IKEA offers a range of exceptional and innovative products, just for the kitchen alone and almost all its products are incorporated into their style and capability to be well made and efficiently capable in their job while refraining from big price tags. All such products are offered at amazingly affordable prices and are in line with the company’s ideals at ensuring products help customers build a better and easier environment at home. They offer a wide range of solutions and products for the kitchen that features exceptional make and design, at nominal expenses, and provide ideal solutions for any kitchen needs.

IKEA and its home products have incredibly happy customers around the globe and all of their home solutions and products are in tune with the company’s goals to provide exceptional living standards and modern designs for the average man and make sure to better the lives of as many people as they can. A home is the heart of human living, and they recognize the sheer importance of a house and the effect it has on a person.

All their products and services ensure you create the perfect home for yourself and manage to surround your living space with easier living features and facilities. And it does all this while still focusing on the resources it gathers and the effect it has on our planet, maintaining their effort to use renewable materials and energy sources wherever they can and keep this world sustainable without stripping it of its ability to provide for us as our one true home.



1. Overview and Details

The IKEA TOLERANT wok is a 13” black wok, similar to a frying pan but has a more rounded bottom and sloping sides for sauces and ingredients to mix better and is made from heat conducting aluminum that spreads the energy and heat uniformly across the whole pan. This prevents the food to overcook on one side or stick to the surface of the pan. Helping just that, the IKEA TOLERANT wok also features a non-stick lining, preventing food from burning and sticking to the pan and making it easier to rinse off or clean with soap.

The IKEA TOLERANT wok comes with two handles, the main one and a rounded short one on the opposite end to lift the wok easily when filled with food and to set it down carefully when hot or in use, which helps tremendously when dealing with pans in general and offers a safer way to handle them without any risk of slipping. The wok has no harmful substances used in making the non-stick for the product, but it is still recommended that you wash the wok before its first use since packaging and transportation might involve coming into contact with other substances around it.

As with many other IKEA products with great sustainability and resource management, the wok may also be recycled since aluminum is a great metal with countless helpful properties. However, you may need to view your own community’s guidelines on what you can and cannot recycle effectively before finding a use for this once you’re done. The pan is primarily made up of aluminum with coating on the inside of it, and the handle comprises of Stainless steel and Phenolic plastic. Like all other IKEA products that come with comprehensive documentation on their assembly and use, this particular product is no different and is exceedingly easy to put together and put to use in no time.

2. Use and Performance

The IKEA TOLERANT wok functions almost as well as a regular pan of its nature, considering it is made from aluminum and uses the metal’s property of heat conductance to spread heat along the entire base. The fact that is light and easy to maneuver helps immensely in the kitchen, especially in cooking areas that are crowded or cramped and the two handles at opposite ends further help in handling it well and with apparent ease.

3. Value

However, with a price tag of $9.99, the build of the pan seems a little fragile and does not have a solid heft and structural integrity to it you would expect from a well-made kitchen pan of the reasonably higher price. And while the wok works and functions exceptionally well for the low-price tag, it is still a very basic design and offers nothing more than the usual for a frying pan of its nature.

Despite being cheap as compared to other branded woks on the market with good repute, the IKEA TOLERANT wok has incredible value for the money it costs and does its job at cooking and frying your favorite dishes and a simple rinse and clean wipes off any food residue on it. Do note that the wok non-stick does not apparently work as well as it should have and many customers have reported that food still sticks to the pan but gets wiped off with a thorough rinse. This seems to a drawback to an otherwise fine kitchen instrument and a downside to those who bought the wok for this particular trait.


Ultimately, the TOLERANT wok works well as a basic aluminum frying pan and, despite its complaints with the non-stick characteristic, offers itself as a reliable tool at a great price for the materials and design it has.

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