Buying a couch for your home isn’t an easy choice, to say the least. You’re probably looking for a sofa that will last you a long time and improve the overall look of your home at the same time. On top of this, you’ll also want to get a sofa that is appropriate for your budget. Long story short, there are a lot of things that you have to take into account. This means that finally deciding which sofa you want is far from an easy task.

You’d think that there wouldn’t be many options that can tend to the above-mentioned criteria, but that isn’t true. There are actually multiple great sofas for you to choose from thanks to IKEA’s wide range of products. They offer a different type of sofa to match every person’s criteria. This way, anyone can get the type of sofa that they’re looking for. One of the many interesting options in IKEA’s wide range of sofas is the STOCKSUND sofa.



The IKEA STOCKSUND sofa is one of the many sofas in IKEA’S lineup that you might find interesting. It is a fairly well-looking sofa that might help you improve the beauty of your home. However, it isn’t all about how good a sofa looks. You need to know a lot more about the Stocksund before you can simply decide to purchase it or any other sofa out there. There are a lot of factors that come into play, as also mentioned above.

Fortunately for all of you interested in the STOCKSUND, we’ll be reviewing it today. Our review of the sofa will cover all the important things that you need to know about it, including a verdict at the end. The review is divided into multiple parts in order to cover each important aspect of the sofa. So, take a look below in order to learn all the good and bad things about the STOCKSUND in order to make your decision about purchasing the sofa much easier.

  1. Appearance

Appearance-wise, the IKEA STOCKSUND sofa is quite simple, but also quite appealing. The sofa has a very ‘’English’’ feel to it, which is most likely caused by its short English roll arms and plain design. It also features short spindle legs which add to it’s simple and aesthetic feel. What you’ll be happy to know is that the STOCKSUND comes in a variety of different colors. This means that there’s probably a color variant that suits your home and adds to the beauty. The previously mentioned spindle legs also come in a couple of different color variants. In short, there are multiple different customization options for you to choose from, which is always a nice thing.

  1. Budget

The IKEA STOCKSUND sofa isn’t exactly the best option when it comes to the budget. The sofa doesn’t really have many extra features such as a storage compartment or things such as that. It is simply a plain sofa, that is fairly comfortable. However, some might argue that that doesn’t justify its price. While there are many great things about the STOCKSUND that buyers might like, the price is definitely not one of them.

  1. Cleaning

One thing that most people like to know before purchasing a new sofa is whether or not the sofa they wish to purchase can be easily cleaned. If you’re wondering about the IKEA STOCKSUND sofa, then you have nothing to worry about. A lot of people tend to enjoy eating their food and snacks on the sofa. In the event of a mishap, said food and snacks could end up staining the sofa. However, this isn’t a problem as the STOCKSUND is easily cleanable. The cover of the sofa is easily removable and can be washed easily as well.

One of the main things that you have to keep in mind is that the cover cannot be washed with bleach, as is the case with a majority of sofa covers. Another thing that you should know is that STOCKSUND's cannot be tumble dried. To put it simply, all you have to do is put them inside a cold machine wash in a normal cycle and they’ll be as good as new. There aren’t many other complications that you’ll have to keep in mind meaning that cleaning the STOCKSUND is pretty much as simple as it gets.

  1. Durability

The IKEA STOCKSUND sofa is quite durable, a quality that anyone will appreciate on their sofa. The sofa itself is made with strong materials that ensure its durability. The sofa’s legs are made of solid beech, which is a fairly strong material. The covers are also just as durable, if not more. It is equipped with a cover made of 20% polyester fabric and 80% cotton. The cover has been tested and it’s safe to say that you won’t be able to wear it down that easily. Lastly, the IKEA STOCKSUND sofa covers are also more than capable of resisting color fading. Long story short, the STOCKSUND is quite durable and is also accompanied by a 10-year warranty.

  1. Comfortability

IKEA STOCKSUND sofa is relatively very comfortable. You’ll be able to get much more comfort as compared to other sofas thanks to the cushions. These cushions feature polyester fabrics as well as top cut foam. On top of this, they are fairly thick and feature pocket springs at their core. All these things combine together to offer you a comfortable experience.

Final Verdict

It must be said that the IKEA STOCKSUND sofa is a great sofa by all means. However, the one thing that throws people off when they finally decide to purchase is the sofa’s price. While the IKEA STOCKSUND sofa is good in nearly every other aspect, there are some cheaper sofa’s that can provide the same comfort and aesthetic appeal that it provides. However, said sofa’s might not be as durable, or as easy to clean. Long story short, the comfortability and warranty of the STOCKSUND make it worth it. There isn’t any major reason why you shouldn’t decide to purchase the STOCKSUND if it falls under your budget.

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  1. I’m trying to find out if this stock signed sofa is going to be discontinued. The website infers that there’s limited time to purchase it. I’m hoping this is not the case.

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