inches, its height is 3 ¼, the length of this table is 57 ¾ inches, and it weighs around 30 lb 3 oz.

9. Assembling

Here comes the most challenging and time talking task the assembling of the IKEA TORSBY table. This table comes up in two packages, so you inevitably need to put extra effort into assembling it. IKEA will provide will you with a manual guide for assembling the IKEA TORSBY table.

You need to place the parts in order and fix them with the help of screws. It will take some time of yours, but it is not as complicated as it looks. For perfect assembling, IKEA suggests its customers for tightening the screws a week after assembling the table.


Concluding the fact, the IKEA TORSBY table has got everything that you need in a perfect dining table. It is suitable for a medium-sized family. It looks vibrant, and most importantly, the table is durable, like other IKEA products.

In the article, you will find everything that you need to know before putting your money on the IKEA TORSBY table. From the material to the designer, you will get to know about everything. So, if you have been through the article, then grab your cell phone and book your IKEA TORSBY table. For any queries regarding the table, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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  1. We bought 2 tables Our tornsby tables both are cracking raising pieces very little use in last 5 years called IKEA to tell them defective they are not standing behind this product $600 in tables in less than 5 years they said sorry 12 months or not responsible . It’s beautiful but with very little usage which says defective in my books very disappointing

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