IKEA STORÅ Loft Bed Review


IKEA STORÅ Loft Bed Review

IKEA STORÅ Loft Bed Review

Whether you are designing your children's room or you have less space to accommodate all of your furniture, a loft bed can be the ultimate solution. Loft beds take less space than the conventional beds, yet they provide the same comfort and quality as your regular bed.

Loft beds create some extra space in your bedroom and add additional beauty to the room. You can quickly put a study table or even a sofa under your loft bed. There is no doubt that loft beds can be your perfect solution if you run out of space in your rooms. But, there is always thought of doubt in our mind while getting a loft bed that will last long.

If you have such thought, then you should go for getting an IKEA loft bed. IKEA never compromises on the quality and comfort of its furniture. IKEA is one of the most renowned brands around the world. They will provide you one the most comfortable and durable loft beds under a decent price tag.

In the article, we will be reviewing the IKEA STORÅ loft bed. This bed is designed by IKEA Sweden and possesses all the qualities of a perfect loft bed.

IKEA STORÅ Loft Bed Review

  1. Product Description

IKEA STORÅ loft bed is something that will give you an idea about the quality of IKEA products. IKEA has designed this bed in a very decent and vintage style that adds class to your rooms. IKEA STORÅ loft bed is manufactured in a way that you can efficiently work while sitting under it.

IKEA STORÅ is available in black color, and it will cost you around $299.99 that is quite a decent amount for such a bed. IKEA loft bed is made up of solid wood that adds extra strength and beauty to the ground.

In this bed, IKEA has used almost everything that you need to fit a perfect loft bed.

  1. A Glance at the Exterior

Like other IKEA products, this product is also one of its kind. The IKEA STORÅ loft bed is manufactured with pure pine wood with a texture on the mainframe's exterior. IKEA always comes up with new ideas to overcome the unique challenges of this evolving market.

In this bed, IKEA has created some fine edges that look so classy that you cannot resist watching it. So, if you are going to rate the exterior, then there is no other brand that stands close to the IKEA STORÅ loft bed.

  1. Comfort 

In most beds, you will find a reduction in comfort level as they start to get old. But, when we are talking about the IKEA STORÅ loft bed, discomfort is a word that you will remove from your dictionary for this bed.

IKEA STORÅ loft bed is designed and manufactured with solid wood, and IKEA has assembled it so well that you will not find an inch of discomfort while sleeping over the bed. The bed will assure premium quality comfort and will let you sleep peacefully.

If you want to increase your bed's comfort, then IKEA has suggested that you must not use a mattress of more than 7½ inches of thickness.

  1. The Frame

Talking about the frame, IKEA has manufactured its central part while using solid pine wood, stain, and acrylic lacquer. For the legs and bed's base slate, IKEA has used solid pine to keep the bed stable and remain steady while sleeping over it.

Moreover, the center support beam of the IKEA STORÅ loft bed is also made up of solid pine wood. In terms of the frame's quality, IKEA has not compromised even on an inch of it. To assemble this bed in your room, the minimum ceiling height required as 8' 10 inches.

  1. Cleaning of the Bed

If you are getting this bed for your kids, then it is quite sure that you need to clean the bed at least once a week. But, here we are talking about cleaning a wooden bed. So, cleaning it with water will be lame thought. IKEA has provided all the details about cleaning their STORÅ loft bed.

For cleaning this bed, you need a damp cloth or a dry sponge. Rub the cloth and soft side of the sponge gently on the bed's main body, and your bed is neat and clean again.

  1. Sustainability and Environment Friendliness

IKEA is of those rare brands that never use illegal or bad wood for manufacturing their products. Moreover, IKEA also tries its best to used renewable material for manufacturing its furniture. The IKEA STORÅ loft bed is made up of completely renewable wood that can be recycled to produce other products.

  1. Packaging

IKEA STORÅ loft bed comes up in various sizes and packages. But the most preferred size has dimensions of 17 inches as its width, Its height is about 3' feet the length of this bed is around 89 inches, and lastly, the bed weighs around 58 lb 2 oz.

This package is one of the most preferred by IKEA customers. It is not so big neither is it so small to sleep in.

  1. Assembling

Here comes the toughest part after buying the IKEA STORÅ loft bed. Once the bed reaches your home, you need to assemble it on your own. If you love to assemble things or you have experience in assembling furniture, then there is no issue.

But, if you a beginner, then you will have to go through the IKEA product assembling guide. It will allow you to assemble this bed quite easily without having any difficulty.


If you are reading the article's conclusion, then either you have started it in a wrong way, or you have been through the article very keenly. In this article, we have reviewed the IKEA STORÅ loft bed. Here we have discussed each and every small detail that a buyer needs to know before spending money on the IKEA STORÅ loft bed. The article will help you get enough knowledge about the bed that you will able to choose it quite easily.

But, if your problem is not solved yet and you need to know more about the bed, then do let us know in our comment box. We will resolve your issues.

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