Choosing the most comfortable bed frame within affordable price gets quite hard in this economy. People mostly go for bed frames that suit their comfort level. IKEA is a brand which is known for the best-assembled and high-quality furniture within the affordable prices.

Especially when it comes to the bed frames, IKEA has a wide range of majestic and perfectly created design options to choose from. IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame is for those who look for high-quality and comfort at the same time. In this article, we have provided a detailed review of the IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame which is going to help you a lot while making your purchase.

IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame is a standard double bed which suits couples the best. Not only this, but singles can also enjoy full-time freedom with maximum space. With the high headboard, you can set the best place for yourself for reading a book or watching your favorite TV show.



A double bed with a comfortable body would be the simplest yet definite description for the IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame. Here is how it looks:

  1. Simple Design

If we have a brief look at this bed frame, it would seem like one of those old school days' beds. Keeping this bed would ultimately bring you nostalgia. The design is quite simplified yet beautiful.

  1. Similarity To SKULSFJORD Bed Frame

It has been discovered that the IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame has a lot of similarities with the SKULSJORD bed frame. However, the only difference is the quality of the material used in their headboards.

  1. Thin Headboard

IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame has a relatively thinner headboard as compared to IKEA’s other bed frames. However, it doesn’t matter much since the quality is equally robust and sturdy.

  1. Canvas Body Design

Think of the IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame as a blank and wide canvas board but with greater quality. The stylish and appealing canvas-like body of this frame makes it a perfect fit for in literally any decoration setup.

  1. Highly Compatible Design

This bed frame’s design is meant for blending in almost all the existing furniture of the room. This adds up more value to your already chosen furniture.

Features And Specifications Of IKEA TOMREFJORD Bed Frame

Here is a much in-depth description of the IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame for your purchase to be much easier. We have provided prompt details of its specs and features. Here they are:

  1. Easy To Assemble

IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame is quite easy to assemble up. This easy-to-assemble IKEA bed frame is brought up with both the king and queen sizes. However, the good news is you can have a free mid-beam along with it when you receive its delivery. It would be best if you look up the device in person but it doesn’t matter if you just get on buying it online.

  1. Floral-Inspired Bedding

The users have freedom in whatever way they would want to settle this bed frame in their room. This IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame lets you have loads of fun for styling purposes. You can decorate with the natural style as well as a punk style. Although, we would recommend you to channel a nature theme and decorate your bed frame with floral-inspired bedding as it would look the best this way.

  1. Available Sizes

You are lucky enough to get this bed frame in both the king and queen sizes. Get your IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame in whatever size you want. Does any other bed frame give this much variety to their customers? A BIG NO!

  1. The Combination For Delivery

The tagged price for this combination includes SKORVA mid-beam. However, the SKORVA would be a separate product. You can pick that based on your choice from IKEA’s shelf at the store. If you happen to buy the IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame via the website, there are chances that the SKORVA mid-beam might be included in the delivery free of cost.

On the contrary, the bed frame legs are already adjusted in the price but are packaged separately. Coming towards the slatted bed base, it is also adjusted in the delivery package but is picked up separately.

  1. Bed Frame Designing

The primary and entire manufacturing design is done and dusted by Ola Wihlborg/IKEA of Sweden.

  1. Sturdiness And Smoothness

The design of the entire bed frame is accustomed to giving a smooth and soft look despite having a robust and sturdy inner strength.

  1. Manufacturing Material Ensuring Total Care For The Customers

Here are the in-depth manufacturing material details for the customers who want to make sure they are buying a high-quality bed frame with the best protection. Here are the details for both King and Standard Double sizes separately:

For Standard Double:

Bed frame cover of Ticking, Side

They are manufactured with 100% polyester

Total Composition

The entirety of the composition consists of 75% polyester, 6% cotton, and 19% modacrylic.

Bed frame Of Fire-retarding inter-liner

This part of the bed frame is 75% viscose or rayon and 25% polyester.


The headboard is manufactured with polyester wadding, Polyurethane foam, Plywood, Solid beech, Solid pine, and Fiberboard.

Side panel and Foot

They are manufactured with Plywood and Polyester wadding.

Metal Parts

Metal parts are created with pure Steel.


Galvanized steel is used in the manufacture of mid-beam.


Legs are created with stainless steel.


While the foot consists of Polyamide plastic.

For King Sizes:

Bed frame cover

They are made with 64 % cotton, 36 % polyester


The headboard is supported with non-woven polypropylene, Polyester wadding, Polyurethane foam, Plywood, Solid beech, Solid pine, and Fiberboard.

Side panel/ Front

This part is manufactured with non-woven polypropylene, Polyester wadding, and Molded plywood.

The rest of the manufacturing material remains the same as Standard Double’s one.

  1. Environment-Friendly Bed Frame

IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame is quite eco-friendly. How? 50% of this bed frame is made from renewable materials.

  1. Packaging

The packaging for Double Standard consists of 6 packages while King size contains 7.


IKEA TOMREFJORD bed frame perfectly meets the entire criteria for best comfortable bed frames under affordable prices. However, you would need to take care of its legs that they do not break off.

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