IKEA SAGSTUA Bed Frame Review


IKEA SAGSTUA Bed Frame Review

IKEA SAGSTUA Bed Frame Review

Shopping for bed frames and every other furniture pieces get quite frustrating when you are given too many good choices to pick from. No one wants to risk their comfort by picking the wrong bed frame. However, it would be good if you are more inclined towards online shopping. Speaking of stylish looking yet comfortable bed frames, IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame comes to the show.

IKEA's brand is famous for its extremely affordable furniture sets and especially bed frames. Putting them together is quite easy as each little detail is enlisted precisely into the user manual. For reasons like these, we recommend you to shop for your bed frame from IKEA furniture store. The proficiency and ease of assembly are some top qualities for you to select the IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame!

Not everyone has got plenty of time in their hands to spend 10 hours looking for a bed frame that suits them. We have you covered with our review of the IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame. In this article, we have highlighted the main and captivating features of the IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame to make your purchase much easier.

IKEA SAGSTUA Bed Frame Review


Appearance Of IKEA SAGSTUA Bed Frame

When you lay your eyes on this bed frame, for a moment it would look like one of those old house bed frames- truly majestic and nostalgic! If you are looking forward to keeping things light and cozy, then IKEA SAGSTUA is genuinely the best pick for you.

  1. Brass Twisted Design

This bed frame is entangled with a brass twist which makes it look even cooler. The headboard and the sideways curve up to give the bed a majestic look.

  1. Smooth And Sturdy Design

The overall appearance and design are supremely robust. However, the brass-colored spread upon the frame softens the sturdy sensation of steel giving it a soft and smooth look.

  1. Linen Fabric Covered

When you cover your SAGSTUA bed frame up with the linen fabric, it doubles the enchantment of your bed as well as your room.

  1. Available Colors

The bed frame is available in generic colors of white and black.

  1. Thick Frame Tubing

The IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame is crafted with thick tubing which adds a traditional essence to its appearance. Moreover, the strong and sturdy silhouette which is balanced with brass coloration details completes the final touch for the bed frame.

Features And Specifications Of IKEA SAGSTUA Bed Fram

Following are in-depth features and specifications of this bed frame for you to examine:

  1. Powder Coated Steel

Your bed frame gets extra strength and sturdiness with the power-coated steeling. It maintains the rigidity and toughness of the bed frame.

  1. High Headboard

The IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame is equipped with a high headboard which enables you to sit quite comfortably in your bed. Indeed, much thanks to its high headboard. All you would need is to prop up some pillows behind your back. That’s it! You have set the most comfortable place to read or to binge-watch your favorite TV program.

  1. Extra Space For Sheets

With this bed frame, you have got plenty of space under your bed which you can use for storing the boxes. There you can stow some extra quilts and sheets for future use.

  1. Headboard And Footboard

You have given the choice to either pick the mattress comfort or not. You are free to choose whatever suits you. How? Because the high headboard and footboard work together with all kinds of mattresses having distinct thicknesses.

  1. High Footboard

IKEA brand cares for you! IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame is crafted with high footboard which makes sure that you do not fall off from your bed onto the floor while you are asleep. Isn’t it amazing? Do not miss out on such an amazingly crafted bed frame.

  1. Compatibility With Other Furniture In The Room

This bed frame is quite compatible with the rest of the furniture in your room. It reflects the charm of them. It is your choice to prefer bold or romantic. This exceptional and fully versatile bed frame is going to look great with your room’s textiles and bedroom furniture.

  1. Cost-Effectivity

This bed frame is quite cost-effective. The given combination of SKORVA mid-beam is left for you to choose. However, it is one isolated product which you can pick from the IKEA’s shelf at the store.

Although, if you are thinking to buy the bed frame via the website, SKORVA mid-beam would be included in the delivery package you receive. But remember that the slatted bed bases along with the comfortable mattresses are sold separately.

  1. Designer Of IKEA SAGSTUA Bed Frame

The bed frame is designed by IKEA of Sweden/Paulin Machado.

  1. Manufacturing Material Ensuring Ultimate Care

IKEA ensures ultimate care for its customers. Here is the detailed description of manufacturing material for you to look at:

Headboard And footboards

The primary parts and aspects are manufactured with Steel and coated with Epoxy or polyester powder.


Feet are made with Polypropylene.

Bed Frame sides

The sideways of the bed frame are created with steel and the definite coating of Epoxy or polyester powder.

Center support beam

The bed frame is created with special care. The mid-beam is crafted precisely with the Galvanized steel which ensures total safety for as much load as possible.

Bedsides and center support beams

You can maintain complete hygiene by simply wiping your center beam clean using a damp cloth along with the mild cleaner. After that, wipe it dry with a clean dry cloth.

  1. Packaging And Assembling

The packaging for the IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame comes with three packages. You can assemble your frame with the help of this link https://www.ikea.com/us/en/assembly_instructions/sagstua-head-and-footboard__AA-2095409-2_pub.pdf.

Pros of IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame

  • Robust steel designing
  • High headboard and footboard
  • check
    Extra space for putting sheets

CONs of IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame

  • Steel construction might get old with time
  • Brass Twist can get ruined with time


If you are looking for a bed frame that gives 100% comfort along with the robustness and majestic look; the IKEA SAGSTUA bed frame is the best pick for you. It comes at an affordable price of $149.

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