5 Ways To Fix IKEA KALLAX Records Collapse

IKEA KALLAX Records Collapse
IKEA KALLAX Records Collapse

IKEA is a company well known for its ready-to-assemble furniture and home appliances.

Its signature Kallax series, with its simple yet stylish design of cubic storage and shelves, lets you add practicality to your home and personalize your living space according to your taste, area, and needs.

The construction and flexibility of the KALLAX unit allow you to benefit from these for many years, even when you want to change the location of the Kallax record or shift it to another home altogether.

Depending upon the space you have and the purpose you want to use the IKEA Kallax for, you can position it in standing to use it as a shelving unit or in lying to use it as a sideboard for your records.

The rounded edges and smooth finish of these Kallax series give a discrete yet solid look to the room where its placed.

In an ironic twist, the IKEA KALLAX vinyl storage unit has been collapsing under the weight of its records.

This has led to several injuries, as well as extensive damage to vinyl collections around the world.

If you have purchased this product and are facing the same problem or you are considering buying another, then please read on further for more information on how to troubleshoot and fix the problem so you can avoid accidents and keep yourself from the hassle of arranging things again and cleaning all the mess it has caused.

IKEA KALLAX Records Collapse

IKEA Kallax records most commonly collapse due to insufficient bracing in any of its components.

Many people use IKEA Kallax shelving units for the storage of their records, it is either their hobby to collect the records and organize them, or they may do it to sell their records in the shops.

Nevertheless, whoever chooses to use IKEA Kallax for their record keeping,must be very careful with them, especially when they are using larger units.

Particularly, when you are using the larger units, you must ensure to brace them adequately to distribute the weight and pressure.

If you don’t brace the units properly, there are higher chances that all your Kallax record collapse.

Not only ruining all your efforts in arranging them but also adding up to your work of picking and separating the ones that have sustained the force and discarding the ones that have been damaged during the collapse.

5 Ways to Fix IKEA Kallax Records Collapsing

The most systematic way to stop your IKEA kallax from collapsing is by addressing the sole reason that causes the unit to fall, which is insufficient bracing.

 If you adequately provide enough support to the unit, either by fixing the screws properly together in the units to make it stand strong and stable enough to hold all your records or by using the hard cardboard and staggering the records to distribute the load, you can prevent any settling disaster at your place.

Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to assemble the whole unit properly and fix and tighten the screws snuggly so you can prevent any tragedy to the Kallax unit.


And last but not least, it is not to overburden your unit. Just put as much weight and records on the Kallax as much it has the ability to bear.

Not overburdening it would allow you to use it for long years without mishaps.

  1. Brace the unit- Use Cardboard At The Back or wood underneath

To ensure that your IKEA KALLAX will not collapse, you can use a piece of cardboard at the back.

This way, the records will have something to lean on, and they will be less likely to fall over.

Consider using this method if you have already had a unit collapse, as it will help to prevent it from happening again.

Another way of bracing the Kallax record to provide extra support is by using the wooden bars.

 This method is essentially used when you are pairing an old IKEA Kallax with a new one that is a little shorter in height or vice versa.

Keeping the wooden bars just underneath the base of the Kallax will equalize the height of both units and address any instability, preventing the unit from collapsing.

  1. Stagger The Records

Another way to help stabilize the IKEA KALLAX is to stagger the records. This means that you will not have all the weight in one area, and it will be easier for the unit to support.

If you have a big record collection, you may need to use more than one shelf; however, this is a small price worth paying for the safety of your collection.

The recommended way to organize the records is to arrange an equal amount of records on each side of the Kallax.

So if you are placing 50 records on the right kallax shelves, put 50 on the left side. This will stabilize both sides of your unit and will prevent your unit from inclining or falling in on one side.

  1. Screw The Kallax with Nuts

Like any other IKEA ready-to-assemble furniture, the Kallax also comes in different parts that must be put together to use the Kallax for record keeping.

It is essential during the assembly procedure to connect the units together.

 It may require some effort, time, and hard work, but it is worth all of this, so you can assemble a structure that is stable and sturdy enough to keep your records from falling.

If you are worried about the IKEA KALLAX collapsing, you can always screw the entire unit into the wall.

 Screwing the unit may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it will keep your records safe.

various screws

You’ll need a drill, some small nuts and bolts, and some wooden bars through which you can attach the Kallax to the wall, and then you should be good to go.

 To find the right screws, you will need to know the weight of the assembly and also the weight of the record you expect to put on the shelve.

With these easy tips, you can rest assured that your IKEA KALLAX will not collapse and ruin your precious vinyl collection.

Another smart move to make your Kallax more sturdy and robust is to keep the long shelf board horizontal( where you’ll) keep the records, as they are sturdier and capable of bearing more weight.

 The shorter divider boards must be placed vertically as they are somewhat weak and less sturdy.

  1. Make Sure You’ve Assembled the Storage Correctly

One of the most common reasons for the IKEA KALLAX collapsing is that you failed to assemble it properly.

This is usually because people do not follow the instructions or they try to rush the process. Either way, it is important to ensure you take your time and assemble the storage unit correctly.

Users’ most common mistake while assembling is not attaching the back panel correctly.

This provides stability to the unit, so it must be attached properly.

If you are unsure how to do complete the assembly process of IKEA Kallax, you can always consult the instructions or watch a video tutorial.

However, if you have assembled the unit correctly and it still doesn’t seem quite sturdy to you, then you can try switching its position.

The larger Kallax record-keeping storage unit is more stable when it lies horizontally compared to when it stands vertically tall.

  1. Don’t Overload The Shelf

Another common reason for the IKEA KALLAX collapsing is that people try to put too many records on one shelf.

This puts too much weight on one area and can cause the unit to topple over.

To avoid this, ensure you evenly distribute the weight of your records across all the shelves.

The KALLAX Bookshelf

 The maximum load these shelves can carry is 50 kg, so keep that in mind when loading up your collection.

It is better to get extra cubic storage rather than overburdening the one you already have.

Some points to Remember while using IKEA KALLAX

  1. Screw and connect the units tight and snuggly enough together to stabalize.
  2. Provide extra support under or behind the Kallax record storage.
  3. Keep longer shelves horizontal and shorter shelves vertical.
  4. Positioning the unit horizontally on the ground or wall makes it more stable than placing it vertically up.
  5. Do not overburden the Kallax. Try distributing the weight.


The IKEA KALLAX is a great storage option for record collectors. It can also be used if you want to add personalize the space according to your taste and preferences.

But some of the time, the IKEA Kallax can be dangerous if it is incorrectly assembled or the screws are not tightened enough to provide sufficient grip of units together.

To prevent the unit from collapsing, make sure you follow the tips given in the main text above. With a little bit of care, you can keep your records safe and sound for years to come.

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