IKEA RUNNEN Decking Review


IKEA RUNNEN Decking Review

IKEA RUNNEN Decking Review

With the Swedish giant’s tenacity to approach every aspect of living space with innovation, style, and ease, you can expect to transform your house however you choose and enable you to live in an environment of modern design with sustainability and quality as its focus. Even better, IKEA offers all this at incredibly affordable prices and acts as an alternative to quality-rich, over-priced options that end up in huge expenses.

Like these economical tiles, which are a great way to renovate your outdoor area or cover up unseemly concrete areas or damaged floor while still preventing you from spending insane amounts of money for high-end materials and labor or getting the whole flooring done as a whole. The RUNNEN tiles by IKEA provide tiles in decking material that can help you create a lusher and more aesthetic view to your main hangout area and won't even break the bank.

IKEA is known to provide the entire world’s customers with extraordinary home solution products like these, at amazing prices very much in line with their philosophy and motto that prioritizes easier and better living accessible to as many people possible. They believe that the home is the most vital part of someone’s life and creating the perfect environment that suits your needs while using as little resources and causing an as little effect to nature, provides for exceptional energy and living conditions. All their products embody this and a certain percentage of them are made from renewable materials that get the job done well. The RUNNEN decking tiles are no different.

IKEA RUNNEN Decking Review


The outdoor tiles are featured as a low-priced method to upgrade your porch or patio with durable material that is enough to last seasons with regular maintenance. IKEA RUNNEN decking tiles can refresh the look of any space, depending on what variant you buy, and can even be cut to fit around objects or corners. They're basically interlocking tiles (measuring 12”x12”) and are sold as singles or packs, with different textures and looks and edges that snap together and stay firm and stable even underweight.


A budget-friendly alternative to expensive decks, these tiles are suitable for hard and tough surface areas like concrete, cement floors, or wood paneling. IKEA RUNNEN tiles consist of a top layer of acacia wood and a base of polypropylene, tough material with good heat and chemical resistance, and similar moisture absorption, which makes these tiles an ideal solution for outdoor flooring. And to top it off, they cost around a quarter less than getting actual wood tiles. The tiles are extremely easy to install and take apart if need be, and come 9 pieces a pack are a great price of roughly $25. You can either choose one color for the whole area, or mix up different variants to create your personal look, but note they are not recommended for indoor use at all even if you can walk barefoot on them with ease and comfort.

First and foremost, the pricing of the tiles is inherently very reasonable for the type of renovation they are providing and the materials used. An affordable solution to your household needs, they offer a fresh look and feel to your area which is hard to pass out on.

Material and Wear

The surface of the tiles possesses enough grip and traction for frequent foot traffic and basic furniture but is prone to slippage as compared to that of traditional floor tiles. The tiles deal relatively well with staining and withstanding pressure, but the surface is prone to scratch marks, and a constant routine of people and moving furniture will result in increasingly quick damage and surface wear.

A legit test consisting of prolonged UV and rain exposure has also resulted in swift degradation of tiles and they seem unable to last a set of season changes. Similarly, the plastic base material of the tiles worse in wear to a traditional composite deck. Despite looking and feeling smooth and firm, the plastic sags a little under the weight after a certain amount of use and you can feel it when walking across the tile.

Considering the plastic nature of the tiles, you would expect some wear after outdoor exposure but not this significant and not in much less time. However, with regular polish and maintenance, you can attempt to conserve the life of the panel as much as you can and have them replaced easily whenever feasible. If you wish to make this a one-time investment that you wish you get through at least a few years, it would be worth to get actual wooden tiles for roughly 3x the price, but with the guarantee that they would last well with adequate maintenance.

The visual aesthetic, however, is adequately maintained and after installation of the tiles, the entire look and feel of the area feels different and changed. With matching furniture, the tiles look great and offer a great space to entertain guests or relax in the sun. The deck tiles form a comfortable and easy space without having to worry about cleaning as the tiles are fairly easy to clean with soap and dry cloth. You may need to fix up the color of the surface layer here and there or apply a coating polish regularly to keep the color from fading.


In conclusion, the RUNNEN tiles seem like the ideal solution and offer a great alternative to traditional tiles as far as appearance and style go. The durability could have been better but considering the materials, the product functions well for its worth within a workable price range and provides a great design for outdoor areas.

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