IKEA SLATTUM Bed Frame Review


IKEA SLATTUM Bed Frame Review

IKEA SLATTUM Bed Frame Review

IKEA makes some of the most durable, and minimalistic furniture that is a good addition to any sort of bedroom. If you are not a fan of those lavish styling in your house and bedroom, IKEA would be a perfect choice for you as they are unbeatable in terms of pricing, durability, and quality. One such product offered by IKEA is its SLATTUM bed frame.

IKEA SLATTUM Bed Frame Review


The IKEA SLATTUM bed frame is full size that is easy to assemble that would allow you to have the perfect modern look for your main bedroom or guest room. The bed does not take much space and it is upholstered in soft woven fabric to bring a cozy feeling to your bedroom. The headboard also serves as a comfy backrest that would allow you to work or read on the bed without getting yourself tired.

Further, the IKEA SLATTUM bed frame is designed by David Wahl for comfort, cleanliness, and durability. You can easily vacuum under the bed frame to keep it dust free and clean. The best part is, it still leaves you with lots of space to store anything you want under the bed and don’t make a mess of it. The whole package comes packed together for your convenience.


The salient features that you must know about before buying this bed are:


It is one of the most durable beds that you can get your hands on. The headboard is made of Steel, Felt Liner, filled with polyurethane foam, and have polyester wadding on it to ensure comfort and durability at once. The footboard is made of steel to strengthen the bed. The lining is 100% polypropylene that is built to last and mid beam is made of steel with an epoxy coating so you can enjoy a comfortable experience with durability. Slats are joined together with Layer-glued wood veneer to have the same comfort and looks even after years of usage.


Design is second to none in terms of class and durability. This is the perfect bed you can have if you want to have a minimalistic bed that gets the job done and lasts for years. You can enjoy having the comfort, durability, and convenience all in a single place with this IKEA SLATTUM bed design. The design on this bed makes it easy to assemble, use, and maintain with no hassle at all.

Build Quality

IKEA would never compromise on Build Quality and you can expect the same standards on this IKEA SLATTUM bed as well with a bit of improvement. Each aspect on this bed frame is considered while making this bed and with one good look, you can have the feeling that this thing is going to last.


A commendable job is done on the finishing of this IKEA SLATTUM bed. Despite having a minimalistic design, the bed packs all the comfort that you can expect and there are several components involved that are not that easy to make. IKEA still managed to live up to its standards and finishing the job is greatly done from headboard to each beam on this bed frame.


The best part about IKEA SLATTUM bed frame is the packaging. You won't need to have any center beams or any other parts to assemble and use this bed. It comes in a single package where you get everything you need. The packaging is ensuring to endure the transit but it is easy to unwrap and you can assemble it without any help too.

Pros of IKEA SLATTUM bed frame

These are some of the pros that you are not going to find on the product page, but you must know these from the user-based experience.


IKEA is the name of comfort and as you can see on the product page, there are too many features about this bead that add value to your comfort. You get to have the best headboard experience even if you want to work on your bed and the right sleeping posture with the design of this bed.


The IKEA SLATTUM bed is easy to maintain as there are no bells and whistles attached to it. You can just assemble it, put on a mattress, and have the right bed that goes with your sense of interior design and matches your minimalistic interior. The gray on the bead head goes with every color of paint that you might have for your home.


This is the right bed for you to have if you want the right bang for your bucks. You can assemble or disassemble it in no time. You can sleep on the bed, rest your back against the bed head and read a book or do some pending work with comfort and coziness. The bed is a nice addition to have as the height of this bed allows you to clean under it efficiently without having to go through much trouble.


This bed is the perfect choice for you if you are on the budget. You can see on the product page that it comes with everything that you might need to assemble the bed. So, you will not have to worry about those extra expenses of getting center beams and stuff. You get the right bed that is comfortable and will last you for long without breaking your bank at all.


Simple and minimalistic furniture is being trendy these days as no one wants to have a big bulky bed sitting in their bedrooms. This bed goes well with any type of interior design that you might have and adds the right value to your room interior. It fits well with aesthetics and gives you a warm, cozy feeling just by looking at it.

CONs of IKEA SLATTUM bed frame

Cons are always there and the only con we could find about this bed frame was

Too simple

This bedhead is too simple and lacks any side tables, storage compartments. This is just a bed that you can sleep on or rest your back to work on but a little bit of some side tables with drawers or storage compartment under the bed could be a welcomed addition.

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