IKEA NORDLI Bedframe Review

After a long day of hectic work schedule and listening to your boss’s complaints, everyone loves to throw themselves on the sofa. On the other hand, if you have other guests coming over and there is no place for them to sleep, this sofa is an apt choice. This is a sofa bed that can be transformed into the guest bedroom for your guests.

For the longest time, sofa beds have captured the bad reputation, but IKEA is bursting this bubble with a FRIHETE sofa. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these sofas are pleasing to eyes (and your back) with its aesthetics and comfortable construction. This sofa bed will tick all prerequisites, such as comfort and functionality.

Once you or your guests are done with the beauty sleep, this bed can be transformed into a sofa (turning the bedroom into a lounge again). This sofa is the brainchild of IKEA, promising utter longevity and functionality. For in-depth information about the IKEA FRIHETEN sofa, we have outlined this review that will cover every pesky detail!




The IKEA FRIHETEN sofa is designed with spacious storage that can be accessed when you remove the back cushions, and the underframe will be exposed. The conversion of this sofa isn’t only efficient but convenient as well. There is built-in storage that can store bedding. So, this sofa if suitable for storage, sitting, and sleeping; IKEA has really outdone themselves here!


The IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed has an open lid, so storing and taking out of the stuff will be easy. The sofa bed also has a chaise section that can be switched to the right or left side of the sofa. The frame has a non-removable cover that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. There is a cushion cover as well, which shouldn’t be bleached and tumble dried.


The sofa bed has been designed with the ability to resist abrasion. According to test results, the IKEA FRIHETEN sofa can handle the 35,000 cycles without causing abrasion. As for the cover, it has a lightfast level of five, so that there is no color fading. The lightfast level is measured out of eight, and anything above four is perfectly fine for home use.


IKEA is the name for durability, which is promised through the selection of top-notch material. That’s to say, because there are wood and particleboard back frame that can handle chubby people like a charm. The back is stuffed in with polyurethane foam and polyester wadding, so you have proper cushioning for your back. The fabric used in this sofa is 100% polyester.

Once you transform this IKEA FRIHETEN sofa into a bed (sleeping section), the seat frame is constructed from solid wood. The armrest frame is constructed from particleboard and plywood. As for the storage box, there is a combination of particleboard, plywood, and melamine foil. The seating section is again an epitome of comfort with polyester wadding and polyurethane.


Transforming your home into an aesthetically pleasing space is the ultimate dream of every homeowner. The usual sofa beds are bulky and don’t comply with pleasurable aesthetics. However, this IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed is the design of IKEA, promising its alluring outlook. The sofa bed is available in blue, dark gray, black, beige, and dark gray. However, the black and beige colors demand extra bucks.


This is the three-sectional sleeper with a switchable chaise section. The fabric used in this sofa bed is 100% polyester. However, if you want to crank it up the notch, you can pay a hundred bucks extra for Bomstad blacks, which is the combination of cotton and polyester. The pillows and cushions of this sofa bed are pretty dense (it matches the level of mattress foam!).


If you have guests and cannot drag yourself out of the couch after a hectic workday, this sofa will be the perfect sleeping buddy for you. Even more, this sofa bed is suitable for your kid’s bedroom. However, it doesn’t meet the excellence and luxury of a king-sized bed. The cushions are pretty firm so that you can have a peaceful sleep.


This is the IKEA sofa, which means you’ll have fun assembling this together. It is suggested that you stay proactive with the screws so you don’t have to unscrew and align them again. Usually, the assembly of this sofa bed will take approximately two hours. You need to select the chaise position at first hand and move on to the couch and extension section.


First of all, this is an IKEA product, and everyone has got to love it. This IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed is available with a wide array of colors, so you can match it with your home theme. Once you sit on the sofa, the fabric will be extremely soft. The sofa has convenient folding (not the traditional sofa-come-bed). We are very relieved that there are no creaky metal bits in manufacturing.

With a higher versatility, you can switch the chaise sides. The chaise can be lifted upward, so the storage will be convenient and accessible. You will be able to glide your eyes over this sofa bed with an absence of arm. The structure and design of this sofa is perfect for small spaces and apartments.


The transportation of this sofa bed can be pretty tedious since the shipment comes in three huge boxes. Also, you will need to pay extra for the delivery because you cannot fit these boxes in your hatchback car. As for sleep comfort, their foam is firm enough to offer a good night’s sleep, but it isn’t suitable for regular sleeping.

On the other hand, if you are heavyweight, this won’t be a good choice since the foam padding isn’t thick enough. With this cushioning, you will feel the wooden structure and feel bottom out.

The Bottom Line

If you want to upgrade from a regular couch to a more comfortable choice, this IKEA FRIHETEN sofa is your way to go. You can lounge on this sofa during the day and sleep at night when you don’t have the energy to move to the bedroom. The bottom line is that comfort levels will be enhanced if you use a mattress protector.

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