Every household has some mandatory appliances without which the house isn't complete. One of these appliances is television. From the lower middle class to the higher class every house has a TV and it is understood that such an important device requires its own setup. To make your setting easier we will review the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit in this article which will help you give your TV corner a new look and make your TV time, a happy time. A TV unit is a careful selection as a lot of things are to be kept in mind while buying it. Let's see what qualities the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit provides us.



1. Durable

The first and foremost quality that should be kept in mind while buying any furniture is its durability because furniture is not an everyday shopping. The IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit is made with the best quality material that makes it durable and life longing.

The top panel, front panel, and the side panel of the unit are made with walnut veneer, particleboard, clear acrylic lacquer, and paper foil. The leg is made of solid ash and stain whereas the back panel is also made with the same material as of front panel. Unlike other TV units that use cardboard at the back because it isn't visible.

All these materials make this TV unit viable and long-lasting. Therefore, the IKEA TV unit is a one-time investment and you will not have to worry about buying a new unit for your TV every year or two. The quality of the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit can easily be trusted because the material used while making it is quite fine and tested at multiple levels. After all these factors one thing is confirmed that the durability of this TV unit is assured.

2. User Friendly

There are many qualities in the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit that make it easy to use. First of all, it's easy cleaning. One can wipe up the surfaces of the unit with a simple dry cloth and all the dirt on the panel is gone. The dirt does not stick to the panel and it saves a lot of time during every day cleaning.

The small holes at the back keep the wires assembled and do not let them get jumbled up which is safe and saves you from all the hassle of arranging wires every now and then. The adjustable legs of the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit help the unit to stabilize itself on uneven surfaces and you can choose the height of your TV at your convenience.

This unit gives you the liberty of watching TV from your couch, carpet, or your high chairs. The shelves are also removable and easy to reinstall therefore; one can easily adjust the shelves as per the storage needs. The storage shelves are pretty waste, and a lot of stuff can be easily stored in them. All these qualities will definitely make you fall in love with this IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit.

3. Beautiful Design

The IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit is a perfect fit for your house as its intricate design and shiny surface blends so well and gives your house a warm look. The lacquer used on the surfaces not only protects the unit but also makes the material of the unit look natural, neat, and soothing to the eyes.

The beautifully designed IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit gives your room a new refreshing look with a lot of other benefits. The best design will make your experience of watching TV worth it for sure. In addition to all these characteristics, the grain pattern in the walnut veneer makes this piece even more unique. The IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit is a very presentable and decent piece of furniture and you are never going to regret your investment in it.

4. Affordable

The IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit is a highly affordable piece of furniture. The entire unit is of 399 pounds and lasts for a lifetime. Unlike other expensive TV units, IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit gives you a quality product in an affordable range therefore, you don't have to think twice and get confused by other expensive products in the market. When you have this pocket-friendly unit that always available and it is just a click away.

In such an affordable amount as 399 pounds, the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit gives you a comfortable viewing height, is stylish, and complements the layout of the place where it is placed, is made with quality material, and helps with storage and organization. It is rare to find all of these qualities in a single unit at such an affordable price.

5. Posture Friendly

As the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit has this wonderful quality of adjustable height it is proved to be very posture friendly. One does not have to suffer a three-hour movie or a web series instead of enjoying it because of the TV not placed at the right height. You can always adjust the position of your unit and bring the TV at your eye level, depending on the place where you are sitting if your TV is placed at the surface of the unit.

You won't have to bend down or continuously look up while watching something on TV if you spend smartly on the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit. Seriously, if you are a regular TV watcher, your back is going to thank you for this.


Buying furniture is a very important decision and can affect your life in so many ways. In this article, we have tried to make your decision easier while buying a TV unit by explaining all the qualities of the IKEA STOCKHOLM TV unit. You can order this wonderful piece from the comfort of your chair by ordering it online and change your TV watching experience entirely. That too at an affordable price. We have done all the research so that you don't have to so just order your new TV unit now without fearing and wasting more time.

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