IKEA GODFJORD Bed Frame Review


IKEA GODFJORD Bed Frame Review

IKEA GODFJORD Bed Frame Review

What other brand is good enough than IKEA to have the perfect furniture or home appliances for the home. They are renowned across the world for their ready-to-assemble furniture that is not too heavy on the bank and adds the right value to your home. IKEA is offering quality furniture at most reasonable prices such as their product in a review that is GODJFORD Bed frame.

IKEA GODFJORD Bed Frame Review


This is a Queen size bed frame that looks like a classic upholstered bed but it is a marvel of current design techniques embedded with the luxury and class from the old days. The IKEA GODFJORD bed frame is made out of plywood and polyester wadding that would save your bed from any type of smoldering and keep you comfortable without having to worry about your bed for a long time. The cover is 53% linen, adding the right comfort to your sleep after a tiring day.

This would be the perfect addition to any bedroom given the size, it can sleep two adults and would fit a normal-sized room without looking too bulky or oversized. The metal parts and corner fittings are made out of steel to ensure rust and squeaking free experience for you even after years of usage.

The bed packs several features that you must know before making a buying decision. Some of the top features that make this bed a better choice for you are as below.


All the materials used for this IKEA GODFJORD bed frame are ensured to be the best for your comfort as mentioned on the product page. The headboard is made of polyester wadding, plywood, solid beech, and solid pine for additional comfort and durability. You get Galvanized steel in the center support beam that would ensure that you get the best of your bed for years and years of use.


The design of the IKEA GODFJORD bed frame is perfect for any modern and minimalistic style architecture. If you are not a fan of those bulky beds that take most of the space and look like a throne, this would be the perfect addition for you to have in your bedroom. It is designed to ensure maximum comfort and durability that you definitely deserve after a long day's work. You can also see separate dimensions for each component on the product page.

Build Quality

Build quality on this bed frame is on the same par as you can expect from IKEA. It is made out of solid beech and pine wood combined with Galvanized steel for a center support beam that you can rely on. The build quality on this bed frame is simply the best and you are going to love it for it.


The last thing you want to have on a bed is finishing defects. IKEA GODFJORD bed frame has several quality control measures that would add the overall value to your furniture experience. Each aspect regarding the finish is taken care of religiously so you can enjoy the best looks, comfort and have no defects even after years of usage.


The IKEA GODFJORD bed frame comes in super safe packaging that is wrapped to endure any kind of wear and tear during the transit. Even after all that, you get a decent package with Bed Frame, Bed Frame Cover, and center beam packed separately. You can assemble it easily with the instructions manual that comes in the packaging yourself or get help from a handyman.

Pros of IKEA GODFJORD Bed Frame

The IKEA GODFJORD bed frame got some serious pros that are guaranteed to add value to your life and make your buying experience more pleasurable.

  • Comfort

The comfort on this bed is impeccable. Pinewood combined with SKORVA mid beam provides you the right combination of elasticity and strength so you can enjoy a peaceful night without any kind of squeaking issues or moving bed. This bed ensures for you to have the best possible sleeping posture for a pleasing sleeping experience.

  • Convenience

It may not look like that but the bed is highly convenient to maintain, assemble, and use. You get tons of loaded features like extra storage space and better design. Being lightweight the bed can be moved around for cleaning purposes or you can clean under the bed with a vacuum cleaner easily.

  • Utility

IKEA GODFJORD bed frame does not only come with comfort and strength but got a secret packed that is a blessing to have for any household. You get access to storage compartments under the bed that you can use for a variety of purposes. You can think about all the messy stuff in your bedroom that you seldom use but are too afraid to just throw it away as you might be needing it someday.

What else can you wish for to have in your bedroom when you are getting a bed that doubles as a storage compartment for you. You can also use these storage spaces to stuff all the extra sheets and pillows when you don’t need them and have a cleaner bedroom.

  • Affordability

IKEA is known for affordability as their furniture is well priced against any of the competitors out there. The IKEA GODFJORD bed frame lives up to the mark and you can have all the cool features of a modern style bed without having to worry about putting a dent on your wallet. IKEA GODFJORD comes with a free SKORVA beam that will be shipped to you if you purchase the bed online, or you can select it at any SKORVA outlet saving the extra amount that you might have to spend on the center beam if you go with some other option.

  • Aesthetics

This bed is a dream for anyone who got aesthetical senses as there is too much to love about. This would go perfectly with any type of modern and minimalistic interior you might have.


Nothing comes without some cons as having the perfect product is not possible. The only con we have noticed with the bed is its cleaning issue.

  • Cleaning Process

The bedhead and cover are grey that do not catch stains much but linen is not that easy to clean. You might have to take it off to wash it off or go through some real trouble trying to clean it.

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