Sofas are the central accessories for your lounge, and you have got to make a positive choice with them. Well, what can be better than the great IKEA, right? So, the IKEA of Sweden has come with this SÖDERHAMN sofa with a deep seat, suspension fabric, and the moveable back cushions that will top up the comfortability. With this sofa, you can follow your minimalist side and create a combo.

Be the ultra-modern home or a cozy home setting; this sofa has a design that will settle with your aesthetic dreams. This sofa is designed with the value-to-style ratio since it’s an apt choice for people on a tight budget. But hey, IKEA hasn’t compromised on high-end design and comfort if the price factor is low. There are an extra length and width to these slim cushions that add to the comfort.

The cushions are long and padded enough for you to snuggle and have that perfect afternoon nap before you hit the gym. This sofa has a design and size that fits into small spaces because everyone has a right to lounge and stretch out, right? This sofa has become the apple of everyone’s eye with a chic and modern look, topped with versatility.



The layout of this SÖDERHAMN sofa is sectional and modular, integrated with easy adaptiveness. This sofa makes a great choice for your living area because you can arrange it as you like. For better insights, we have designed with an in-depth review of what IKEA has to offer and where they are lagging. So, have a look and make an informed choice!


This is the three-seater sofa, designed with a plethora of sections. For instance, there is a chaise lounging feature, along with armrest and a corner section that optimizes the comfort. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this sofa is one of the unique choices out there.


This sofa is designed with machine-washable covers, and 100% natural fabrics have been used. The cover of this sofa is made from samsta fabric, a fine combination of nylon and polyester. The surface texture is pretty smooth and has a modern outlook. The cover can be washed up in the machine, since there are elastic waves at the bottom, making them easy to take off.

The cover is sure to resist abrasion because it can stand 40,000 with no fading and threading. The lightfast level of the cover is five (anything above four is perfect for regular home usage). The frame is a combination of solid wood, plywood, felt liner, fiberboard, steel, and molded beech plywood. As for the upholstery, there is high-resilience polyurethane foam.

On top of everything, the wadding is laminated and has non-woven polypropylene and hollow fiber polyester. The armrest is made out of solid wood and fiberboard, using polyurethane foam for the upholstery. The cover for the sofa section and armrest is designed with 3% nylon and 97% polyester.


The best thing about this sofa is its ability to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of the buyers. For instance, you can pick your preferred fabric for the sofa. Also, the fabric can be mixed and matched among the sofa and armrests, so your aesthetics are reflected. The sofa is sold without covers and armrests (you can detach them as well), so you can personalize according to your choice.


Where the word IKEA is spoken, there will never be compromised on the comfort of the buyers. At first glance, the seat cushions seemed thin (very thin, actually!) and really questioned the comfortability. But oh boy, were we wrong because the seats are highly cushy. The interesting part if the netting base beneath the seat cushions for breathability. The sofa is designed with a deep and solid slouching space for the days when you don’t want to get up from the sofa and hit the work.

Price & Durability

If you ask us, this sofa is a steal with its reasonable price tag and an optimized combination of functionality and comfort. Well, the price is pretty justified as well because the sofa has an overall thin frame, which means raw material consumption was less (IKEA never betrays with price and value!). This isn’t the easily-breakable sofa, so you are free to lose that 10-year warranty card.


As for the cover, there are multiple color options available, such as turquoise, black, sand, light pink, dark gray, orange, white, and beige. Well, this clearly means that this sofa will strike with your neutral and white home themes while contrasting with those indoor plants.


With this sofa, IKEA has truly cranked up the notch for comfort with its lightweight and breezy design. The elastic webbing in the bottom is the dealmaker. As for the cushions, they have a slight spring effect with an overall softness. The seat dept is pretty sinkable, and loose cushions will make this the snuggly partner.

The sofa is available in a wide range of modules, so you can mix and match according to your lounge theme and taste. Even more, there are multiple color options. The netting base beneath the seat cushions will make sure you don’t sweat on hot summer days. As for the material choice, there are no compromises on quality, thus a long life!


Be it the fabric or looks, everything is top-notch, but we are concerned about the cushions. Sure, they are firm and springy, but they might wear out too soon. Also, the armrest is too thin, so you might not have the greatest nap if you tuck your head on an armrest (cushions will be perfect!)

The Bottom Line

IKEA is the brand, and no one can take their eyes off their minimal yet chic and modern home furniture. With this sofa, they have outshined previous articles with a higher value for money and better functionality. However, we would get an extra chair for our bulky friend because the cushions might not work it up for them. The bottom line, this sofa is worth each penny!

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