IKEA KRITTER Bed Frame Review


IKEA KRITTER Bed Frame Review

IKEA KRITTER Bed Frame Review

We have to face the issue of space in most metropolitan areas where there is enough employment to put your food on your plate, but you can't have those huge bedrooms or houses. Studios are in fashion these days in terms of affordability, utility, and of course, having your own space instead of having to share a big bedroom with someone else. For such places, you cannot have a full-size bed such as a King or Queen as it would not fit in the place.

Needless to say, if you try fitting it somehow,  you will have to wrestle yourself in to get things done. Such a single bed is a perfect choice for you to have a comfortable sleep, without having to compromise on the living space.

IKEA KRITTER Bed Frame Review

IKEA makes the top furniture for every household. No matter what needs or wishlist you might have to get your home renovated, IKEA got you covered with that. This IKEA KRITTER bed frame is a perfect choice for those who don’t have space for a large bed in their bedrooms to have their way at a comfortable sleep with luxury and convenience. The bed is also perfect to put in your children’s room as it can fit a child of up to teenage. Even if your children are young, there is a guardrail that would prevent your child from falling out of the bed during their sleep.

Good sleep plays an important part in the healthy growth of any child, and that is the best gift you can give to your children. In addition to that, this bed frame will fit the dynamic interior of your children’s room and make it look more lively and cleaner.

Features of the Bed Frame

Some notable features that make this bed a perfect choice for any studio or children’s bedroom are:


The IKEA KRITTER bed frame and guard rail are made of fiberboard, painted with acrylic paint to ensure that the paint does not get off after years of use. It is easier to maintain as well as it can take a bit wear and tear and scratches being in your kid’s bedroom easily. The plastic parts are made up of High Impact Polystyrene that is able to withstand any impacts even if your kid is in a mood of a bit of light jumping.

The best thing is about a slatted bed base that makes it a wonderful choice for you to have. While not much attention is paid towards that in single beds, this IKEA KRITTER bed frame contains beech veneer and birch veneer with adhesive and glue that can adjust according to the bodyweight of your children to ensure comfortable and perfect sleep for them.


This is the right bed for any children’s bedroom as it does not cover much space at all. You can store their favorite toys and extra quilts under the bed as well to save some space and make their room look tidy. Not to mention it is a perfect choice for growing kids as well due to its large size, so you won’t have to change the bed for them for years.


IKEA makes the best designs when it comes to minimalism and modern styling. This IKEA KRITTER bed design is perfect for not only looking good, but it is designed to ensure that your children can have a peaceful and comfortable sleep every night.


The assembly on this IKEA KRITTER bed frame is pretty simple that enables you to install it without needing any handyman.


All the materials used on this bed are eco-friendly. You get natural wood on the bed that is supposed to last for years and is totally not harmful to your children or the environment in any way. You can rely on this IKEA KRITTER bed to last for years without causing you any sort of trouble.

Pros of IKEA KRITTER bed frame

You get tens of pros by choosing IKEA products, and they are unmatched by any other furnishing brand. To have a better look at some top pros for this bed frame, you need to read the following:


If you are looking to place this white bed in your children’s bedroom, you must be concerned about getting it cleaned as they are going to have their way on it. While it looks like white is not the right choice for children, it is not true for this bed frame. You can get it cleaned easily with no time at all using a damp cloth, and it will be as good as new.


IKEA is the name you go to when you are looking for quality products that are also affordable. This IKEA KRITTER bedframe  makes the most of its price as it is super comfortable, aesthetically designed with a convenient price tag. This would not only save you as a bundle purchase, but you will also save tons of bucks on maintenance.


White is the color that would go with any theme you might have for your kid's bedroom. Even if it is a dark theme, a simple light-colored theme or cartoons on the wall. White would blend in perfectly and allow you a room for personalization with the rest of the interior as you want it.

CONs of IKEA KRITTER bed frame

You get to face some cons as well on this product that are:


Some of the joining parts in the assembly are made of plastic to keep your kids safe. These will indeed be a better option for you than steel, but you might have to deal with replacing them after a few years of use as they can get loose over time.


The package deal does not include a mattress, and you will have to buy it separately. It would not be an easy task for you to find a mattress that would fit this bed frame, and that limits the choice of mattress for you.

The Bottom Line

This IKEA KRITTER bed frame is a great investment for you if you are looking to have a minimalistic bed frame for your kid's bedroom. It will not only go well with the aesthetics but will also help them get a good night's sleep for healthy growth.

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