IKEA KORSHAMN Headboard Review


IKEA KORSHAMN Headboard Review

IKEA KORSHAMN Headboard Review

Finding royalty and comfort in a single bed frame is quite hard as they both do not usually fit in together. However, many furniture brands have solved this issue yet most of the customers do not seem to be happy about their products. If you are one of those struggling customers, you have got our back! IKEA is the name of trust and comfort for its customers. Recently, IKEA has represented their KORSHAMN headboard which can superbly fit in your room.

In this review article, we have made sure to enlighten our readers with all the possible details about this majestic and superbly comfortable bed frame. You are longing to have an ancient French-style headboard with the best comforting features, right? There is nothing better choice than IKEA’s KORSHAMN headboard.

IKEA KORSHAMN Headboard Review


Available Sizes

IKEA KORSHAMN headboard is available in two sizes; King size and Queen sizes. The headboard for both of these might differ somehow which is why we have provided a separate description for both of them. You can pick anyone that suits your requirements.

Specifications And Features Of IKEA KORSHAMN Headboard

This comfort-oriented headboard can be availed in two sizes as discussed earlier. The things they have in common are sustainability, sturdiness, majesty, and total comfort. Here is the description highlighted separately to make your purchase much easier. Without any delay, let us get too in-depth description:

IKEA KORSHAMN Queen Size Headboard

If you are a fan of delicate bed frames with the medium-sized headboards, then IKEA KORSHAMN queen-sized headboard would be the best choice for you. Note that the queen-sized bed frame is Nordvalla dark beige colored

Here are the features:

  1. Total Comfort With Headboard:

IKEA KORSHAMN queen-sized headboard is a totally comfortable headboard which enables you to read your favorite book or watch your favorite TV show in bed as the smooth and soft headboard is too comfortable to lean on.

  1. Compatibility With FEIRING:

This bed frame promptly fits the FEIRING bed frame with its legs which implies in both Queen and King sizes.

  1. Compatible With ESPEVAR Mattress Base:

The customers who choose to pick Queen size bed frame would be glad to know that their selected size can quite easily be used ESPEVÄR mattress base along with the legs 4" or lengthier than that.

  1. Queen Size Designer:

You would be happy to hear that the total designing of the IKEA KORSHAMN headboard is done by IKEA of Sweden.

  1. Manufacturing Material Of IKEA KORSHAMN Queen Sized Headboard Ensuring Care:

The total production of IKEA products is done with sheer care. Here is how the manufacturing of IKEA KORSHAMN Queen sized headboard is done which ensures total protection for the customers.

Upholstery Material

The upholstery material is a pure blend of Polyurethane foam, Polyester wadding, and the non-woven polypropylene. This blend gives strength and smoothness at the same time to the bed frame’s built—form.

Supporting leg

The legs that carry the whole bed is well-supported by steel, and powder coating.

Total composition

When it comes to the entire composition of the headboard, it is done with 100 % polyester.

Cover Of Headboard

You can easily clean up your frame via vacuuming or using a lint roller. Besides, you can wipe it with a clean soft cloth dampened with water and mild detergent or soap, if needed.

Sustainability (it is for both King and Queen sizes)

IKEA KORSHAMN headboard is manufactured with total care. The manufacturers have made sure to clear the requirements for all the wood they use. These requirements include a total ban on illegally harvested wood.

Soon, IKEA is looking forward to making their furniture come from more sustainable sources. These mostly would be refined or recycled ones.


Coming again to our IKEA KORSHAMN Queen sized headboard, it comes with a single packaging in a delivery package.

Here, we are done describing the distinguishing features and specs of the Queen-sized headboard. Now let’s take you to King sized frame.

IKEA KORSHAMN King Size Headboard

The headboard for King sized KORSHAMN comes with a Djuparp dark gray color. If you are a lover of wide beds with maximum space and headboards width, then King size bed would excite you.

  1. Comfort Level

Just like Queen sized headboard, KORSHAMN King sized bed frame offers maximum comfort for you to lean against your headboard.

  1. FEIRING Compatible

Your King sized headboard can easily fit the FEIRING bed frame with its legs just like the Queen ones.

  1. Compatible with ESPEVÄR mattress base

King-sized KORSHAMN headboard is effortlessly used with ESPEVÄR mattress base along with its legs 4" or more in length.

  1. Appealing Shades

Spark up the majesty of your room with the velvet-reflected light in your room. This pretty characteristic can make the color much appealing and prone to fluctuations. However, with the time, due to dust particles, small fibers appear on velvet. You can wipe them out with a lint roller although they can go away naturally as well.

  1. IKEA KORSHAMN King Sized Designer

It is done by IKEA of Sweden.

  1. Manufacturing Material Ensuring Care

Note that the manufacturing of a King-sized bed frame is exactly similar to Queen sized. However, the only difference is the total composition which is 62 % polyester, and 38 % viscose/rayon for King sized headboard.

Undoubtedly, the headboards of any bed frame serve the best when it comes to comfort and styling. You are lucky that KORSHAMN has a high headboard that looks all comfortable and royal at the same time.

Appearance Of The Headboard

The overall design of the IKEA KORSHAMN headboard is inspired by older French furniture. Their headboards execute a unique design stuffed with diamond-tufted details which adds charm to your room.


If you want your room to look super majestic with an ancient legendary look without having to compromise on your maximum comfort, then the IKEA KORSHAMN headboard is the best choice you can make.

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