8 Quick Fixes For IKEA Shower Rack Suction Cups Not Sticking

IKEA Shower Rack Suction Cups not Sticking
IKEA Shower Rack Suction Cups not Sticking

If you have recently purchased an IKEA shower rack and found that the suction cups are not sticking, don’t worry – you’re not alone. This is a common problem with these racks, but there are several ways to troubleshoot and solve it.

We’ll discuss some of the most common solutions to this issue.

IKEA Shower Rack Suction Cups Not Sticking

We hope that by following these tips, you will be able to get your shower rack up and running in no time!

Common reasons why the Suction Cups don’t stick include the following:

  • Dirty or smooth surfaces
  • The wrong type of suction cup for the surface
  • Suction cups not positioned correctly
  • Damaged suction cups
  •  The surface is not clean; make sure you clean the surface where you want to place the suction cups. Make sure there is no dirt, grime, soap residue or any other substance that could prevent them from sticking effectively.
  • You’re not using the correct Suction type. To avoid this issue, Use the right suction cup for your surface – some are designed for smooth surfaces such as tile or glass, while others work better on textured surfaces such as shower walls. Make sure you’re properly placing the suction cups. Position them in the center and press firmly before hanging anything on the rack. 
  • Check to see if they are securely attached before weighing them. 
  •  The suction cups are damaged; it may be time to replace them. Luckily, these can often be found at your local hardware store or online.
  •  In addition, using adhesive hooks as an alternative to the suction cups can provide a secure hold for your shower rack. These can be found at most home improvement stores.
  • Inspect your suction cups for any damage – cracks, loose pieces, etc. – and replace them as needed. Following these tips should help prevent the IKEA shower rack suction cups from sticking, but if you continue to have trouble, read the detailed explanation below to get an idea of how to troubleshoot the issue yourself. 

If you’re encountering a similar problem, here are a few solutions to try:


  1. Follow the Proper Installation Guide

One of the most common reasons why IKEA shower racks’ suction cups don’t stick is that they aren’t installed correctly.

Follow the instructions carefully when installing your rack, and pay special attention to the placement of the suction cups.

Place them on a clean, dry surface for the best results. The suction cups may not adhere properly if the surface is not clean or dry.

Make sure you take care of these little details, and your rack should have no problem staying in place.

2. Choose the Right Suction Cups

Different types of suction cups are available on the market, and not all of them will work with IKEA shower racks. Purchase the correct type of suction cup for your rack. The best kind is a vinyl suction cup with a metal hook.

installation guide

These suction cups have the best chance of adhering to IKEA’s racks and staying in place.

3. Position the Suction Cups Correctly

Make sure you’re positioning the suction cups correctly on your shower rack. They should be placed in the center of each shelving unit and pressed firmly onto the surface before hanging anything from them.

The suction cups should be correctly placed for them to work properly. They should be positioned at the top corners of the shower rack as this. It will give them the best chance of gripping the surface.

Ensure they are not obstructed by anything preventing them from working correctly.

4. Replace Damaged Suction Cups

If the suction cups are damaged or worn, they may not be able to grip the surface properly. In this case, it’s best to replace them with new ones for a secure hold.


5. Adhesive Hooks can be an Alternative.

If you’re still encountering issues with the suction cups not sticking, try using adhesive hooks as an alternative. These hooks will adhere to the surface and provide a secure hold for your shower rack.

While they may not be as visually appealing as suction cups, they can provide a reliable solution to the problem.

6. Check for Leaks

Another common reason why IKEA shower racks’ suction cups don’t stick is that leaks are present. Before installation, check the suction cups for any cracks or holes. If you find any, discard them and replace them with new ones.

It’sIt’s also important to check the seals around the edge of the shower rack. If there are gaps or cracks, water can leak through and cause the suction cups to lose grip.

7. Replace Worn Out Suction Cups

Over time, the suction cups on IKEA shower racks can wear out and become less effective. Get a replacement if you’ve had your frame for a while and the suction cups are not sticking.

You can find replacement suction cups at most hardware stores or online.

8. Use Suction Cup Adhesive

If you’ve tried all the tips mentioned above and the suction cups still won’t stick, you can try using suction cup adhesive. This special adhesive is designed to help suction cups adhere better to surfaces.

10. Use Boiling Water To Fix Suction Cups

If the suction cups on your IKEA shower rack are still not sticking, you can try using boiling water. This method is slightly different, but it can sometimes work wonders.

Carefully pour boiling water over the suction cups. Ensure the water covers the suction cups and not the whole rack. Let the rack sit for a few minutes, then try to install it again. 

Hopefully, the suction cups will now be sticking!

If none of these tips work, it may be time for a new shower rack. Don’t give up – we hope one of these solutions will solve your suction cup sticking issue!

boiling water

11. Stick Cups to Surfaces or Glass

If you’re still having trouble getting your suction cups to stick, there is one more trick you can try. Apply a small amount of liquid soap to the suction cup before pressing it onto the surface or glass.

The soap creates a temporary seal and can help the suction cup adhere better.

As always, make sure the surface is clean before trying this method. Follow these tips to keep your IKEA shower rack secure and stable, and you’ll be able to enjoy a convenient storage solution in your bathroom.

Another solution is to try sticking the suction cups to surfaces or glass. This can be done by using double-sided tape or another adhesive.

Once the suction cups are stuck to the surface, you should be able to install the rack without any problem.

shower glass

What different varieties of suction cups does IKEA offer?

IKEA offers vinyl suction cups with metal hooks and plastic suction cups with plastic hooks. They also provide adhesive hooks as an alternative option for securing shower racks.

Are customers satisfied with IKEA suction cups?

It seems that satisfaction with IKEA suction cups varies. Some customers have had success with them, while others have had issues with the suction cups not sticking or wearing out quickly.

It may be worth trying out different mounting options, such as adhesive hooks if you experience problems with the suction cups.

To prevent this issue from occurring, consider the following:

  • Use suction cup adhesive to help the cups stick better
  • Check for leaks before installation and repair them accordingly
  • Replace worn-out suction cups
  • Stick the cups to surfaces or glass with double-sided tape or another type of adhesive

We hope these tips will help you get your IKEA shower rack up and running in no time! If you have any other questions, contact us. We would be more than happy to help!

What happens if IKEA suction cups don’t stick?

If the suction cups on an IKEA shower rack do not stick, it may be necessary to try using adhesive or sticking them onto surfaces with double-sided tape. It is also important to check for leaks and replace worn-out suction cups.


If none of these solutions work, it may be time for a new shower rack.

What is the average lifespan of IKEA cups?

The average life span of IKEA suction cups can vary, depending on the weight and how well they are maintained.

Some customers have reported that their suction cups have lasted for several years, while others have had issues with them wearing out quickly.

Proper maintenance, such as periodically checking for leaks and replacing worn-out cups, can help extend their life span.

To Sum it Up:

  • Consider using suction cup adhesive to improve adhesion
  • Check for leaks before installation and repair them accordingly
  • Replace worn-out suction cups
  • Stick the cups to surfaces or glass with double-sided tape or other adhesive.
  • If problems persist, contact IKEA customer service for further assistance.

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