IKEA KURA Bed Frame Review


IKEA KURA Bed Frame Review

IKEA KURA Bed Frame Review

Shopping for toddler’s bed is always time-taking. People are encountered with too many options that it gets difficult for them to pick one and a better one. However, here is a piece of good news for you. IKEA has solved this issue for you by presenting their toddler’s bed named IKEA KURA. This bed frame’s specialty is that it grows with your kid. IKEA KURA bed frame fits the requirement of almost every kid’s age group. In this article, we are going to give you an in-depth vision of the IKEA KURA bed frame. To have a deep insight into this bed frame, you are requested to stay with us until the end.

IKEA is well known for its creative collection of furniture. When it comes to bed frames, the quality and standard that IKEA bed frames provide is impeccable and can be easily seen through its extensive variety of bed frames. IKEA’s KURA bed frame is the most versatile bed frame for toddlers. It has a special tendency to hold and perform reversible actions. To wrap it up, it is the best gift you can buy for your toddler.

Without getting further late, let’s get you to in-depth features and specifications of IKEA’s KURA bed frame.

IKEA KURA Bed Frame Review


Appearance And Design Of IKEA’s KURA bed frame

The bed is double-story. You can turn it or reverse it if you have twins. Although, the overall design seems quite simple yet pretty much suited for your toddler’s room. The IKEA KURA bed frame is created with white pine wood.

  1. Reversible Design

The design of IKEA’s KURA bed frame is reversible which makes it quite easy for the mothers to either split it or keep it intact.

  1. Available Colors

Right now the IKEA KURA bed frame is available in dark blue.

Features And Specifications Of The IKEA KURA Bed Frame

Here are the in-depth specs and features of the IKEA KURA bed frame. Examine each one feature to make your purchase much easier:

  1. Flexible Flipping Feature

The IKEA’s budget-friendly KURA bed frame might not be too extensive to look at. However, this is one of IKEA’s most humble bed frame. How? Because of the KURA's hidden talent which is its feature of the ultimate flipping.

  1. IKEA KURA Bed Frame Grows With Your Children

This IKEA KURA bed frame is perfectly suited for your toddlers. Why? Just you’re your child is growing, your toddler-friendly bed frame will grow with it as well. How? You can turn it upside down after your child is grown.

  1. Canopy-Framed Box Bed

You can also make a play corner within no time for your toddler to get all cozy. With your canopy-framed bed box, you can find an accessible space for your kids to play with their toys.

  1. KURA Bed Frame Acts As A Bunk Bed

With almost no tools required, you can add up another mattress. And BOOM! The safest possible toddler bunk bed is ready. Moreover, it is your choice to dress your KURA bunk bed with multi-colored bed frame tents. The tents are available at quite affordable prices depending upon the styles you prefer.

  1. KURA Bed Frame As Low Bed And High Bed

With IKEA’s KURA bed frame, you have the freedom to turn your bed frame upside down to immediately convert it to a high bed. However, when your toddler has grown to a six-seven years old boy, you can make it a look like a loft bed. Isn’t it amazing? You don’t want to miss out on such bed, right? Settle up your toddler’s room with the IKEA’s KURA bed frame.

  1. IKEA KURA Bed Frame Cares For Your Toddler’s Safety

IKEA KURA’s bed frame is created to protect your toddler’s safety. How? It is made with quite a flexibility that protects your kids from having their head stuck. This flexibility avoids serious injury.

  1. IKEA KURA Bed Frame Designer

IKEA KURA bed frame is designed by T Christensen/K Legaard.

  1. IKEA KURA Bed Frame Manufacturing Material Ensuring Care

Here is how the parts of the IKEA KURA bed frame is manufactured:

Main parts

The main parts are made with Solid pine, Adhesive, and Clear acrylic lacquer

Bed base slats

Bed bases are made with solid pine and Adhesive material.


You are free to paint your non-traditional bunk bed with fiberboard, acrylic paint, and paper foil.

You can always wipe clean it with a damp cloth making sure you do it with a dry cloth.

  1. Eco-Friendly

The entire bed frame is made with a renewable material. The product can be recycled easily with power recovery.

  1. Tip For The Customers

The IKEA customers are recommended to look up these tips while purchasing the KURA bed frame set:

  • Although, the users are recommended to distance their bed and the room’s wall should always be less than 2½" or more than 9.
  • Make sure that you do not specify high beds and the upper bed of bunk or loft beds for the children less than 6 years old. Doing so might increase the risks of injury to your kids by falling off.
  • When your package arrives, make sure to check that slatted bed base in your package when you receive your delivery.
  • When you purchase the IKEA KURA bed frame, reassure yourself to buy mattresses and bedlinens. Why? They are mostly sold separately.
  • The best way you can use the IKEA KURA bed frame with KURA bed-canopy.
  • The users are asked to take care of the maximum load they exert on their bed frame. The total weight must be static.


If you want to comfort your toddler with the sturdy and yet most comfortable bed, then the IKEA KURA bed frame is beyond perfect choice for you. it comes with impeccable features that prove that it is the most versatile bed for the toddlers. The hidden power-feature of the IKEA KURA bed frame is that you can flip it to form a bunk bed anytime. Moreover, this bed frame suits children of almost all age groups.

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