IKEA HOVET Mirror Review


IKEA HOVET Mirror Review

IKEA HOVET Mirror Review

IKEA is one of the biggest home décor brands in the world. It provides a variety of ranges of home décor products and accessories. Over the years IKEA has gained the trust of millions of people and made thousands of loyal customers.

Today we will be reviewing the IKEA HOVET mirror. IKEA has great deals on a variety of mirrors and similar products. It can be a little harder than expected to select what to purchase when there are multiple different options provided by IKEA to choose from. We would like to make it a little easy for you by suggesting to you with the best and one of them is the IKEA HOVET mirror.

IKEA HOVET Mirror Review


All of us use mirrors in our home every day. Mirrors are one important part of our home décor. We use mirrors in our rooms, washrooms, and in any place where we feel the need for a mirror. IKEA HOVET is one of the most popular and premium mirrors that this company offers. As its popularity suggests you might have already looked at this mirror in some place or might already be considering this which probably brought you here in the first place.

We have prepared a detailed review of the pros and cons of this mirror for you. This would help you in knowing what you are buying or whether you should be purchasing this mirror at all.

  • Aesthetic

The IKEA HOVET mirror is unlike any normal mirror. It adds more class to your living standards. It is nearly two yards tall and would certainly make a strong impression in your home. It is simple and yet elegant. It can be hung horizontally or vertically. Hang it vertically so you can check your outfit from head to toe or hang it horizontally to create an illusion of more space.

  • Cleaning and Care

The IKEA HOVET mirror is not a high-maintenance product. The manufacturers of this mirror advise to wipe it clean with a damp cloth using only water or a window cleaner and wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

  • Value for money

The price of any product is one of the main factors which dictates the purchase of it. We are always looking for the ideal prices according to our budgets. An average product can start to appeal to us if it is relatively cheaper than the other. While a very good product can look like a below-average one if the price is too hefty.

The purchase of any product depends highly on its price. The IKEA HOVET mirror is available for $129. Now, this might seem to be the only disadvantage in buying this mirror. The $129 price may seem a lot to pay for a mirror but the ones who have bought it never complained. So, don’t be quick to give it a pass by considering its price. It is worth every penny. We also do recommend you look at the similar products offered by the company which might not break your budget and is a little easier on your pocket.

  • User Reviews

Before we give our final verdict of the IKEA HOVET mirror, we would like to share what the previous buyers of this product had to say. Most of the users of the IKEA HOVET mirror rated it a complete 5 stars. It has an average rating of 4.5 stars which further vouch in favor of this product and also proves our point that the ones who bought the IKEA HOVET mirror, never complained.


The IKEA HOVET mirror is an elegant mirror that looks too good in almost any place in the house. It adds class. So, don’t let the $129 price tag of the IKEA HOVET mirror fool you into thinking that this mirror is some kind of a rip-off. It certainly is not. It might feel a little too much money for a mirror of this kind, but the standards and quality of this mirror are not compromised at all. The complete satisfactory reviews of the users are a testament that the IKEA HOVET mirror is worth its price tag. This was our review of the IKEA HOVET mirror. We hope it pretty much answer all your queries.

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