As a new parent, you’re always on the lookout for the best and safest options for your newborn child whether its furniture or clothes or anything else. It is necessary to provide the right solution for your infant’s needs and nobody understands this better than parents who’ve had their first child and are constantly reviewing and searching for the prime option to all their needs within a budget. A crib, similarly, is something you know is going to be in use for a long time and parents often require a lot of boxes to be checked when opting to buy one for their child. The perfect crib needs to be safe, sturdy and made with materials that are anything but harmful to toddlers.

IKEA provides just the solution for parents with its SNIGLAR crib, an exceptional softwood crib that is safe for your child and for the environment. It may not be on the same level as more expensive and popular options, but the SNIGLAR crib offers incredible comfort and sturdiness and provides a great non-toxic solution for you and your newborn’s bedding needs.

IKEA, an incredibly popular Swedish company, has satisfied customers all over the world by providing reliable and innovative home solutions at incredibly affordable prices. IKEA prides itself on providing products for customers with all sorts of needs and requirements and does so without compromising on quality. IKEA believes that the home is the most important place for an individual and that our children are the most important people, and thus maintains its reputation for offering the perfect household solutions you may need for any situation.


  1. Product Highlights

The IKEA SNIGLAR crib is an award-winning, safe and non-toxic crib made entirely of unfinished beechwood. Weighing around 40 pounds, it is one of the most lightweight cribs in its range and meets all US and international standards and cost just $80 while being eco-friendly and designed for customers with varying tastes. Like most IKEA products, the SNIGLAR crib is very easy to assemble and provides sturdiness, comfort, and style all rolled into one package. It comes with the option to place the mattress at two different heights, which is convenient for parents who want a way to interact with their child on the crib or sleep undisturbed and cozy.

Besides, it also features a method to convert the crib into a bed by removing one side of the railing. However, note that doing so will open up the mattress on one side and offers little to no protection for your child in the case he or she rolls off while sleeping. This conversion is only suitable if you have extra safety measures in place or your child is old enough to climb in and out of bed easily. The crib does not come with a mattress and bed linens which have to be bought separately and is recommended you buy them from IKEA as well for a well-finished and complete product set.

  1. Pricing

Made to safety standards, the IKEA SNIGLAR crib is the most popular choice for thousands of parents who focus on affordability and freedom from harmful materials that might affect their children. It is one of the best budget choices in the market at around $80 and a go-to for new parents all around the world. Instead of blowing your savings on a ridiculously expensive crib for your child that costs more than your own bed, you are better off investing in this softwood option and buying all the accessories along with it for the perfect solution. The crib mattress for it can be found from IKEA as well, and measures around 27”x52” and fits perfectly into the crib providing a comfortable nest for your child.

  1. Material

The IKEA SNIGLAR crib consists entirely of harmless beechwood, apart from a few assembling parts, and complies with all safety requirements and has been tested for lead and other harmful substances, along with tests for structural integrity and proper weight support. The crib also has wooden slats for its mattress support instead of metal ones, which make the crib firmer and more supportive as a whole. One downside, however, is the low mattress height option which can make it difficult to reach your child or tend to him in any scenario. Although the crib measures at around 33”, the lower mattress setting can be uncomfortable for shorter people or parents with back issues to reach as it is mere inches off the floor. If made a little taller, the IKEA SNIGLAR crib would have been the perfect choice for a budget crib with excellent features.

  1. Product Review

A regular complaint with customers regarding this product is often its availability. Due to its popular nature, the IKEA SNIGLAR crib is often out-of-stock and parents that tend to pick it as a last-minute decision find it hard to actually find it at any store. It is recommended you order this a few months in advance so, even if you end up buying a better crib, you can always have it returned as is without even opening up the packaging.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Easy to assemble and setup
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
  • Adjustable mattress height


  • Not immensely sturdy
  • No railing protection when converting the crib to a toddler bed
  • Lower mattress height uncomfortable to reach
  • Often out of stock due to popularity and cheap price


Admittedly, the IKEA SNIGLAR crib has lesser options and features than other popular cribs on the market but at the price of under $100, it provides a considerably supportive and safe option as your child’s resting place. With a modern and simple design, you can leave it as it is with a sleek and minimal wood finish or spruce it up with personal linen and covers of your choosing. Providing a safe and toxic-free environment, the IKEA SNIGLAR crib is an excellent choice of the crib that will satisfy your needs and provide a sturdy and fitting solution for your child’s needs.

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