IKEA MYRBACKA Mattress Review


IKEA MYRBACKA Mattress Review

IKEA MYRBACKA Mattress Review

As far as sleeping requirements are concerned, the economy and luxury don’t always come together to give you the best result. Luxurious solutions to sleeping necessities often require enhanced quality and in turn demands expensive materials and design from the maker which can result in heavy price tags for the buyers. Finding a mattress that balances affordability with richness can be a tough task, but actually managing to get one that provides both exceptional support and comfort without blowing through your budget is definitely worth it.

IKEA MYRBACKA Mattress Review


IKEA sets out to do just that with its Myrbacka series, providing a durable option made from high-end foam material as compared to other mattresses within this price range. Although the material and design on the Myrbacka memory foam are not on par with pricy luxury mattresses, it still offers comfort and function far better than the usual polyfoam products on sale.

IKEA is a Swedish company and mostly all its products, including mattresses, are designed and manufactured in Sweden. Their priority on designing innovative and varying bedding products has enabled them to keep customers from around the world happy and content with their purchases, providing products that cater to diverse sleeping, style, and budget needs.

The company prides itself on its quality and affordable pricing, so much so that the company’s motto is “To create a better everyday life for the many people”. They even focus on preserving resources and energy, in order to make a healthy and conserving lifestyle for all its customers. The IKEA Myrbacka mattress series lives up these traits and offers quality bedding at an amazingly low price without compromising on comfort or form.

The Myrbacka lineup from IKEA features two variants, one incorporating memory foam while the other uses latex, and comes in 3 different models based on the size of the mattress. While the constituent materials are comparatively low-tier as seen next to most luxury mattresses, the mattress still strives to perform better than normal polyfoam products and offers great comfort and support to customers looking for a sleeping solution under a budget. It comes in 3 different sizes: King (76” x 80”- priced at $650), Queen (60” x 80” - priced at $450), and Full (53” x 75” - priced at $480).

Benefits and features

Memory Foam

The IKEA Myrbacka mattress is a 9” thick mattress comprising of a 3” thick comfort layer of high-tier memory foam which offers better adherence to body weight and shape than regular polyurethane mattresses. The foam contours your body structure precisely and molds itself for better support of pressure points and movement absorption. Below the memory foam, a layer of polyfoam backs up the memory foam providing firm support for customers with backache or those that prefer sleeping on their side. Thus, IKEA has given the Myrbacka Memory Foam mattress a “firm” classification.

The fact that it does not have gel memory foam is unfortunate since it will get hot in use especially in countries with a warmer climate. The design, however, incorporates a considerate amount of lamb’s wool filling which helps with temperature regulation and soothes the surface of the mattress and provides a softer feel to it.


The Myrbacka has an overall thickness of 9.5” which is relatively greater than most of IKEA’s low-price range products and handles the weight of users of all body types reasonably well. The blend of memory foam, polyfoam, wool filling, and Rayon fiber wadding culminate to provide a depth that performs exceedingly well in providing comfort and support in all the right areas.


The decent thickness of the mattress allows it to bear the sleeper’s weight for a considerable period of time before the shape or form starts to distort od show signs of wear. The Rayon wadding helps absorb most of the force exerted on the mattress and prevents it from sagging or losing shape over time. However, the low-density memory foam layer will eventually lose its supportive characteristic more quickly than luxury mattresses and the 3” layer will show signs of sagging after prolonged extreme use.

Maintenance and Packaging

Unlike other mattress products from IKEA the Myrbacka series does not ship roll-packed, meaning it will run up additional shipping charges when getting it delivered to your home by truck. But on the plus side, this means you won’t have to wait for it to expand to its original size and can put it to use immediately after assigning a proper base or slate under it.

It also has removable covers, which are easier to clean after taking them off and offer ease in keeping your mattress clean and spot-free.

Refund Policy & Warranty

The Myrbacka mattress, like others from IKEA, comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee if the customer is unsatisfied or comes across a manufacturing fault in the product. You can also disregard the refund and get it exchanged with a brand-new mattress, but that can only be done once. Furthermore, IKEA offers a 25-year warranty on all its mattresses covering design faults or material inconsistencies. This only applies to domestic use of the product and requires the original receipt and photo ID to be availed.

IKEA Myrbacka Mattress Pros & Cons

We'll discuss the most advantages and disadvantages of buying the Myrbacka Memory Foam mattress to give a clear outline of its features and shortcomings.

Pros of IKEA MYRBACKA Mattress

  • Very affordable considering its materials.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Helpful in alleviating back and joint pain.
  • Offers well-designed motion isolation.
  • Very few issues with durability compared to other IKEA products.
  • Limited warranty for 25 years.
  • 365 days trial/refund period.


  • Memory foam thickness significantly lower than most luxury mattresses.
  • Does not feature firm edge support.
  • Temperature regulation is minimal.
  • Not suitable for customers with orthopedic needs regarding back and neck.

In conclusion, the Myrbacka memory foam mattress offers a great deal within a budget considering the higher end materials it’s made off and provides incredible support and comfort as compared to other mattresses in the same range, albeit still not as good as high-tier products on the market. With its affordable price tag and multiple size options to choose from, the Myrbacka offers a great sleeping solution for the average consumer.

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