Armchairs have never gone out of fashion since the time they were introduced. They have made their way from a sign of elites to Hollywood, and every household in the world. Armchairs and specifically their type of wing chairs are in the fashion most. They are comfortable, you can relax easily no matter what age you are, and it also looks stylish in your living room. IKEA STRANDMON chair is also unique in its style. It is bent to give a more relaxed angle to your back. It’s back is also elongated to give you a feeling of comfort from all sides. The wing chair is a classic redesign of the old chair that was introduced in the 1950s. Armchairs and wing chairs have seen a lot of evolution over the decades.


  1. Design

The best thing about the IKEA STRANDMON chair is its craftsmanship, the structure that goes into the design. It is the skeleton that makes it stylish and the rest is the covering to which we will come later on during the review. Every company has its signature craftsmanship that is passed on over the decades by the people working in the company. Craftsmanship is the profession of an artist. It is like a dynasty that is passed from generation to generation and companies that are old have preserved their art and passed on to it delivering their customers the best experience that they can.

In the design, goes the high back that will help you loosen up entirely and relax your back along with your neck completely and support your tired body to relax perfectly. It is not only a random shape that the company chose but there is a science behind the ergonomics of the chair that goes into its making. If done wrong, the angle of the chair might also harm your body in the long term and hence you must go for a style that is good for you and your body.

  1. Warranty 

The IKEA STRANDMON chair also comes with a limited warranty of 10 years. When a chair comes with that kind of warranty that means the company has promised almost a decade of relaxation and comfort of the highest quality. Contributing to the strength and quality of the chair is both its skeleton and the covering. The covering is of the highest grade as well. According to the company, the cover’s abrasion resisting ability is of the highest standard. The numbers show that the chair can last almost a decade in its initial condition after which there is a chance that it will start to deteriorate because after all, everything has a life at the end. Nonetheless, this quality of resisting abrasion is great and it makes this chair more attractive already.

The chair also has an ability that resists the fading of the color, or at least slow it down. This is to make sure one of those things that the chair lives up to its warranty of 10 years. The standards have been tested by industry measures and have received a rating high enough to protect its color. It has also been proved to have a specific feature fit for home use and that too for more than over a decade.

  1. Material 

The materials that go into the making of this IKEA STRANDMON chair are also the ones having high durability, strength, and quality standard. The wooden frame is made of plywood initially, having a Polyurethane foam, a padding layer of polyester, and the rest is just solid wood. Talking about the seat cushion, polyurethane, and polyester wadding is the best quality material that can be used for an armchair and specifically a wing chair. The leg is made up of solid wood which is very strong because its sole purpose is to handle the weight of the people using it in their homes. Coming towards the fabric, the fabric is made up of polyester in 100% pure form. That is what makes it so soft and cozy, and gives you the feeling of relaxation.

One other thing to know about the frame is that the frame is covered by a non-removable cover. For cleaning purposes, the cover can be vacuum cleaned or a piece of wet cloth can be used to wipe the chair. Any other cleaning method will not work on the chair and the contrary, it will damage the covering and decrease its lifespan. That will also mess with the warranty of 10 years and the chair will last less long than it otherwise would have been. That is what happens with every product if you go against its instructions. The instructions that come with the chair are serious for the chair to go on its entire lifespan and give us the best experience there would be.

As the chair weighs a lot, it also provides you with stability and even if your children are messing around with the chair, there is less chance of it stumbling and causing harm to anyone. This is also important because the chair’s design is a little bent towards the high back. Having a heavy base not just serves the purpose of stability, it also gives a sense of safety and security when you want to feel relaxed.


The last thing that comes to mind when you first look at the chair is its elegant appearance. IKEA STRANDMON chair is a classic brought back to life after almost 60 years with the same style, fashion, and art but with improved quality and material. It comes in a wide range of covers having both plain color and multicolor. The classic cover is a dark grey cover and is the best looking so far. Other famous covers include red, yellow, and dark green. This IKEA STRANDMON chair promises its customers the best experience and comfort all the while being easy on their pocket as well. The IKEA STRANDMON chair is the best choice for a great addition to your living room and it promises you a lifetime of experience!

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  1. I am a fat oversized person, i weigh over 220 lbs, What is the weight capacity? And will my big 2x butt fit comfortably in it? I remember sitting in it when i was a lot lager at the store and it felt nice

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