IKEA is your go-to brand if you are looking for the furniture of any kind that does not only get the job done for you but is also a class apart in style and comfort. They are doing an impeccable job with their modern style minimalistic furniture with a whole buffet of options to choose from.



IKEA got tons of options for you in any bed size that you might want. It rests upon your wishes and the style you want for a bed to have. This king-size bed frame is a dream for any homeowner as it does not only add the right value to the beauty of your bedroom but is also great with providing you a comfortable and flawless sleep every night. The decision of choosing the right bed for you is not that simple as comfort exceeds any other thing in value, but you also want to have the right design and aesthetics for your home to look beautiful and enticing.

This IKEA KVALFJORD bed frame is a perfect choice to have for your master bedroom, as it offers a full-size headboard that is going to add additional comfort for you and cover up the wall behind as well.


You must want to know all the features of a product that you are looking to purchase and KVALFJORD got tons of enticing features that can impact your decision-making process including:


This bed presents you with a soft upholstered headboard that can allow you to rest your back on it and watch the TV or do some work. Added 17 layer-glued slats adjust according to your body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress every night for you. The slatted bed base gets you the right comfort and strength for two persons to sleep on it comfortably without any worries. The covers are 77% cotton and 23% polyester that is washable.

You get Solid pine on the bed frame and Beech Veneer on the bed base to add comfort and durability to your sleeping experience on this bed.


Oriental bed headboards were thought to be extinct in the modern traditions of simple and minimalistic interiors but the same cannot be said for this bed. The bed contains tons of added features in the design that make it a perfect choice for your home. The lowered height with oriental bed head makes it the right choice to have in your modern style home. Needless to say, the soft headboard adds a sense of coziness around you at all times.

Build Quality

IKEA is a pioneer of making furniture and you can expect all the efforts put forward towards each piece of furniture being offered under the brand. Similarly, this bed frame as mentioned on the product page is a combination of traditional design combined with modern-day manufacturing techniques.


The bed got great finishing on each aspect that would make you want it more the more you look at it. From the headboard to its wooden polished legs, you will not find the tiniest flaw on any of the spots ever.


The product comes with 5 separate packages under this price tag that include all the legs for your bed that you need to assemble, the bed frame of course that has all the components including footboard, headboard, and sides of the bed frame. You also get the bed cover that is removable and washable for easy maintenance. Including in the price, you will also be delivered the LUROY Slatted bed base and Center Support beam from SKORVA that would save you tons on purchasing these separately if you go with some other furniture brand.

Pros of IKEA KVALFJORD bed frame

The pros that one will get if they choose to buy this bed are but not limited to:


With a soft and cozy headboard that is oriental and added extra length, silk cover for the whole bed frame, and needless to say the lowered height on this bed, you can get the most comfortable sleep of your life. Slatted bed base adjusts to your body weight ultimately contributing for you to have additional comfort and coziness. You can sit upright, or sleep on this bed comfortably any day.


You can wash the sheets easily by unzipping them so you will never have to deal with a bed that is dirty. The convenient design allows the bed to be moved easily and you can also store all the pillows and extra quills under the bed.


This is the perfect king size bed that could also serve as a bedroom couch for you. You can relax your legs and sit upright watching TV, doing some work or have your late-night reads without having to strain your back at all. It can be assembled without any hassles so you don’t need to worry about having the appropriate know-how to manage the bed.


This is a complete deal for you at a price that is hard to beat. The bed is not just a short-term investment but you can expect it to last for years providing you the same comfort and coziness that you get from the first day on this bed. It will save you tons in maintenance as you can simply wash off the bed cover and have your bed as good as new whenever you want it to.


The oriental bedhead is a dream for most people to have for their home as it adds a noticeable sense of coziness and comfort to your mood. It would match perfectly with any sort of home interior. The color scheme on wood polish and covers would be the right blend for your home theme, regardless it is dark or light.

CONs of IKEA KVALFJORD bed frame

The con that you might have to face with this bed frame would be

Extended bedhead

Oriental bedhead might be a dream for some but it would really hide the background wall for you and you cannot hang a painting there if you want to. You will need wall support behind the bed as well at all times.   

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