Everyone on this planet earth wants to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life. To fulfill this dream, we construct huge villas, beautiful bungalows, and attractive cottages. But, there are only a few people who know how to furnish their houses well. The most important thing that we must look after while furnishing our home is the living room.

To make your living room beautiful and luxurious, you need to place some comfortable sofas that add more beauty to your house. The thing that confuses most people while selecting the perfect sofa for their living room is the size and design of that particular sofa.

Most people want to invest in such sofas that are good in quality, costs according to budget, and perfectly fit their living room. If you are also stuck at a point where you cannot choose the best sofa for your home, this article is meant to be written only for you. Here we will be introducing you with the IKEA KNISLINGE sofa that you will love to have in your house. This sofa is designed to add more beauty to your house while providing comfort to you.



Product Description

IKEA products are always trustworthy and long-lasting. IKEA always come up with great ideas and designs that attract the sight of their customers. IKEA has never failed to provide ultimate comfort to its customers while keeping excellent quality.

The IKEA KNISLINGE sofa is a 21st-century sofa, designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and luxurious feel. The sofa is crafted to fit perfectly in your living room and costs around $349. This sofa offers you ten years limited warranty. Along with it, the sofa is easy to be replaced or returned.

Apart from the luxurious feeling, this particular sofa is designed in a way that helps to provide relief to your back and neck. Sitting on this sofa will give you and your guest a relaxed feeling of comfort.

The Exterior of the Sofa

The exterior of the IKEA KNISLINGE sofa gives a decent and classy look that is so eye captivating that you cannot avoid loving it. It comes up in a matte black color that gives it a vintage look and makes it more attractive as compared to other sofas with a similar price tag. The fabric of this sofa is made up of 42% cotton and 58% polyester.


The first thing that any person checks before buying a sofa is the comfort that it will provide. IKEA is some of those brands that have never compromised on the quality and comfort of their products. On this particular sofa, IKEA has used high-reliance foam and polyester in the cushion that provides a comfortable sitting experience. This sofa is crafted to enjoy long conversations while sitting on it, or it can be your perfect partner for watching movies.


To provide the sofa with extra strength, IKEA has designed the frame with a combination of high-quality solid pinewood, steel, fiberboard, epoxy, and plywood. All of this material provides extra strength to your sofa's structure and helps to increase its life.

Furthermore, the frame of this sofa is designed to fit comfortably anywhere and doesn't look odd. The legs of this sofa are made up of Polypropylene that helps it to bear extra weight.

Cleaning and Care

Sofas are of the most sensitive products. A small scratch or stain can ruin their look. But, IKEA has manufactured this sofa to be cleaned easily. The outer surface of this sofa is built in a way that is easy to clean. Small stains can be cleaned up with a wet sponge, or you can use soft fabric for cleaning stains.

If you want your sofa to last long, you need to put extra effort into its care. The aspect you must keep in mind is to keep this sofa safe from direct sunlight. Moreover, never let this sofa dry out, or its topcoat will start to peel off. Taking all these precautions will help you keep your sofa safe and clean for a few extra years.

Size and Packaging

The sofa comes up in different packaging, and the thing that some people may hate is that you need to assemble it on your own. But, if you have got even a little bit of knowledge of assembling, then it will be fun to assemble this beauty.

The size of this sofa is something that attracts most of the people. It is not too big to look odd, nor is it too small to accommodate your guests. The width of this sofa is 35 inches, the height of this masterpiece is around 20 ¾ inches, its weight is about 66 ¼, and the weight of this sofa is 89 lb.

The smaller version of this sofa has a width of 22 ¼ inches, its height is around 17 inches, the length of this sofa is about 34 ¼ inches, and the weight of this piece is 41 lb. You can get whichever suits your living room.

Assembling Guide

With the sofa, you will receive a 12-page assembling guide that will allow you to assemble this sofa quite quickly. The assembling guide has every minor thing that you need to know for assembling this beautiful sofa. You can also avail of the assembling guide online through the IKEA official website.


This article has reviewed and described every little aspect of the IKEA KNISLINGE Sofa. In this article, we have thoroughly discussed every element that you need to know before spending your money on this sofa. This article will allow you to feel the comfort and luxury that this sofa is going to provide.

Buying this sofa will be the cherry on the cake. Do not wait any longer, bring your phones and book your IKEA KNISLINGE sofa right now. Moreover, if you need any other information about this sofa, then let us know in the comment section. We will try to solve your resolutions in the best possible manner.

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