Whether you’re looking for a couch to go well with your new apartment or trying to find a comfortable and easy sofa to entertain clients or coworkers in the office, your first job is to set up a budget for your purchase and anything less than $1000 means amazing options available for you to choose from the world’s most popular brand of household products straight out of Sweden. IKEA provides countless options for all your comfort and style needs, along with great affordability and quality that will last you considerable time.

IKEA, a renowned giant that needs no introduction, has a munificent return policy of 365 days (considering the product stays in the condition it shipped in) on mostly all of its furniture products and also offers a gracious 10-year warranty on sofas that covers the cushions, seat, and even frame. Available for deliveries or self-pickup, the company makes buying essential home necessities easy and hassle-free without worrying about putting a dent in your bank account.



The IKEA KLIPPAN sofa, similarly, requires no introduction as it is arguably the most popular and recognizable sofa from the IKEA brand and is found almost everywhere from office break rooms to apartments lounges to even waiting rooms around the world. It's incredible popularity and economical price tag make it an ideal choice as your go-to sofa and comes in various styles to suit the customer’s needs.

  1. Overview

The IKEA KLIPPAN sofa has been around for almost 3 decades and is still a favorite to customers around the world due to its incredible design and the option of countless covers to choose from, which can essentially make it fit into any color scheme and provide a fresh look every time you wish to change it up. The IKEA KLIPPAN sofa is a tuxedo-style sofa, meaning its arms and back are positioned at the same level, and is roughly 70” in width and 26” in height.

This particular variant of the IKEA KLIPPAN sofa comes in around $380, with a premium, non-removable upholstery of Bomstad black that is quite durable and gives off a look and feel of actual leather. The material is made up of polyester and cotton, with a coating of polyurethane for protective purposes, making it incredibly resistive to abrasions and fairly easy to clean.

  1. Pricing

While the normal variant of the IKEA KLIPPAN sofa is closer to $250, this one is relatively pricier due to the non-removable upholstery not found in the other models. The Bomstad black option offers a more premium finish to the couch, with steel legs for support, and thus comes with a heavier price tag. However, you can add another $100 to your budget and be able to buy better premium sofas from another brand that’s not IKEA. The price isn’t what you would call “cheap”, but compared to other IKEA sofa products (that range in the $500 and up category) it still manages to come out on top as a more affordable option.

  1. Comfort

The fact that the IKEA KLIPPAN sofa has been on sale for around 30 years proves that customers genuinely enjoy this sofa and find it to their liking in terms of comfort and relaxation. It is commonly found in almost every other office or waiting room, due to its increased popularity as a great sofa for all professional intents and purposes.

The KLIPPAN is a simple sofa with no cushions on the side and back, and the same height for the back and the arms which doesn’t really do much in terms of neck support. It performs reasonably well for sitting and relaxing comfort and features durable metal springs that allow you to sit back and relax and even take a short nap if need be. The comfort level for this sofa can be increased by adding cushions to the mix, which can help you maintain your prolonged leisure and easily relax on its comfortable design.

  1. Durability

Customers of the IKEA KLIPPAN sofa have had this sofa for more than 3 years and still consider it to be in excellent condition of use, whether for sitting and watching TV or napping or just casually passing the time by with friends. This variant’s frame consists of laminated veneer lumber, solid wood, and plywood, to name a few materials, and holds up well against wear and damage for considerable years. Added to the frame, the steel legs offer great support for the entire sofa and provide a durable alternative to traditional wooden ones. Despite a few customer complaints here and there about a damaged spring, IKEA has produced an incredibly durable couch at an amazing price.

  1. Style and Aesthetics

The IKEA KLIPPAN sofa has exceptional aesthetic to its design and color, making it easier to set up anywhere and blend it into the room’s style. Unlike the standard model with various different covers and colors to choose from, the Bomstad black KLIPPAN has a non-removable cover. However, due to the KLIPPAN’s great design and structure, it is fairly easy to produce DIY covers to alter the look of this sofa and fit it into any sort of design or color scheme you desire. You can even screw on different legs onto it for a different look and feel, like vintage wood. This makes it a great choice for any room and offers great customizability to go with its exceptional design.


Ultimately, the IKEA KLIPPAN sofa is a simple and sturdy couch without the excessive price tag on it. Even without the changeable cover options of its standard version, the Bomstad black variant offers a lush and premium sofa that you can easily hack into your required style and fit anywhere in the house. A great choice of sofa within a budget and with high customer reviews, the IKEA KLIPPAN sofa offers comfort and durability at an amazing price.

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